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11th May 2014

Guys!! Amazing blog, just had time to read through this and am looking forward to catching up with all the rest!! Good luck, sounds like you had some hairy moments there!
13th May 2014

Cheers Dan, glad you enjoyed it. Hope training is going well and looking forward to catching up in August.
23rd January 2010

bhopal-city of lakes
Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India and bhopal is the heart of Madhya Pradesh, its a beautiful city having its most beautiful part in the form of its lake.......it can be taken as a tourist attraction because of its beauty. Right beside this lake is a kind of zoo known as Van Vihar which have many animals like the tigers, Bears, Snakes and many more. this city has its beauty on its top in the raining season, so guys its a beautiful city and if you are in India then must see Bhopal
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18th September 2009

They don't call it IST for no reason.... India Stretched Time
28th June 2009

Atta boy, Jack! was not aware of your little blog thing ya had going here. Good sTUFF! hope you write about last night hahaha.
4th June 2009

Is Mr Lancelot Beer's REAL name, Mr Lancelot Beer? If so, he is surely some sort of god incarnate. I think you should total up the money that you've saved from NOT sleeping in hostels (even the ones that'd have only cost you 100 rupees) and see how much it adds up to at the end of your trip. I'll laugh if you only saved 20 quid for all the sleeping on pee-puddle train stations you endured for the sake of it... :P
26th May 2009

Whatever happened to those briefly mentioned German girls? Glossed right over them... I suppose one (or both, you cheeky bunt-hound) of them enjoyed sharing your mozzie tent for a night of star-gazing... Jesting aside, I have never heard such a pleasurable account of road-tripping before. Sounds as if you are hitting your stride now, and will be back to the easy life of traveling, meeting people, and passing out on beaches in no time. Wide open spaces and any mostly uninhabited and unspoilt areas are the most powerful and magical and soothing places on the planet. It's a damn shame we're ruining them all. K
26th April 2009

It doesn't HAVE to happen again... but it will, because world leaders just don't seem to be taking lessons from history, and will hold off on applying the force necessary in these situations quickly enough to save all the potential victims, for economic or political reasons. CoughcoughRwandaDarfurcoughcough. Also, whoever took your default blog profile picture must be a real minx. That's a good picture right there.
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16th February 2009

Did you not bring me HERE? I think I would ahve felt far more comfortable with the Gaggle than I did with sneaky gropers on Indian buses... Also, Alicen would have had nothing on me had I been there to show her up. (I jest... I think. One never knows what vacation-mindset will lead one to do).
23rd January 2009

Haha, Fear not Wifey, being such a manly man they are well on their way back. Get those photos up!
21st January 2009

YOU SHAVED OFF THE SCRUFFLIES?!?!!!!?!!!! This might be grounds for divorce.
19th January 2009

jackbloggs! how did i not know about them until just now? this will make for some hilarious nostalgic study breaks. miss you jack!
8th January 2009

Chronic inability to remember foreign names!
Jack if you can remember roomy's name I will give you a tenna on your return!
7th January 2009

cheapest room price!!!!!
Man,i actually can imagine you feeling on top of the world at 40 bucks a night.Just out of curiosity ,hope it wasnt anything like the 700 a night waist-high room we almost got gypped into!!
12th November 2008

the cow
alpha mailing cow mate - classic
29th October 2008

very interesting
jackkkk,your entries are very enterteining while im working in this boring office,and im sure the pictures will be even better. xxx
From Blog: Antara
27th October 2008

Sounds good!!
Keep us updated, all very interesting!
From Blog: Antara

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