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Saw both sides of BA last Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we walked from San Telmo to La Boca which is a rough port area with a small well known art district in it, the guide book says to take care if you're not in the main tourist area - trying to be too smart and without a good enough map we found ourselves quite a way from the main tourist area. Got out again in one piece, but it was a bit scary at times, on the upside we walked around and past the Boca Juniors stadium. Wednesday went to the richest part of BA, Recoleta - famous for it's cemetery, the rich like to show their wealth in death as well as in life. As cemeteries go it's impressive and worth a visit. Eva Peron ... read more
Boca Juniors, La Boca, BA

Monday, day 3 in BA. Struck lucky yesterday, there's a weekly market in San Telmo every Sunday, a whole bunch of interesting stalls, street music, tango, local food - pretty cool. Jetlagged in the evening, made the mistake of going to sleep for a couple of hours early on. Walked miles today (Monday) taking in the must see sights of central BA, it's a lot like a southern European city, but more run down. That's been one of the biggest surprises to us - how poor Argentina seems to be, many of the buildings are falling apart, the pavements and roads are crumbling and there are a lot of homeless people. Food continues to be great, found a local bar for lunch, ordered by pointing - my Spanish is woeful and the waiter's English was about ... read more
San Telmo Market
Musicians, San Telmo Market
Stall, San Telmo Market

After 36 hours travelling from Tokyo we arrived in BA via New York this afternoon. A few hours sleep then out for dinner in a local San Telmo steak house, on this 1st experience the write ups are true - 2 great tasting huge steaks and a bottle of malbec for US$25. Exploring starts tomorrow - if we can get up. ... read more

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