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24th February 2009

I am so enjoying reading your blog and learning about Ghana. I however do not think I would do as well as you eating the different foods. The red red does sound good though. How about heart disease there - is it common? Take care Jeff! Love, Aunt Lorna
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20th February 2009

Jeff, the food descriptions are awesome. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. I don't know how you stomach a lot of that food, however. Hair follicles?... seriously?!?! That is disgusting. And when you say soup is oily, does that mean the broth is mainly made from a peanut oil of some sort? Also gross, haha. If you bring home some food, how about some good ol' candy? (But only if it's not derived from the crying goats!) :) Miss you!!! Cannot wait to see you in a few weeks. xoxo -Pisa
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15th February 2009

Jeff, your blog is fabulous! It's awesome to be able to track your experience. I'll keep following. Miss you.
5th February 2009

Hey Jeff - I can't believe it has only been a week and you have great stories already. This blog is so fun. Thanks for setting this up! I love the pictures... you really capture the experience.
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28th January 2009

Hi, Jeff!
So glad you had a safe trip . . . it already sounds adventurous! Be safe and keep blogging!! Love, Mom
28th January 2009

thanks for the blog
jeff, So glad to hear that you're safely there. Thanks for setting up the blog. It'll be great following your adventures. Now about the egg sandwich !!! common sense??? Snowed today another 3 inches. Mom and I will try to call you later. I think you're 5 hours ahead of us. How's the future? please send lotto numbers!! Love you, Dad
28th January 2009

Happy safe arrival
Hey babe. I wanted to be the first to hit you up on your blog. I am so excited that things are working out! I hope you have a good start with work. I am also very glad you got a cell phone - that was quick! Love you very much.

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