Recently retired (just me, not John) and looking forward to more travel.

Europe » Denmark » Region Sj√¶lland » Naestved September 18th 2014

Train ride from Aarhus to Slagelse took 2.5 hours. We travelled south from Aarhus to Fredericia and then crossed the bridge to Fyn, island between Jutland and Zealand. Across Fyn then over the "Lillebaeltsbro" (bridge) to the town of Slagelse on Zealand. There we were met by my cousin Lene and her husband Leif. Lene and Leif live in a housing complex and within that estate are several community houses which are available for the residents to use for parties, family gatherings etc for very little cost - what a good idea! Lene's house has 2 bedrooms and since they had their son, daughter in law and granddaughter also coming to visit there wasn't enough room for everyone. Lene had hired one of the bedrooms attached to the community hall for us. What a great way ... read more
Dissecting a deer
Basic anatomy
Harbour in Skaelskor

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Billund September 11th 2014

Desperately trying to do a bit of catch up on this blog. I am sitting on the bed in our very nice room aboard the River Victoria in Moscow, but I've still got plenty to tell about our time in Denmark. We moved from cousin Ellen's place to cousin Kirsten. In between was the big family get together with many other family members, held in an old farmhouse on the island of Fyn. This was my big chance to catch up with other cousins and an aunt that I might not otherwise have seen. Thank you to cousin Signe and her family for hosting a wonderful day. One of the highlights of our time with Kirsten and Karin was the visit to the city of Aarhus to see Aros, the art gallery and Rainbow Panorama - ... read more
Marselisborg palace
Aros Gallery in Aarhus
BOY sculpture

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Viborg August 31st 2014

I am now 2 weeks behind with my blogging, so it is almost impossible to catch up. We have had a lot of great times with so many different family members who all have gone out of their way to show us around this pretty little country and chatting with family is a higher priority than writing a blog so I'll keep it brief and let the pictures tell the story. Two weeks ago we stayedwith Ellen and husband Emil at a holiday house near the coast at a place called Oster Hurup (sort of, the o is supposed to have a line through it). The Danes have 3 extra letters in their alphabet which my tablet doesn't have, so the names of the places get a bit mangled. (My dad once told me that no ... read more
Visitor Centre at Rebild Bakker
Mushrooms -edible?
View from top of burial mound

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Ebeltoft August 29th 2014

Many thanks to cousin Tove and cousin Karin for the lovely day trip to Djursland, a region in east Jutland, Denmark. We stopped at 3 impressive country estates, with picturesque gardens and grounds and idyllic (I think that's the word that best describes many of the places we see) ponds. Many of these old buildings have a moat around them and whilst we couldn't get a look inside the buildings because the holiday season is over, it is interesting to wander around the grounds. These grand homes are expensive to maintain so many have become accommodation places, museums or conference centres. I confess to not really remembering the details about these old manor houses but the pictures speak for themselves. We travelled through a mix of farming land and forest, wind mills dotted all over the ... read more
Rosenholm garden

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus August 23rd 2014

I'm really getting behind with this blog so I'm going to condense our time so far in Denmark into this one blog today. We have been enjoying the hospitality of my cousin Tove. Tove is one of 5 siblings whose father and my father were brothers. Tove lives in the most idyllic home and garden in a setting which you would swear was way out in the countryside but incredibly she lives only 9 km from Aarhus which is the next biggest city after Copenhagen. Tove has a lovely house set in a beautiful garden which she maintains all herself. Every day we eat produce from the garden, she has apple and plum trees, a sizeable vegie garden and a chook pen with one rooster and 5 hens. When we first arrived we caught up with ... read more
Tove's garden
Botanic Gardens Aarhus
Tropical zone

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 20th 2014

Day 2 in Dubai, (I'm late posting this because we've now been in Denmark a few days catching up with family, but better late than never, right?) After a lazy start we decide to brave the heat to go out for a walk in the local area. Mostly computer stores on our street so we venture down another way where we find lots of stores selling traditional Indian and muslim clothing. The colours are vibrant and the fabrics are beautiful. I stop to admire a beautiful Indian sari in red white and black and the store owner immediately dashes out of the store and wants me to come in and try it on. No thanks I say but he continues to beckon as we keep walking down the street. Every time we linger outside a store ... read more
Air-conditioned bus shelter
Train station
Gold souk (market)

Middle East » United Arab Emirates August 19th 2014

Smooth 14 hour flight to Dubai but no chance of getting any sleep so occupied time with endless episodes of Modern Family, Outnumbered and half a movie along with regular viewing of the flight path map. This should have been John's nirvana - choice of 200 movies and sleeping in a chair! But he also felt washed out by the time we made Dubai. Guy sitting next to me had the luxury of an empty seat beside him which he stretched out and enjoyed. He was wearing a pair of those fancy head phones rather than the Emirates ones, and laughed uproariously throughout the sitcoms he was watching unaware he was in a very crowded space. Arrived 5.25 am Dubai time and I can save a lot of time and words by saying everything about Dubai ... read more
Ascot Hotel lobby
Troyka room (brekky)
100's of taxis

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Croydon August 9th 2014

New to this blogging thing so I hope it works. John and I leave in a week's time for our trip to Denmark to visit the relatives and then a 12 day cruise from Moscow to St.Petersburg. Looking forward to leaving the miserable cold weather and enjoying the sunshine in the northern hemisphere. Sorry about the blurry photo but only one I could find with both of us in it.... read more

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