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18th September 2016

That F5 really is a pretty looking plane from that angle.
13th September 2016

Hope the chopper is rated for the extra weight of the hula pie...
From Blog: Poipu
10th September 2016

Spectacular scenery - nice chook too!
From Blog: Waimea canyon
9th September 2016

No rooster pics?
From Blog: End of the road
8th September 2016

Wow what an experience! Enjoying your journey! X
8th September 2016

Ross looks relaxes and can't wait for next pictures! Xx
From Blog: Kauai or bust!
6th September 2016

Amazing photos at night - looks a bit more impressive than Vesuvius...
2nd September 2016

Gorgeous keep the photos coming too! Xx we are in a place called Burra Sth Aus at the moment heading towards the Clare Valley - did our own museums today. Did a fantastic one at Petersburg today - amazing railways with all the old steam eng
ines loco's and some flash dining carts xx
From Blog: Holualoa
28th August 2016

Looks like the car will be more comfortable than the flight.
28th August 2016

The pain before the gain! have a fantastic time and we will keep,up wi the blogs! A jeep to leave at the airport? X
2nd November 2015

What a fantastic place. And the museum looks superb, the Greeks finally have somewhere to put the Elgin marbles if they ever get them back. Probably just as well they were preserved in the BM.
From Blog: Acropolis
21st October 2015

It might be a little brubby, but Rome is a pretty awesome place to visit. Looks like you're getting well stuck into the good bits...
18th October 2015

I'm a bit envious at the moment. Florence not only has the best food I've experienced but some the best art. The David and the slaves are sublime in the true sense of the word.
11th October 2015

Fantastic place. The plaster figures look really cool.
10th October 2015

wow, what a beautiful place!
From Blog: Bellagio
4th October 2015

Great spot, that's a seriously steep railway!
From Blog: Mount Pilatus
2nd October 2015

I hope someone told that lady not to jump off a mountain using her jacket...
2nd October 2015

What a stunning place, and congratulations on getting through theat beer ...
28th September 2015

You've certainly covered some ground and seen some great sights in Paris! Hopefully, you still get the sense of leaving many things yet to be seen as you leave. Off to Switzerland for your birthday!
26th September 2015

Looks like you had a beautiful clear day for your lunch on le Tour. I'm wishing I could join you...
26th September 2015

You did well to get so many photos at Monet's garden without other people in them. We could hardly move when we visited. I hope you can get to L'Orangie - you might find the paintings better than the real thing!
From Blog: Monets garden
26th September 2015

I stood on the bridge with a Canadian couple and waited until he told me when the bridge was clear. There were a few Monet paintings in the house but they were not spectacular. The crowds haven't been too bad, apart from those at St Chapell
e this morning.
From Blog: Monets garden
21st September 2015

Wow, that's a lot of walking in the desert...
From Blog: The fountains
20th September 2015

excellent, a warm start. Spare seats are almost as good as business class, but a lot cheaper.
From Blog: On our way
9th March 2015

I presume Ross got a great picture of the wombat's bum?
From Blog: Crater Lake walk

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