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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Domodossola October 7th 2017

Autumn was hitting Switzerland and with it coming the foggy, wet and rainy time. We love autumn when it comes to clear skyies, sun and coloured leaves. And we did have that this year a lot. But there was this specific weekend and the weatherforecast was exactly the „rainy, grey skies with lots of cold wind“. No thank you for us. As weh ad nothing planned we decided on Friday to give this weather a miss and to run towards Italy for some late summer warmth. Well, by train it takes only 1,5 hours from our hometown Thun to Domodossola, the first city after the boarder in Italy. For whatever reason we never did this short trip. Reasons enough to go! By looking for a cheap room for the night we realised that we were not ... read more
the main church on Monte Calvario
Domodossola impressions

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg September 17th 2017

Our roadtrip through northern Germany was coming to an end slowly. The last city our spiritual master gave darshan (the 6th darshan in 12 days) was Leipzig. Definitely a new city for noth of us. The drive down south from Berlin was uneventful. The landscape was mainly flat, it was not much traffic and after about 2 hours we arrived in Leipzig. We quickly checked in in our hotel and then started to explore the city. First we went to a part of town called Altlindenau. Nothing special about this part beside one thing: there are many beautiful old hoses. Most of them are completely run down. One can easily see the reason why. It is simply because of the lack of money/investment. This is not a rich part of Germany. So for many, many years, ... read more
stunning University of Leipzig
Heidelberg main square
Heidelberg main square

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 14th 2017

Early morning in Hamburg it was raining heavily. We packed the car, picked up a friend at a different hostel and together we drove to Berlin. It was a pleasant drive with lots of rain and heavy winds. Autumn definitely had started! Half we, already at the former eastern part of Germany (well, still it is the east..... geographically speaking - I should better say soviet part), we stopped for a much needed coffee. Markus was surprised. He has heard many stories of me about the eastern part still being different, also the people are different (not all, but the majority). And bang... now he knows what I was talking about. It is different. But this is somehow also very nice. After about 3 hours and a traffic jam just as we entered Berlin, we arrived ... read more
Brandenburger Tor
old Trabi
artist's shop in Prentzlauer Berg

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 11th 2017

We have both been to Hamburg before. I, Nina, have been many times here, already as a child with my parents (my dad went to university here) and later on business travels. Hamburg is a wonderful city. A city we could live in - if only it has some mountains nearby ;-). People are different here. Often, they are said to be arrogant (mainly south germans and swiss say this) which might be true for some. But if you get to know them, they are very friendly and funny and not arrogant at all. Well, we were happy to be back in Hamburg. And lucky enough we arrived early and had a full day to discover the city again after some time (I think it is about 9 years ago we last came here). We had ... read more
enjoying a morning coffee in an old fashioned colonial shop in Deichstrasse
heritage part of Hamburg: Deichstrasse
us receiving Darshan from Paramahamsa Vishwananda in Hamburg

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bielefeld September 9th 2017

Have you ever heard of cities like Bielefeld or Stemwede? OK, Bielefeld is a bigger city, but Stemwede. Being german, I myself (Nina), had to look it up on a map. OK, it is "somewhere in the north" but honestly I had no clue where. Well, and Bielefeld is a city you only go to when you are born there, when you have family relations or when you work at Dr. Oetker ;-). As our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda was giving Darshan in Stemwede, we were ready to visit this not so well known region. Originally, we had planned to go camping at the beautiful looking Dümmersee, a holiday destination. But with a wet tent from the previous night and more rain and storm about to come, we decided to go for a hotel room. Well, ... read more
Markus enjoying ice cream
all of us who helped with the event

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne September 7th 2017

It is been a while since we really had visited Germany. OK, we drive to the ashram of our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda which is in the Taunus region near Wiesbaden very often, from time to time we go to Stuttgart for family visit, but Markus really has not seen a lot around Germany. Well, and this is my (Nina's) home country. So we got a big chance this year in September. Our spiritual master went on a Darshan Tour (a tour on which he blessed people) through Northern Germany. 6 Darshans were on the plan in different cities - an amazing gift for Germany and a huge blessing for us as we could join the whole tour. The first stop was Cologne. For us it was a 7 hour trip by car from Lake Thun ... read more
talking with our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda during darshan in Hamm
riverside Cologne
our spooky campground opposite a nuclear power station in Hamm

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 27th 2017

This blog is a little bit late - we are a bit behind. By the end of august, one of the last really hot and sunny days of the late summer, my mum and Manuel (my stepfather) came for a visit to Switzerland. Although they really love thun ,the city close to where we live, this time they had decided to visit Lucerne. When I was a little girl I went to Lucerne once with my parents and my mum remembered it to be really beautiful. That was one reason to visit. The other reason for them was to meet with Markus' mum who lives close to the city. As we were invited, we spent a long weekend together with both of them in the idylically located Hotel Kastanienbaumin Horw, a suburb of Lucerne. We had ... read more
my mum and Manuel hiking on Pilatus
in the stunning train up Pilatus
Markus on top of Pilatus

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto May 9th 2017

The drive from Fátima up north to Porto was another easy affair on the highway. But we were a little bit shocked as the toll prices for the highway a quite high. At least we go a first impression of the really beautiful landscape of Portugal. By arriving in Porto it was pure chaos. Roadsides are not made for our logic and finally we ended up using our mobile phone to navigate towards our hotel. We had booked a supercheap guesthouse on the way to the airport as we had to be at the airport the next morning at 5.30 am. Well, we had booked kind of a shithole. Well, the room was ok and the lady who takes care of the place was super friendly and tried to keep everything clean. But, well, not really ... read more
us with our friend Juliana over the roofs of Porto
restaurants in Ribeira at the Duoro
at the Duoro

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima May 7th 2017

Having a flight early morning back to Lisbon, we were ready for our next destination: Fatima in central Portugal. At the airport we waited for 2 friends who arrived a bit later from the Azores and together we rented a car and drove to Fatima. It was an easy drive on the highway for about 1 hour. Why did we go to Fátima? Well, this is one of the holiest places in Europe and our spiritual master was giving 2 darshans there - and this just 4 days prior to the 100-years celebration of the Marian Apparition on the 13 may 1017. For those of you interested, a little bit of the story behind that: Since the early 20th century, Fátima has been associated with events in which three local children, Lúcia dos Santos and her ... read more
Markus and our friend from Lisbon during Darshan

Europe » Portugal » Azores » São Miguel May 5th 2017

The Azores Islands.... We have never thought of visiting these islands in the Atlantic Ocean. But when Paramahamsa Vishwananda, our spiritual master, announced that he was giving Darshan on Sao Miguel, we immediately looked for flights. Whenever we can make it, we try to travel and see him wherever he is in this world. And here it was, a big possibility. We had to take it :-). And we were surprised, with some low cost carriers flying there, it is quite a cheap affair. By approaching the islands the shaking of our plane made it obvious. There is lots of wind here. And I mean - LOTS! To be honest, during our 4 days the wind was constantly blowing with about 4 Beaufort. Anywayy, our plane landed safely at midnight in Ponta Delgada, the main city ... read more
rough sea at Mosteiros
famous Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde
stunning Lagoa do Fogo

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