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13th July 2010

What is it about this family and legs abroad! I have in the landing cupboard 2 pairs of crutches from Sophie's adventures. One pair Greek- 'broken glass in the foam party' incident and one pair Austrian- fall (whilst 'playing' on a path outside hotel). Was going to take them to car boot but will save in case Jess needs them on her return! Grandad will be panicking no doubt!! TAKE CARE. Love Jenny and Phil
7th July 2010

Hi Jess and Hannah, Sounds like you are having a great time, I bet your Joy was worried when she read about the motorbike! Hope the flip flops holding out OK. I bought you some more of your favourites from Primark last week (silver ones) so at least you will have some more for your hols!! Be careful of the traffic, sounds scary. Enjoy the museum and thanks Jess for Tony's happy birthday wishes!! Think we may be going for a meal on North York Moors Railway - not quite as exciting as Saigon!! Love from Jan and Tonyxx
4th July 2010

1st July 2010

only your mother!
Hi you two Lovely to read about your recent antics. I was really worried about the Kayak bit as I remember the man having to come and rescue you and tow you in when you were on the boating lake at Peasholme Park and couldnt get the hang of it - seems nothing has changed! One thing you didn't miss was the football. Our garden looked lovely and we even had the TV out of our bedroom set up in the doorway of the summerhouse and chairs on the garden for those that wanted to sit in the sun and still be able to watch football as it was so hot, we had lots of chairs set up in the living room so that we could seat 10 people comfortably - everything was perfect good company and lots of drink just very wrong result which ended in a drowning of sorrows and I would imagine a lot of sore heads on Monday morning! Love and miss you xx
26th June 2010

Hello you two - lovely to hear from you after your mammoth journey! Enjoy your three day trip, keep taking your malaria tablets and be careful in the kayaks. Love you lots and will try and get to Primark or ask someone else to get you some. x x x x
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25th June 2010

Heyy Han!! it looks like your both havin an amazin time, im so jealous! the elephant ride looks so good - enjoy the rest of your trip and see you when yuu get home!! :D take care toodaloo!! x x x x x x ( p.s my mum sends her love ) x x x x x x x
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23rd June 2010

Jess I just CAN'T believe you didn't fall off that elephant! I expect you did but didn't photograph it! hope the journey is not too bad- did you manage to get in enough books?? 5 weeks- I'd need about 25!
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22nd June 2010

Dad has just told me about your wonderful essay results - well done Darling! Hope you had a good birthday and have recovered. I am at work and it is very hot here. Love you lots Joy
21st June 2010

Happy Birthday
Hi Jessica hope u are having a good time on your birthday, we are all thinking about you. Hope you have reached your next destination. We hear you are meeting lots of new friends!and enjoying every minute of it. Speak to you soon . Love Angie and grun x
19th June 2010

Fantastic - lucky girls!!
Hi Jess and Hannah, Just been reading the blog and looking at the photos - it looks fantastic and you are obviously having a great time. Thanks for the lovely birthday card - I loved it (I think I will get it framed!) and that was so sweet of you and Nicole = bless her. We are mad but happy. Can't wait for Portugal. Sally at the cinema in York - first major driving trip without me nagging her - she is loving it. Look forward to your next installment. Lots of love Jan and Tonyxxxx
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18th June 2010

You probably realise by now that your travels are making their way around various oldies and extra's - this is megi, as in joy's mate into our 50th year now .... golden anniversary or something like that. Anyway just to say I've cracked the code now to follow what you're up to, am very jealous and very interested cos i only got into KL for about 20 minutes between flights and panicked and went almost straight back to the airport ... never saw so much as a nibblin fish .... anyway HAVE A GREAT, GREAT TIME ... you lucky things ...!!!
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16th June 2010
we arrived!

Lovely photos, glad you are having a lovely time, hope it continues. Really nice to see the pictures - especially the fish. Very impressed with how good you both looked after 13 hours on a plane. Be careful, love you. Grandma Hilda. x x
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13th June 2010

Yorkshire's proud of you! - not just for the adventurous trip, but for the money saving technique. Well done lass!
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10th June 2010

have a great time
Hi hope you both have a fantastic holiday and adventure. Good luck and take care. Hope to hear all about it soon. Lots of love from Annette and Dan xxxxx P.S Hannah have you got your purse in a safe place!!!! lol
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