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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 24th 2016

Geo: 3.12433, 101.684This morning Rach and I got up quietly and packed our bags. We had to leave their apartment by about 10am. It was a pretty late night in the end, but I had a great time celebrating my birthday which is actually today. Luckily our heads were feeling okay. I took a last photo of the city before we left. Lisa and Tama were still asleep, so we quietly left. It didn't take long to hail a cab on the street and an hour later we were at the airport. The first thing we did was drop our bags off, luckily this didn't take too long. We then went in search of breakfast and McDonald's seemed the perfect choice. Now we felt much better and went through immigration and found the gate. This flight ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 23rd 2016

Geo: 3.12433, 101.684This morning Lisa, Rach and I went out for brunch. Lisa has a car and it was so nice not to be catching taxis all the time. She found us a great cafe to eat at. We were spending the day sightseeing. Our next stop was the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park. We spent about half an hour here stalking the butterflies as we took photos of them. It seemed a similar size to a butterfly enclosure at a zoo. There were many colourful butterflies to see among the tropical plants and flowers. We then drove a short distance to the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Park. This seemed a bit run down in areas – but more importantly, it was free entry. There was also a great view of the Kuala Lumpur Tower and Petronas Towers ... read more
02 Black & Yellow
03 Pink & Green
04 On a Flower

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 22nd 2016

Geo: 3.12433, 101.684After breakfast and packing our bags, we sadly walked to reception to check out. Then we got a taxi to the airport at Kota Kinabalu. This airport is a bit small and we got bored. Although soon enough it was time to board and then we said goodbye to Borneo as we flew back to Kuala Lumpur.It was about two hours later that we landed back in the huge, busy airport. As we had flown internally, it didn't take us as long as it did a week ago to move through the airport. We caught a taxi into the city. We were staying the next two nights with one of Rach's friends, Lisa. She lived with her boyfriend Tama in a condo in an ex-pat area of the city.Finally the taxi driver found the ... read more
02 Dinner & I
03 Lisa & Rach

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu January 21st 2016

Geo: 5.97267, 116.071We got up early this morning, went to breakfast and ate too much from the buffet. Then we packed our bags for the day. Yesterday we booked a taxi and it was here on time. He was taking us to the pier for our snorkelling day trip. Here were found many westerners. We waited at the meeting spot and then someone from the dive company came over to us. He went through information for the day and then took us to the boat. I was pretty excited as it has been so long since I had been snorkelling. On the boat there were a few staff members, Rach and I and a small group of teenagers from Melbourne. We sat at the front of the boat and then we were off! As we cruised ... read more
02 Little Ones
03 Island
04 Borneo Dream #3

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu January 20th 2016

Geo: 5.97267, 116.071This morning we took our time getting up. We then went to the restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast was a buffet, there was so many different foods to choose from. More than half of the foods were items that I wouldn't consider to be breakfast foods. We found plenty of food to eat. After a quick walk on the deserted beach, we went back to our room and prepared ourselves for our day out. Today was another warm day with blue sky. So far we have been really lucky and not experienced much tropical, torrential rain. On the way back to the room, I took quite a few photos of the gardens and its unique flowers. Once we were ready we walked through reception to get the resort minibus transfer into town. In the reception ... read more
02 Morning
03 Looking Back
04 Path

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu January 19th 2016

Geo: 5.97267, 116.071It was a very short flight of only 45 minutes. Towards the end of the flight we had a great view of Kota Kinabalu. It is a well known mountain on the island that adventurous people like to climb. At Kota Kinabalu airport we collected our bags and got into a taxi. We were staying at a resort that was just out of town.We checked and were taken to our room. On the way we passed a nice looking pool and walked through well maintained gardens. There didn't seem to be many other guests around at the moment. It was now time for us to relax. We freshened up and walked to the bar and restaurant area which was by the beach. Here we ordered some cocktails and enjoyed the beautiful and peaceful ocean ... read more
02 Mt Kinabalu
03 Kota Kinabalu
04 Happy Hour!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kampung Bilit January 19th 2016

Geo: 5.4957, 118.206Luckily we set our phone alarms as a back-up, because we are pretty sure that the gong was not rung this morning. Once we collected our life jackets we went to the jetty and got into the boat. Being our last cruise I hoped that we would see something new. Our first sighting was a troop of Long-Tailed Macaques in the top branches of a large, tall tree. This morning there wasn't much mist at all compared to yesterday morning.I was then very impressed with the guide when he spotted a snake curled up on a tree branch. This snake seemed quite long and it was mainly yellow in colour. It is called a Grey Tailed Racer. It was virtually on the branch above us. I really hate snakes and was glad when the ... read more
02 Waking Up
03 About to Jump
04 Morning Mist

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kampung Bilit January 18th 2016

Geo: 5.4957, 118.206The gong was rung at 5:45 this morning, meaning it was time to get up and get ready to the morning jungle safari cruise. We had a terrible night's sleep. Constantly during the night we were scared and puzzled by a loud noise. It sounded like something/someone was hitting the windows and walls of the cabin. It was so loud. We eventually worked out that it was a gecko. We quickly got ready and rugged up. It was cool outside, but would warm up quickly. There was a lot of mist this morning and it looked beautiful. It also took a while to clear. Yesterday we went down the river, this morning we went in the opposite direction. This was a chance for some new scenery. About ten minutes into the cruise we stopped ... read more
02 Morning Mist
03 Sitting
04 Kingfisher

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kampung Bilit January 17th 2016

Geo: 5.4957, 118.206Rach and I had a sleep in this morning. When we got up I opened the curtains and looked out at the town. I could see fishing boats, a cloudy dark sky and a trail of rubbish in the water. I hadn't noticed the rubbish yesterday, it was a bit gross, luckily we wouldn't be swimming in it.Later this morning we were going to be transferred to our lodge in the jungle and we didn't want to be in a vehicle on an empty tummy, we needed a big breakfast. So we decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast. We got there just before 9am. We were very surprised to discover that it wasn't yet open. This was a first for us, waiting outside a Macca's for it to open. I enjoyed hot cakes, ... read more
02 Sandakan
03 Fishing Boats
04 River

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sandakan January 16th 2016

Geo: 5.84117, 118.113It didn't take long to get to the Sandakan Memorial Park. Our driver parked and walked us to the entrance. There is no entrance fee here. Here we read the information board, it was a lot of depressing information to take in. This park is a memorial to all the 2500 prisoners of war, mainly Australians and British who died here during the Second World War. The prisoners of war here were made to do hard labour, one of the tasks was to build the nearby Sandakan airport. The pavilion, which is a museum was built by the Australian government in the 90's. There were a few relics from the war, an excavator, boiler and generator. We walked up the steps to the pavilion. Inside there is a small, but very informative museum. Continuing ... read more
02 Plant
03 Boiler
04 Tropical Flower

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