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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Tanjung Bungah October 16th 2016

From Singapore we had a short flight with Tigerair north to Penang in Malaysia. Last time we came here was in 2012 to celebrate Chinese New Year. Being here in one of our favourite places in Malaysia felt great. We love the island not only for the famous food but also for the amazing temples, the nature and the super friendly people. As we got the information that our spiritual master would have a flight to Penang just 1 hour later, we waited at the airport together with some devotees from Penang. It was lovely to meet our malaysian family and we immediately felt close. They were really excited as most of them met Guruji for the very first time. It was a joyful welcoming and we were so thankful we could be a part of ... read more
the morbide charme of Georgetown
selfie in Little India
Sultan Mosque @night

Asia » Singapore » Little India October 14th 2016

A month after our wedding it was time for our honeymoon. Our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda is currently travelling through Asia for quite some time - so we took the chance and booked a dirt cheap flight with Turkish Airlines to Singapore. His teaching is "Just love" - well, and this is what a honeymoon is about. As he had married us, we really wanted to spend our honeymoon with him. So enough good reasons to start our short honeymoon of only 9 days with a 18 hour journey to Singapore. But the journey went smooth and finally we arrived early in the evening. Well, Singapore.... I, Nina, had been here 6 years ago. In 5 days I had really seen a lot of Singapore and to be honest, it was not my favourite city. It ... read more
Darshan with Paramahamsa Vishwananda
we love the tropic vegetation
enjoying a yummy thali at the MTR Restaurant

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Thun September 22nd 2016

As the last days have shown clearly, summer is finally over and autumn has started. Summer here in Switzerland this year was a sad affair - it started rainy and continued like this through june and july, it was cold most of the time, but since august, it was brilliant and hot. As we had a lot of work to do, we did not travel much and mainly stayed at home. But hey, this was our first summer in our new home. And as we live where others come for holiday, it was just brilliant to enjoy a summer at home. Therefore, we had decided to explore the mountains close to our home. Some of them are indeed walking distance from home. Others are a short drive of about 20 minutes. Yes, although when you live ... read more
Hilterfingen - our home village
Edelweiss!!!!! A rare sight!
climbing Axalphorn

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 11th 2016

We are running a bit behind with our blogs. Last month, the beginning of july, we could enjoy a long weekend travelling from Switzerland the 6 hours by car to Munich and further on to Tirol in Austria. Again we were following our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwanandawho was giving one darshan (a personal blessing) in Munich and 2 in Austria. In Munich we stayed in a pretty decent and cheap (great value for money) hotel in Pasing, Hotel Alte Post. It is close to the train station and in about 10 min. by train you can reach the CBD. Just after arriving we had to hurry up to, get dressed and ready for the darshan. It was an amazing event. As there were many tourists in the area and the side doors of the hall were ... read more
a bavarian local ;-)
Paramahamsa Vishwananda giving an interview to the austrian television
downtown Munich near the famous Frauenkirche

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Monistrol de Montserrat May 24th 2016

Arriving from Tarragona by train, we had decided to base ourselves in Castelldefels. Not, because this is the little town where Lionel Messi lives (somewhere in a big hidden villa) and definitely not, because it is a must see in Spain. The simple reason was that in Europe it was a long spring weekend. So literally everyone was off for a city trip to Barcelona whith skyrocking prices for accomodation and food. Castelldefels is a beach town south of the airport of Barcelona and one can reach Barcelona CBD by metro within 20 minutes. And accomodation is half price compared to Barcelona. So we checked in a little, simple hotel. It was nothing special, but OK considering we only passed time in the room while sleeping. Castelldefels has a surprisingly nice and huge beach. The water ... read more
view from the Monastir de Montserrat
Sri Swami Vishwananda and some devotees (including us) visiting the Basilica de Montserrat
happy in Montserrat

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona May 14th 2016

It was hard to get out of bed the morning we left Valencia after as little as 5 hours of sleep. We enjoyed a lovely last breakfast in Valencia before we walked to the train station. I, Nina, had prepared this trip a little bit and prebooked the train tickets (as prebooked tickets are much cheaper), but I realised that I did not do my homework properly. By arriving at the train station (20 minutes before the departure of the train) we realised that Valencia actually has 2 train stations! What a shock. We hurried out to the taxi stand and asked a random taxi driver. The man was so very friendly and told us, that the other station is just a 5 minute-walk away. He pointed us the direction and said, it will be cheaper ... read more
Just love
view from the cathedral towards the sea
cactus blossoming

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia May 13th 2016

For those of you who follow us since quite a while - this is not new: going to Spain, especially for me (Nina), is like coming home. I have lived in Alicante in 1995 for some time, so coming back to Valencia was really like coming home. At that time I have visited Valencia, but to be honest, all I remember was the city at night with lots of great bars, music and party. Oh yes, the wild times..... But as Valencia is very close to Alicante, the spanish which is spoken here, the way people are, the whole feeling is similar to Alicante. So this was home with all the wonderful memories about the wild times in Spain during university time ;-). We had found a really cheap flight from Basilea/Switzerland to Barcelona with Vueling. ... read more
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
on Playa de las Arenas
peaceful Playa de las Arenas at this time of the year

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin April 25th 2016

Sometimes, and I think every traveller is asking this question from time to time, you accidentally go to a place and later you ask yourself: Why did I not come here any earlier? This happened to us with Turin, or Torino, in Italy. Well, to be precise, I (Nina) have been here before on a business trip, but I did not really visit the city. I arrived at the train station, went to a business lunch in a fancy restaurant close by, had some excellent piedmontese specialities and left the same day. So I had no idea what the city really is like. As our spiritual master, Sri Swami Vishwananda did a tour around Italy in April and was about to come to Turin, we did not hesitate and planned a short weekend trip to Turin. ... read more
Porta Palatina
Piazza San Carlo
stunning view from Monte Dei Cappuccini

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Juhu January 11th 2016

We made it! We finally arrived in our last destination on this trip through India. To be honest, the 2 days following the night in hospital, all, Nina wanted to do is: leave India the fastest possible and fly back home. This has happened the first time ever. Normally, time is only flying by when we are travelling and we are always very sad when it is time to return. Nina had finally decided to continue the trip for 2 reasons: one was, not to spoil Markus his holidays and one was, that a trip back would have taken about 24 hours and is very stressful for the body. Taking things easier in India was a better option once she had put the emotions to the side. So arriving in Mumbai was kind of special for ... read more
Juhu Beach
Gate of India
view from the Global Pagoda over Gorai Island

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik January 7th 2016

After 4 nights in Aurangabad Nina had recovered. She still felt a bit weak, but we decided to move on. Our next destination was Shirdi. We wanted to visit the world famous Sai Baba Temple. From the shabby and chaotic bus terminal in Aurangabad we tried to get a local bus to Shirdi. First we had to wait for 1 hour to final find a bus. Nothing is written in english and people only speak Marathi, the local language. It was quite a challenge to get on the right bus - especially as when the bus arrived, people were really fighting like animals to get on the bus. With our 2 backpacks we also started pushing and we finally got on the bus. Nina was just relaxed when she finally could share 2 seats with some ... read more
enjoying our time in Nashik
cheeky monkeys on the way up to Brahmaghiri Hill

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