Road Trip


Road Trip

North America » United States » New York June 1st 2009

I apologize to all of our devoted and worried fans for the delay. You are no doubt wondering where we have been, what we've been up to, if we're safe, or at least alive. If you have seen Ian or I recently, then you must be wondering how we got to where we are, and if the other one of us is alive. If you have seen both of us, then you're just wondering how we got here. I won't be assuaging any of your fears. What kind of story teller would just give away the ending? Where's the suspense? What would keep you interested? The following events, while no Odyssey, in it's own right deserves to be told, as does every action done with the aspiration of reaching something larger than oneself, whether or not ... read more
Cool Photo

South America » Peru May 31st 2009

I have no idea how we got here.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario May 29th 2009

We woke up groggy. We had slept amazing but we weren't feeling 100%. We decided to take a gander at the Falls, snap some pics, and then hit the road. We had some trouble figuring out the crazy Canadian highways and road systems. We got a few tickets for speeding, reckless driving, running a red light, leaving the scene of an accident, etc, which we aren't paying because we have diplomatic immunity. We snuck into a middle school gymnasium to take showers. We were clean but we were burned out and sick of the car. We decided to go camping and cook hotdogs no matter how much it cost. (It's only Canadian money anyway) We found a campsite, set up our tent in the rain, bought firewood (not kindling), hotdogs, and mustard. We tried to start ... read more
Horseshoe Falls
Lake Ontario

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 28th 2009

We made it to the border today, around 4:00-ish or something. After a lengthy interrogation from a friendly Border Patrol, we crossed into Canada. It was my first time in a foreign land, but both of us were startled by the immediate changes. Speed limits were in kilometers, bags of chips were written in French, moose roamed the sidewalks, and cars drove on the left side of the road. The Niagara Falls are two tremendous waterfalls, both reaching over 700 feet into the air, and stretching over 8,000 feet wide. They pour a staggering 500 million cubic meters of water over their edges and into the rocky fathoms of its pits every minute. People can stand behind the railings right next to where the Horseshoe Falls drop, but those who veer too far over the edge ... read more
Niagara Falls
Maple Leaf Tavern

North America » United States May 26th 2009

I don't have much patience for this. Too much has happened. I lost my phone, then found it, then headed north to West Virginia on 77. We got a free meal of chips, salsa, and four iced teas from a Mexican restaurant in WV. 77 in southern WV is a very pretty road. Stopped halfway through WV to find people who would let us stay in their yard or on their floor. Everyone directed us towards campgrounds. We parked behind a small town next to a lake and a huge field of fireflies. Set up camp next to the car. We tried to sleep in sleeping bags, on a blanket, on two camping mats, on the gravel. It was amazing. Then it started raining. We got back in the car and drove to Marietta College in ... read more
West Virginia Sky
Rob's first bed since college
Almost to Canada

North America » United States » Virginia May 25th 2009

So I, Robert, have decided to write a little in the blob as well as Ian. In some ways, I was completely against it, but the trip so far has been unique enough for me to want to capture it before it's lost. We traveled to Krishna's with her promise of a home cooked meal in the forefront of our minds. The stop by in Shenandoah National Park took hours longer than expected and we were hungry. Two hours from Virginia Tech she calls and tells us her place is a mess, she is unable to cook for us. We decided to try to score a little food. We picked the first exit we came to and drove down the street. Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell. "Pizza," Ian said. "Yea, I guess we could try to find ... read more

Left for Krishna's place 12:16 PM. Entered Shanendoah Skyline Drive 1:27. Lots of pics... read more
Rob Saves Snake
CIMG1289 2

Daniel woke me us up at 8:30 this morning to go canoeing/kayaking at the Shenendoah. I got up surprisingly easily. Not so with everyone else. Got on the road about 11 and got on the river around 1:15. Great day to be on the river. Weather was just about perfect. Not too hot not too cold and the water felt amazing. Wilson cast a few lines then proposed we throw the anchor in and stop for lunch just about a minute after we put in. We all agreed. Delicious sandwiches made by Nadine. Soon after lunch, I learned to use a fly rod and caught a fish almost instantly, about at the exact moment I realized I lost my car keys. The fish was the priority so I reeled it in. A nice sunfish. Rob and ... read more
Shenendoah overlook 3

North America » United States » Virginia » Fairfax May 22nd 2009

Made it to Fairfax after a smooth 10.5 hour drive. Little traffic in the beginning w/ some rain. Pulled off the road to take a nap at the fireworks vendor and let it all pass. First picture of me sleeping. Courtesy of Wilson ... read more

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