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Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton April 8th 2017

Saturday and Sunday were all about family. Staying with Harriet and Dom and their 2 little ones Emily and Ben, on Saturday we had a blessed morning in our PJs and were treated to the best bacon sandwiches ever made for brekkie. We spent the first part of the afternoon exploring the gorgeous gardens of Arundel Castle, where the annual tulip festival had just begun. Stunning. We continued the Mealing family tradition, and had a photo on the lawns in front of the Castle, where my dad was snapped having a family picnic with his mum, dad, brother and sister in 1949. My sister and brother in law recreated the photo when they visited with Harriet and Dom in 2010, then my brother and sister in law did the same a few years later. So generations ... read more
In the Gardens at Arundel
Evie being creative with photography
Evie and I amongst the Tulips

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor April 7th 2017

The last few days have brought glorious weather to England, for which we are eternally grateful - days so far have been 17-19 degrees and sunny. But before that - a word on Frankfurt airport -its HUGE. We had to change planes there with a 1 hr 40 min switch-over between landing at one gate and taking off for London at another. Fine, right? WRONG! We ended up late getting off one plane, partially due to some disobedient passenger standing up when she should have been in her seat, leading to the us taxi-ing down the runway with pissed off cabin crew shouting into the intercom "SIT DOWN NOW!!!" by the time we disembarked we had about 30 minutes before boarding the next flight....which just happened to be so far from the gate we landed ... read more
Evie and the Telephone Box
An important piece of information
Uncle John, Aunt Tina, Evie and I

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay April 4th 2017

What's the weather like? HOT. DAMN HOT. Landing in Singapore at 10pm, we stepped outside to wait for our shuttle bus and felt a brick wall of thick heat whack us in the head. Deciding this was not a good move, we go back inside the airport to wait for our shuttle. Repeat this experience several times over the next 24 hours and this kinda explains Singapore for us...but, not to be deterred we did see some cool stuff. We were taken on a tour of a vibrant area with tiny streets karaoke bars and many many food places bustling with people at 11 on a Monday night, before arriving at our hotel - The Scarlet, which is a small and gorgeous boutique hotel near the Chinatown area. BED! GOOD! SLEEP! Even better! In the morning ... read more
Scarlet hotel chair of beauty
Evie in her relaxing state
Markets - jade and trinkets galore

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Gosford March 14th 2017

So it is 20 days until we leave and I am FREAKING OUT. I've done almost all the doing that needs doing but still. This is a big deal. a BIG FREAKING DEAL. What happens if we miss a flight or a train? If one of our airbnb places turns out to be infested with vermin or frequented by persons of questionable hygiene? If I get lost on the A1 heading north out of London and end up in Wales? I'm it. I'm the adult in charge. I'm Charles (in Charge)..which you will only get if a) you are over 35 or b) you watched Scrubs a lot. It's exciting, it's scary and it's HAPPENING!!!!!... read more

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