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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 22nd 2009

I started things off pretty slow this morning - my feet/legs are still in pain from climbing the Eiffel Tower haha. Of course by slow, I just mean I took the tube everywhere I went, but I still saw a lot. I started at King Cross Station to go hunting for Platform 9 and ¾, (Yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd =)!) and then headed off to Buckingham Palace. The plan was to see the Changing of the Guard, but by the time I got there the crowd was already thick, so I wandered around Green Park and grabbed some lunch (ham, cheese, and apparently “pickle” sandwich… it was good, but def not the “pickles” we have in Canada). I ate my sandwich while sitting on a lawn chair - there were a good couple dozen ... read more
Canadian gate beside Buckingham Palace
Statues in front of the Palace
Changing of the Guard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 21st 2009

So, my clever plan to gain an extra hour of sleep by taking the earlier bus to London backfired… since we took the ferry I had to get up and get off to go through border patrol and get on the ferry… at 3am, guh. One plus, I got to see the Cliffs of Dover, although it was too dark to get a decent photo. (Sidenote: why are American border guards so grumpy in comparison to everywhere else I go? France patrol didn‘t ask me a single question, and the UK guy was perfectly fine with the fact I had no clue where I was going next) Anyway, I arrived in London at 4:40am. Not pleasant. I attempted to nap (while hugging my bags for dear life), but finally gave up around 6am and just wandered ... read more
London Backpacker's pidgeon
Best quote ever
Trafalgar Square - Picadilly side

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 20th 2009

Day 2 of my Parisian adventure! I started with my favourite pass-time of wandering around the small streets (this time around La Bastille). I had lunch at a cozy little café, and then metro’d over to Notre Dame de Paris. I had to walk through the Latin Quarter - again the architecture is lovely, but I didn‘t get to enjoy it long. About 5min into my walk it started to pour, and I mean POUR, rain, and unfortunately umbrellas don’t help much when the rain is coming straight at you. Hoards of tourists were running full blast towards the cathedral just for shelter... and I was one of them. Notre Dame lived up to my expectations - both the inside and outside are incredible. I was slightly bummed not to go upstairs (due to the attack ... read more
Couple sitting by the Seine
Notre Dame de Paris
Inside Notre Dame

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 19th 2009

After my hotel break I headed up Sacred Heart/Sacre Coeur. It’s a beautiful church on a hill in the northern part of Paris, so it provides an excellent view of the city. It’s neat because there are literally hundreds of people chilling on the grassy hill leading up to the church, and on the steps themselves. The architecture is absolutely amazing, so I had fun taking a million photos. As I left I noticed a mass happening outside, so I joined… except I then found myself surrounded by singing nuns and super enthusiastic Parisians who were singing along and bowing as the procession went by. I did my best to look like I belonged, but uhm, I think for once I didn’t succeed haha. One negative thing about the area, it is a tourist trap. I ... read more
Sacre Coeur/Sacred Heart
Inside Galleries de la Fayette
View at night

Europe June 19th 2009

Well, you all know me… I never do things the easy way, and this morning’s flight from Frankfurt to Paris is no exception. This will be different from my other blogs I think, since this is almost a vent session haha. Hear me out. First things first, my flight from Ottawa. There is nothing better than the roar of the engine as the plane gets ready for take-off. Epic. I had my window seat which gave me a perfect view of the wing shaking like hell when we went through a lovely patch of turbulence. We had some nice views of big fluffy cotton candy clouds, and then flying into Germany was beautiful with all the little towns. (Unlike Canada which is just lakes and green space). See, I was doing fine up until this point… ... read more
Ready to go!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa June 1st 2009

I decided I should set one of these up for when I'm off and about this summer. Last year I had all my updates on facebook; the family couldn't see what was going on, so I figured a blog would fix that problem. If you've talked to me over the past few months, you know the plans seem to be everchanging. I do believe I've finally come to my final itenary though. About time eh, with only 17 days to spare... So here's the deal - I fly into Frankfurt and connect into Paris. The rest of my European adventure will (mostly) take place on the bus as I am cheap like that and don't mind the occasional overnighter. The next two weeks will be spent hopskotching across the continent - I know 1-3 days per ... read more

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