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9th March 2012

wow, the end
Wow guys, I can't believe your trip has ended! I so enjoyed reading your blog! Will be in contact soon! blessings erna
20th February 2012

yaaaayyyy!! come on home!!!! and yaaaayyyy, keep your beard, M!!!! =) We have supper planned for your first night back (though you might fall asleep in it) and I'm sorry to say you'll have to wait a bit longer for that marmite and cheese, chop and dop, and lemon meringue.... ;-). Awesome stuff! xx
20th February 2012

this entry was great to read. danke schon. see you tmrw!!!!!!!!!! see if you can spot us. we'll try be inconspicous.
20th February 2012

The Finale
Wow guys!! What an awesome end to your 200 day adventure. I'm sure you have put many interesting and exciting ideas into peoples heads. Your backpacking experience is one in a million and memories you will cherish for EVER!! :-) It's certainly not for the faint hearted as you have proven but so eye opening and when you are in the comforts of home again,will be able to think of all the "tight moments" and "close calls" that have most probably not just grown you but brought you both closer together. We really miss your company and look so forward to seeing you guys once we're back. Phil - CONGRATULATIONS!! Your motto at the bottom of your email has proven to all that it's not just a bunch of cool words to think about but exceedingly tried and tested - Hats off to you guys!!! ( Champagne glasses clink!! ) May the Lord bless you abundantly in your new adventures ahead, the job hunting and all the changes on the way. We sure you'll glide through it all fashionably :-) Lots of love R & P
18th February 2012

Wow - amazing pics. Especially like the German villages - somewhat bizarre! :) Enjoy the last days and esp. the CARNIVAL! :)
18th February 2012

Last days
Enjoy the last days and have a good flight back to RSA. Regards
15th February 2012

Am sure a "dorp" will feel crowded after the isolated and awe inspiring places you have visited down south of Chile!
From Blog: 55º South
14th February 2012

Politics? Gasp!
Wow, that's a first - politics from pips (maybe that was Marco's doing) - Hi, good to read about your walkabout. Not sure if you knew or it was told to you, but The Missions' opening scenes were filmed at Iguacu falls. Pity about the Pantanal, it is fairly unusual, but on the plus side Florianopolis is supposed to have an off the chart concentration of foxy women so I expect pictures on the next post. How is the portuguese, by the way? All well in JHB, be good, D
10th February 2012

Beautiful pics!!
Hey guys - Boring - Huh?? Most reading your blog are probably green with envy. Only a few days left of your amazing adventure. Enjoy every minute :-) Love the pics of the falls. Thinking of you guys. Lots of love ,R & P
9th February 2012

Yes, your blogs are very boring... whatever!!!! Less than 2 weeks and South America is history to you - how awfully tragic! =( Kan julle glo? Kan julle nog Afrikaans praat? Enige Afrikaners in Argentinie ontmoet? Loading my folks off at the airport this afternoon =) - close call with a passport!! - and took day of study leave as well, so nice and stuck into a bit of thinking and reading. God bless!
9th February 2012

More photos of critters please, they do look cute!
29th January 2012

I agree with Mich below - one of the twelve, or maybe John the Baptist. Also, Marco, if that fish were bigger, so would your hand be... and it looks to me like it was a wee bitty bigger than your hand, is all... =) Either way, congrats. LOVE the mountain and glacier pics. Wow. Spectacular part of the world. love A
From Blog: Deep Patagonia
22nd January 2012

Marco looks like one of the 12 disciples ....never mind a teddy bear!! I love it - think it is really funky. Keep it up ..we would like to see it in real life on your return.
From Blog: Deep Patagonia
9th January 2012

Yo friends. Just wishing you all the best for the new year. Thanks for all the pics and stories. It has been really interesting!! Wishing you safe travels onwards and many more adventures before your return. Later. D.
From Blog: Chilly Chile
3rd January 2012

Wow and well done!! I enjoy the reading and the photos soooo much!, you guys inspire me I would not be able to do it! Me and my finnetjie eating habits! like Heck no! I could probably do the rain and dry and hot and cold but the food!!! Oh i miss your laughs and entertainment evenings and events! My brother was here from Germany and he read all your blogs and is super stoked to! You impressed him the intelligence army guy tremendously!! Hope to see you soon and praying for your safe return and open doors when you back! loads of love Alice
From Blog: Chilly Chile
1st January 2012
Chiloe Island

Happy New Year
Well, another one is gone and I just want to say all the best for 2012. The pictures of Chili shows it to be a beautiful country. I always wondered by this thin strip of land. Anyway, Cow and Chicken comes up a lot lately and guess who it reminds me of? See yah!!
From Blog: Chilly Chile
31st December 2011

keep going!
Hey guys! you're doing some serious zigzagging, from Chile to Argentina and back and forth etc etc vice versa. The leech story freaked me out, and I want to see one of the lakes that is one of the three lakes, not one that's not one =). Had a really wonderful Christmas with the extended family (sorry Marco) and living at home with my folks who do my laundry (sorry phil)... Sara just left now back to the UK, and am feeling the gap already. Has truly been a blessed time. Probably going to pop in at my cousins this evening for a bit of a new years party with table tennis... went back to work on Thurs, but think my brain will only kick in on Tues (hopefully!!). And then it;s full swing ahead with the news year, can you believe it?? Happy new year, guys!! May 2012 be as full and exciting and blessed as 2011. love A
From Blog: Chilly Chile
31st December 2011

Best for 2012
Wir sind ja gespannt wie ihr ins Neue Jahr kommen werdet!? Euch alles Gute und kommt gut rein! Wir sind bei Christa und Helmut, also kommen ganz ruhig ins 2012.
19th December 2011

Merry Christmas!
Hey beautiful couple! I love checking out your photos. They really are stunning, and you're still smiling, which is always a good sign! :-). Rae and Paul arrived on Friday. They here until Christmas day and then they fly off to Cape Town for a week before heading back to Germany. It's so good to have them home ( even if it is just for a week :-) ). P.E is a buzz at the moment. Your folks must be really busy with guests at the mo. Shopping is a nightmare... absolute chaos! Being on holiday has been a joy! We have a 4-week holiday this year as opposed to the 6 weeks we normally used too, but any holiday is good! David goes on leave on Thursday so looking forward to that. He has just informed me that he got hit below the eye on one of the turnstiles just now. He says its ok but i don't know. I will have to self-evaluate when he gets home! ;-) We've had all sorts of markets here lately. Christmas markets, kids markets, food markets. It's felt like a little piece of Europe right on our doorstep, which has been rather refreshing! We miss you guys loads and think and talk of you often! We hope you have a super Christmas and hope to see you sometime in the New Year! :-) Be blessed!! Lots of love
18th December 2011

hello! wow, can see why this would all feel very much like home - good timing for this late stage of your trip when you've been away from all things familiar for so long. Stellies, Germany, city of birth... so cool seeing your mom and Derek on Wednesday, P. Cool that he happened to be there for the rugby sevens. Am using the travelling pants you sent as pajamas, and not as conversation starters... =) ... all have been delivered and your letter read - job done! thanks so much!! Going to be seeing my family from the US for lunch now for first time in 10 years! time FLIES (you agree, hey?) and then Jenni Bryson is coming to sleep over. Had awesome a.m. at the beach with Trace yday - classic, stunning beach summer weather, badminton, swim... i love being on leave. go back to work on the 28th. Marco, don't even think about alarm clocks, see! God bless you guys over the Christmas time - hoping you find a special place and get to celebrate with other Christians. love A
7th December 2011

Note from JHB
Hi P and M, been catching up on your stories...very interesting. Looks like you have been rooting around properly. And I'm glad you have had some exposure to mining :) Certainly beats sitting in JHB planning holes in the ground. Enjoy the smooth roads and toilet paper, and maybe Marco can trade his beard in for a mullet. Just FYI make sure to book a spot for the Carnival if you are in Rio at the time. All is well in SA, sun is shining, my veggie patch is kicking off, the politicians are sometimes doing good things, housemates in order (dishwasher generally not stacked - the training continues). D
5th December 2011

Hi Guys. Cool to see you are doing well and still enjoying it. I wish I could take off and do something similar. Keep the blogs running. will you stay long enough to watch the Dakar? h
29th November 2011

Hi again!!
Wow guys! What awesome pics:)!! How about a ever so slight detour to Germany before heading home at the end of Feb?? ;-)
From Blog: The Grand Finale
29th November 2011

HI guys Sounds like lots of fun! It is one of those trips that you won't every regret!! Enjoy it all! Miss you! Love Magda Ps, did you get my facebook message-thanks for the post card!!!
From Blog: The Grand Finale
23rd November 2011

Hello Holtzes
Hi Guys, Just read your most recent update. Looks like you guys have been having such an amazing, interesting and highly adventurous time!!! The pics are awesome :) Hope you guys received the emails we sent. We received your postcard about two weeks ago. Loved reading it. Anyway just wanted to say hi, will email you and thinking of you guys. A nice braai and catch up with the Holtzes is overdue (haha).

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