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5th December 2010

and so life begins ....
Absolutely fantastic. Followed your exploits every day with a huge grin on my face. Reminded me of our similar adventures in depest Wales ! There is a big world out there ..... go see it ! M&N
20th November 2010

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22nd October 2010

Just found your day 4,5 & 6 blogs, sounds like " day 5 in the big brother house" ha ha, seems so unreal reading about what you are doing so far away. Tell Stewart to be careful with them snakes, the description of your journey to and into the forest was great, warts and all, refreshing to read something that is not all hype. The bus journey and the canoe trip sound like everything you wanted to experience, broken down buses, failed brakes, mad rally drivers, sore bums in canoes, deadly snakes, outstanding sights and forest canopy walks, not sure about the hidden chilli but I suppose you cant have everything. Well got to go so will just say goodnight to the Indianna Jones Twins Looking forward to your next blog, have fun.
22nd October 2010

Cant believe I am reading a blog
Hi Kids, Well in the matter of weeks I now have Skype on the mobile, opened a face book page, have face book direct on the mobile and now reading and responding to a blog, unbelievable. Love the idea of Stewart sitting in the taxi, refusing to get out and insisting that you get taken to the hotel, hope the rain forrest exceeded all your expectations, cant wait to see the photos. Keep packing, lots of love, The Thomson's
22nd October 2010

In the rainforest
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19th October 2010

Who'd have thought: My Mum the Blogger
Congratulations on arriving safely. And an even bigger congratulations on working out how to write a blog! I never thought I'd see the day... ;o) A 3 hour bus trip + 3 hour boat sounds like proper backpacking to me - good work. Hope you have an amazing time in the rainforest - I'm green with envy!!! xxxxx

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