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20th January 2013

You guys look like you are having a blast!! Have fun safe travels, and keep "Stormy" between the ditches! Love you both, Marilee
From Blog: Life's A Beach
19th January 2013

You earned this!
Rain or shine, neither one of you are at work! Enjoy!
18th January 2013

This is really great fun to read. Taking Terry to Big Truck Taco tomorrow.
17th January 2013
Mufaletta Yum!

I just discovered all these pictures at the bottom of the blog. They\'re darling – and gorgeous – and you look like you\'re having a blast! Plus both of you have a great knack for bringing us along with you with your words. We're having fun following right along! Thanks! Come on, come out sun!!!
15th January 2013

Sounds like fun
I'm so excited for you two! Have a great time on your trip and keep posting in the blog. I love hearing about your travels. Stay safe! Love you both!

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