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Jade Greenwell

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. I am travelling to Europe for the first time with my Mum, Dad and brother. We are going to Disneyland Paris! Hoping you will follow me on my travels. I would love to hear some comments from you. Make sure to subscribe to my blogs and you'll get an email as soon as there is a new one.

We fly to London on the 8th of July and stay there for 3 nights. After that we are flying to Rome, Italy. We drive from Rome to Perugia, Perugia to Lucca, Lucca to Genova.

Then we catch a train from Genova to Nice, France. Followed by a drive down the French Riviera to Montpellier. Not far from there they are having "Le Tour De France", The Tour of France in english, so we will watch that. If you are watching it on the tv, look out for me on the 17th of July with the Aussie flag.

Then we drive up to the French Champagne region, then over to my soon to be favourite place in the whole world, Disneyland Paris or EuroDisney. We are staying there for 4 nights. Its going to be so much fun!

We then go to Paris for two nights then catch the Eurostar train to London. We drive to Bath, Stonehenge and Cornwall and stay in a place called Newquay (sounds like New-key). After that we dont have much planned so will let you know!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay July 28th 2011

Alright? Thats what they say a lot of here. Instead of saying, hello how are you, are you alright? English people will say "Alright?" We have been in Cornwall in a town called Newquay. I had a lot of fun there on the beach. There are a lot of surfers. I enjoyed walking on the beach and the river estuary because I collected shells. We went to a place called Lands End. They called it that because the land ends there, its the most south western part of England. I had a lemon and bubblegum icecream. They are my favourite flavours. We stayed at a hotel that had a bowling alley. We played three games. It also had a heated indoor pool with a spa and I swam in there with my brother and Dad. There ... read more
Looking looking
At The beeeach
At Lands End

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 25th 2011

Hi ya! In England that means hi or hello. Since Disneyland we went to Paris for two days. We went to the Eiffel Tower which was only 15 minutes walk from our hotel. I loved our hotel, our room was on the 18th floor and it was very fancy and it had a good view over the river and Paris. Journal Excerpt: I didn't think the Eiffel Tower was hollow inside until I got up close and I thought it was smaller than what it was in real life. While we were in Paris they had the finish of Le Tour De France. Australia won it! His name was Cadel Evans. I was lucky to be in Paris at the same time. We were at the Louve and the Arc De Triumph while they were racing. ... read more
At Disneyland

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 21st 2011

Bonjour, That means hello or good day in French. Since my last blog in Nice, we drove from there to Montbazin, near Montpellier and watched Le Tour De France. I loved all the free giveaways before the bikes came. I got a hat, lollies and other stuff. It was fun. Then we drove up to the Millau Via Duct, the tallest bridge in the world! We drove some more and stayed overnight at Clermont-Ferrand. The following night we stayed in a place called Moussy in the Champagne area. I loved the hotel because they had a kids playground that had free rides. Ethan and I played on them for ages. Since Tuesday, we have been at Disneyland. It has been so so so much fun. My favourite ride is the Pirates of the Carribean, I've been ... read more
Free Stuff!
More Free Stuff
Le Tour De France

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca July 16th 2011

Ciao il mio amici! That means, hi my friends! After we left Rome, we drove to Perugia, where our friend, Mimi, lives. We stayed there for one night and went to Assisi, a place where Saint Francesco's tomb is and it is very religeous. At our hotel we had a nice pool that Ethan and I swam in. We also went and had dinner in a big castle that Daddy said was haunted. I think he was joking. The next day we drove with our friend Mimi up to Lucca in Tuscany. We stayed in another hotel that had a pool. Lucca is an amazing place with old walls and old buildings. There was a concert with Elton John going on there. We ate more gelato. Everyday Ethan and I have gelato, I always have lemon ... read more
The Pool in Perugia

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 12th 2011

Ciao a tutti! That means 'hi everyone', in Italian. On Monday morning we got up really early, about 3am and drove to the airport. We flew from London to Rome and it only took 2.5 hrs. It was really hot and we got on a bus and then the underground train (the metro) to our hotel. We had lunch near the colleseum and took a few photos. We didn't go in because it was too busy and we were tired. We were so tired that we went back to the hotel and slept from 5pm until the morning! In the morning we went to the Vatican City. Did you know it is a country as well as a city? It was really really hot. We listened to a tour guide with an ear phone. We saw ... read more
I'm Strong!
Lots of Water
The Tour

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Westminster July 10th 2011

Hi everyone, We drove in to London today which took about 90 minutes. We went on the underground train which was really squishy. We did lots of walking and I think London is the best city in the world. :-D Journal Exerpt: An amazing thing happened that I saw Big Ben and the London Eye which is a big ferris wheel. Jade :)... read more
London Eye
Big Ben

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northamptonshire » Towcester July 9th 2011

Hi everyone, We made it to my Auntie Erin's house near Northampton, England. We were flying for 21 hours (including a rest in Malaysia) and it was daytime the whole time because we saw the sunrise in Perth and the sunset in London! Can you imagine a day with 21 hours of sunlight? Exerpt from written journal: When we were on the plane to Malaysia we saw the sun shining up and the clouds down the bottom. They were in little pieces, it was so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at it because it was so so so so beautiful. Jade :) ... read more
Sunset Over London

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