Prateek Kishore Kanojia


Prateek Kishore Kanojia

I wish to share with all my fellow travelers... the perspective with which I as an Indian see my country...

Asia June 26th 2016

Sunday 26 June 2016 0130 Hrs Five days to go before I fly away from the Land that I have called my country, India for 30 years. Five days to go before I embark upon the journey to another great land that I have revered since I started thinking on my own, Russia. Will first fly to Shanghai, China where I plan to spend around 2-3 weeks and then move over to the Russian Far-East, Vladivostok being the first stop. India - China - Russia There are some mild emotions in my heart at this moment, excitement and happiness the least of them. I can not call it sadness or gloom as well but it is pretty mind numbing whatever it is. I am finally going to make the journey that I long waited for and ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 31st 2012

I walked easy and slowly with steady steps. Its amazing, the feeling that you get when nothing goes your way and you're still ready to walk on. It feels as if you'be been stripped of every security and still you don't feel insecure. You feel the presence of a strength that comes from being in touch dirrectly with the world, the universe around you. You feel naked and yet you feel comfortable. You haven't slept or rested yet you feel strong. You walk alone yet you feel a strong presence around you. Its as if the cosmos stretches its arms towards you with a smile and asks you to just trust... to just go with the flow. I planned to go to Vasihno Devi (Jammu & Kashmir) the coming weekend by bus. But I didn't know ... read more

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