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4th May 2017

Engaging travel blogs...
Hi, I've just stumbled across your blogs and have enjoyed reading them - you had me at 'budgie smuggler' in your very first blog! :) Looking forward to your next posting. Cheers, Ren
18th January 2015

Great photos thanks!
Hi the photos of the forts look really beautiful and very impressive! i wouldn,t have been able to tolerate the rats all over the place and certainly not the smell as i have a heightened sense of smell so i would have been retching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, sleeping under that huge star filled sky must have been awesome i would love that, raj the taxi driver sounded like a right wet weekend kind of a guide! no good at all not much of a sevice offered there and then having to pay him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not good enough and a pain in the ass! i absolutely adore indian food so mouth watering jealousy from me! lots of love Antonia xxxxxxxxxx
8th January 2015

I had to laugh about the postal service in India! I am afraid it really isnt good anywhere in the world! the amount of items that never arrive!!!!!!!!and others that arrive broken is legendary! I love indian cuisine so would love to have a try at the curries you must have enjoyed yum! I recently saw a programme on tv of the cremation ghats on the ganges it was morbidly fascinating, Dave Kate,s husband has just come back from India he was in Hydrabad and he found India fascinating but challenging! hope you both had a good christmas and wish you the very best of everything for New Year! lots of love Antonia xxxxxxx
29th September 2014

Beautiful photos so vivid and colourful.
I love the simplicity of the following of your breath a great gift and to not have any attachments to outcome " some of the gifts from god are sweet some of the gifts from god are bitter but they are all gifts from god" the rugs were a work of art such a shame they cant be owned by the creators! i am so glad i am a pensioner in this country rather than " relying on the kindness of strangers" said in my best Blanche Du Bois southern drawl! I am glad you braved going on your own well done it would have been a shame to miss such a teaching! all my love Antonia xxxxxxx
27th September 2014

Brilliant photos! the orangutans are the most adorable species on the planet and you got some memorable shots of them, the 5* hotel must of seemed like paradise how lovely of your mum and dad to come and share your adventure bless them! i cant understand about the palm oil thing its not good for anyone or the sugar crystals, why would you risk the extinction of some of the most diverse and beautiful gifts of our existence on this planet ( there is room for us all to exist harmoniousely on this gift of a life ) did you get any photos of the flying foxes they sound very intruiging! and dont you think proboscis monkeys look remarkably human? lots of love Antonia xx
25th September 2014

Beautiful Annapurna mountain ranges photos!
First and foremost an applause from me for doing the uncountable steps to the peak! i am hopeless with steps,stairs etc and i am easily disorientated given to losing my balance and knees to knock and go wierdly weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the wedding outfit most fetching! but the photos of the awesome Annapurna range is simply beautiful and as you say worth every step you took, lots of love Antonia xxxxxxxx
25th September 2014

Very brave Jen!
I think you are so brave jen to paraglide and feed bob the vulture at the same time! I loved the photo of the Annapurna mountains they are truly awesome! the paint festival looked good but im sure not so easily washed off? I have known friends who visited Katmandu and Himalayas in the late 60s the experience had a lifelong affect, best wishes Antonia xxxxxxx
4th July 2014

Nice place for a wedding!
Hii looked like really wild stag and hen night! well what can i say it looks so beautiful the venue and how lovely the wedding table all set out so crisp white and nice, the food sounds gorgeous yummy, glad it all went well and hope you enjoy your next location! lots of love Momma Toni xxxxxxx
15th June 2014

Mmm Red and Green curry with sticky rice and nbanana pancakes ! heavenly!
I love the g seems like a lot of fun edolden bhudas, i am so glad i have now seen what a tuk tuk is! i have heard so much about them! the ping pong debacle sounds intresting and unique! i would love to sample your thai cooking it sounds delicious, i am sorry my writing has just got very jumblede up! lots of love to you both Momma Toni xxxx
10th June 2014

Fremantle Atmosphere?
Hi thanks for the link wierdly eneough i was sitting in bed this morning looking at a mini atlas of perth and the huge landscape of australian territories as well as new zealand! and then you pop up in perth! the aboriginal art work was particularly mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so very beautiful and (out there) when you think of the deprivation on all levels being incarcerated in such appaling conditions and yet still have the incredibly spiritual inner vision to paint such a remarkable inner landscape from memory is truly awesome and heartening it makes you feel less alone! thinking of you often all my love Momma Toni xxxxxxx
7th June 2014

Pork knuckle!
Australia looks good nearly ended up there myself as a child! glad to say it didnt happen as the (orphans) shipped out there didnt have an easy time as it turned out! phew, that pand bronzedork knuckle dinner looks massive certainly dont get anything like that back here! bed bugs and ringworm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you poor thing it would have freaked me out completely i have just come back from the west coast of scotland and i find the midgies hard enough as they seem to love my blood type! however fishing was good i love it gordon has a little boat to gto round the lochs and see the seals and otters great fun, it must have been good to catch up with old friends and you and craif look very well and fit not to mention bronzed lots of love momma toni xxxxxxxxxx
2nd May 2014

I love love San Fransisco!
What an amazing place! i would so love to go there, i love the twists and turns and the thrift shops and the left hand shops! where else would you find such delights and such detail? the fish and crab restruants, yummy chinese food and an incredible landscape, i read all the tales of the city books by Armistead Maupin brilliant! glad your having a good trip, lots of love xxxxxxx
27th April 2014

Love the headgear!
I love the headgear especially the darth vader one! the shrimp menu sounds tasty with all the variations especially the coconut mmmm " I love coconut shrimps said in the homer simpson style" I would so love to go to San Fransisco having been to Atlantic City i am well aware of the potential to succumb to temptation in Vegas! lots of love xxxxxxx
16th April 2014

The water looks crystal clear, it looks a lot of fun snorkeling, i think Craig is very brave going down those deep caves i think i would get panicky feeling agrophobic in confined spaces so well done! those iguanas have a definite dont mess with me vibe!!
and nevada, where to next after america? take care lots of love
5th April 2014

Beautiful cosy looking haven!
Wow to the deep blue hole it must be an extraordinary experience to go into! really connecting to the earths core and amazing wonders and depths! i loved the exotic stripey cat so beautiful, i also love the pink highlights in your hair jen, i had my hair like that way back in the punk era when i wore bondage pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it really suits you, what a cute and intimate island to stay on a definite touch of paradise and the sunset picture was lovely, cant wait for the next update lots and lots of love momma toni xxxxxxx
28th December 2013

Fabulous sunset!
Hi your Honduras trip looked amazing! i have heard of sandflys and how horrible the bites are my sister got bit very badly by them and her legs came up like ballons in sri lanka! i will tell my brother joel who is going out there again in febuary about the coconut oil or baby oil treatment, the sunset in the carribean is simply stunning! glad you are both good and trucking on and that you have found your inner godess zen jen! love momma toni xxxxxxx
28th December 2013

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13th December 2013

Exciting Times!.
Thank you for the latest news and photos! Wow i love the turtles so cute! the volcano trip sounded pretty hair raising especially the lightning in the dark in an unknown terrain very hammer horrors like! i just loved that amazing pink sunset truly spectacular! your residence in the little red house reminds me of my garden shed but what a beach and to have it mostly to yourself is a gift! for all your hair raising adventures snakes, crabs, lightning and i am sure much much more you both look remarkably well and healthy! its a bummer bruised or cracked ribs as they hurt like hell and you just have to wait for them to get better! i may not get another chance to speak to you before xmas day so here,s hoping you have the best one ever! and the happiest and healthiest of new year wishes! all my love Momma Tonixxxxxx look forward to the next instalment of stories and photos xxx
13th November 2013

Costa Rica Coffee!
Great looking food made me feel hungry! are you drinking much of the great costa rica coffee? it must be quite nice to have all the fine choices of food and leisure activities as you have been travelling through some rough terrain beautiful but rough! take care lots and lots of love xxxxxxx
From Blog: The New World
26th October 2013

Love the blog Jen. Keep it going. Be safe both of you. xx
27th October 2013

Hi Karen! Thanks for the message, hope everythings good your end X
26th October 2013

Love the blog Jen. Keep it going. Be safe both of you. xx
11th October 2013

great photos!
The plane back to La Plas looks so small like a remote controlled one! the 100 year old tree is beautiful do you know the name of the tree? the accomodation set up looks so clean and lovely and craig looks very cosy in the hammock, you must be both so fit with all the walking and your lung capacity must be so much bigger with the higher altitude you have been tolerating, i would die if i put my foot in a welly with a hairy tarantula in it ugh! i really like macaw parrots there used to some down the road at the garden centre which used to fly around in the trees and make a lot of noise but they are so pretty, look forward to next instalment lots and lots of love x
27th September 2013

Glad you're feeling better. I guess going to a 5 star hotel is something to do with Dad & I! Glampackers indeed. Go well and keep up the blogs. xx
From Blog: La Paz pt 2.
16th September 2013

The photos are really good, the lake is awesome and i have always wanted to go to the roof of the sky of the world! i really loved seeing it! you two are going to be so fit and healthy with all the hiking and expanded lungs! how nice to have the sunshine and the beautiful sunset. I cant wait for the next update! lots of love xxxccc

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