Jessica wallace


Jessica wallace

jess and han are going to south east asia, we will try and post some pictures and updates on our whereabouts for anyone related to us who might be happy to know we are still in one piece.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar July 17th 2010

Well, we have made it to our last stop! We arrived in Siem Reap on thursday and went to see the temples at Angkor the following day. We had a lovely morning, despite the sweltering heat climbing over things we were probably not supposed to climbing on and pretending we were in tomb raider. However, when we were actually behaving sensibly, we were walking along the side of a temple and Hannah was looking at her feet to make sure she didnt lose her footing when she banged her head on a low arch (and it must of been very low for it to catch such a small persons head!). All Jess heard from behind her was a scrambling noise when she turned round to see Hannah falling off the edge of the temple. Cue a ... read more

Asia July 13th 2010

Although there was no medical emergency in Phnom Penh, at 11pm on Sunday night in Siounkville, Jessica's leg was being seen to by a doctor. After alot of nagging from Hannah over the past week, and looking after her that evening supplying blankets, water, cold towels, crisps and sprite, (and everyone thinks Jess is a mug) beacause she was feeling a bit peaky she was finally carted off in a tuk tuk to the medical clinic. After a phone call from Morgan whilst Jessica was on the operating table, it was time for Hannah to take the role of Mum (everyone wants the mum when they are not well!!). So as Jess cried and swore alot whilst cluthing both of Hannah's hands and biting her own shoulder, she was very brave considering they were pulling her ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 10th 2010

...well, emergency might be pushing it! No-one will be suprised to learn that jess has been limping around for the past week after an unfortunate tumble in nha-trang (that occurred when she was completely sober of course). Her knee has refused to heal, and she has consistently refused to go and get any help, so today hannah marched her to the pharmacy, where they recommended iodine. She then learnt that iodine stings ALOT when you put it in an open wound! Han kindly gave her a t-shirt to bite - and then laughed and took pictures. Today (before this medical drama) we went to the market in the morning to get some cheap breakfast, and then we went to visit the killing fields and the tonle sap genocidal museum (also known as the s21 prison) , ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 9th 2010

Well we arrived in Phnom Pehn this morning after our bus journey was nearly double what we expected! We knew it wasn't going to go well when the bus broke down before we even moved, but we made it safely so it's no problem! A more detailed update on Saigon - We both loved it as a city. Most people say Hanoi is more charming and we did like Hanoi, but its very claustrophobic with tiny little streets and scooters whizzing past your ankles all the time. Saigon feels like more of a capital city, it is very busy, but on a bigger scale so it doesn't feel stifling. We both found the war museum fascinating and very upsetting at the same time, we both felt especially angry that it seemed we had to come to ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 July 8th 2010

Just a quick update to say we are getting the night bus to cambodia at about 12 tonight, weve had a really good few days in saigon. Went to the war remnants museum yesterday which was difficult but very very interesting to see. We just wish we saw it at the beginning so we knew everything the whole time we were in vietnam. Done some shopping today and had some well earned pedicures! Will try and post a more detailed update from phnohm pehn. much love x ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 July 7th 2010

Well we finally arrived in saigon yesterday morning after our train was delayed by 2 hours. The train station was abit confusing because theres lots of different types of trains going to saigon but after brandishing our tickets at the information counter for a while we managed to work it out! When we got on our seats were actually pretty comfy, we wedged our backpacks in under our feet and got quite alot of sleep for a journey! We found a nice little hotel above a paintings shop and set off to do some sightseeing. We went to the unification palace, which is where the north vietnamese tanks broke through the gates to take saigon in 1975. The building has been left exactly how it was on that day, and its quite eerie. Especially in the ... read more

Asia July 5th 2010

Spent the last few days in Nha Trang (sort of the magalluf of vietnam!) enjoying some sun on the beach and the occasional drink! Not really much to tell because we have done nothing but sit! We were both really tired so its been nice to just relax for a few days, our next 2 stops are saigon and phnom penh and they will both be very intense so some relaxation was in order to get us ready! We are getting the train tonight, after the hotel forgot to book our bus and then told us it was cancelled! So now rather than a sleeper bus we get a seat on a train for 8 hours, but weve done worse so we will be fine! Just heard a massive clap of thunder so actually we are ... read more

Asia July 1st 2010

So, we set off for Halong Bay on sunday morning. We arrived after a 3 hour bus and boarded our boat for a seafood buffet lunch! Our hopes of watching the football with other english people were dashed when everyone else on the boat spoke french, and 2 were deaf! We spent the day sailing around looking at the amazing scenery, and visiting the 'amazing' cave, which was actually quite amazing, but we had no interest in it because we wanted to go swimming. (As we were dragging ourselves round we thought that our dads would be very annopyed if they could see us not appreciating it, but we really realllllly wanted to go swimming!) Before we were able to go swimming we were shown to a kayak, given a paddle and told to be back ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai June 26th 2010

Soo.. we are on the move again. Off to Halong Bay tomorrow. Three day trip of sailing round the islands kayaking and bike riding, a night on the boat and a night on an island. So, no internet, posiibly no phone connection, so we will be safe and will email again when we are in Hoi An, on Wednesday evening. xxxxxx.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi June 26th 2010

and we finally made it to vietnam! We left our guesthouse in laos at 6am and made it to one hanoi at half 9 2 days later! The first leg of our journey was a ten hour bus ride from luang prabang back to vientienne, during these 10 hours the bus door was open throughout, and for the first 4 hours or so we were going through thick mist in the mountains (jess was freezing, hannah was feeling smug because she brought a jumper). Needless to say when we stopped off at the side of a rainy mountain road and all we could find to eat were crisps we were not best pleased! The bus had much more locals on it than tourists and we learnt that the laos people, while lovely, do not have the ... read more

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