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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City April 12th 2009

We seem to bring the rain with us wherever we go. We've been in Vietnam for 15 days, and we've had 2 days of pure beautiful sunshine. They were the first 2 days in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City (they only use Saigon when speaking of the city verbally) is a massively dense city full of short shanty-type dwellings squeezed between taller townhouses and tourist accommodations, with an ecclectic blend of French colonial architecture and the stoic, grand over-sized government buildings that reek of a Communist flavour. The city has a continuous soundtrack on loop from dawn til dusk, with the tooting of zig-zagging motorcycles, the shrill tinkering of pushbike bells, the hustle and bustle of rushing pedestrians, and the beckoning cries from street store-keepers armed with "good morning, vietnam!" t-shirts, coconut candies, pho soup ladles ... read more
reunification palace
banquet room
conference room

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué April 8th 2009

Leaving Aaron still sick in bed, I decided to venture out and see the daylight. Not feeling quite up to dealing with....well, anything, I went on an organised trip to go tomb-hunting and city-traipsing. Hue was once the Imperial City of the Ngyuen Dynasty, which lasted until roughly the middle of the last century, when basically everyone in the world decided to invade the Vietnamese (Thais, Japanese, French and then came the Vietnam War in the 60s/70s). A lot of the old tombs where the Ngyuen kings were buried were completely bombed out by the Americans in the war, but a few survive and now serve as the major interest to the city Hue. ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa April 5th 2009

Dogs heads, Village badgering and a rolling fog bank straight out of a Stephen King book…. Welcome to Sapa! Our second back-to-back tour and man are we feeling it. After another horror of a train and scary bus trip up a mountain we came to Sapa- a place so stunningly beautiful it blows your mind. When we rocked up at 6am in the bus, there were local Village women (who live in the surrounding valley but who work exclusively selling home-made souvenirs) fogging up the windows- just waiting to get to know us! It’s all fun at first- but you soon realise the technique- they get to know your name and where you are from and hunt you down the rest of your stay. The constant badgering of locals is the only minor drawback of this ... read more
18kg of squid anyone?
dog paw - so saaddd
jian justifiably weirded out

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay April 2nd 2009

Oh what fools we were! Note to all ding-bats like ourselves out there: if you’re going to do a two day plus tour out in god-only-knows-land, don’t assume that just because it’s sunny and hot when you leave that it will be the same when you get off a 11 hour train ride!!! As we found out- Halong Bay- which is stunning!!! Is also freezing. And neither of us had a jumper. Just a poncho each to wrap ourselves up in… The train… oh the train. Now I’m all for toughing it, but four to a room the size of a shoe box as the toilet in the next room over-floods and the stench fills said room- for ten plus hours- is tough. Not to mention it isn’t really a passenger train in the sense we ... read more
aaron looking about
the sacred turtle rock...
oh my god... the serenity

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi April 2nd 2009

We're alive. Just have had really crap internet access and have been really busy. We've been doing a lot of tours around northern Vietnam; about to go on another one in an hour for a few days. Vietnam is crazy, absolutely nothing like Thailand. So much traffic, honking,'s too freakin busy for us. Lots to write about and many photo's to upload, but will wait til we get to a city with WiFi access.... Anyway just a note to say we're alive. We'll report back soon, promise!... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi March 30th 2009

Watch out everybody, cliché alert. “Good morning Vietnam!” Sorry, I had to do it, but come on- how often do I get the chance? Now, when Jian and I first got to Thailand we were shocked out of our little, tight Western Undies by our insane trip from the airport to our hotel. We thought that introduction to a country could not possibly be surpassed. But yep, wrong! Jian was fortunate enough to get a seat belt- what I got was a one way ticket to heaven with a short stop over in the windshield should our driver choose to date with gravity at any moment. Now the driving in Thailand we thought was pretty artistic, but the driving in Vietnam is an absolute assault on the senses. It is thirty percent driving, sixty percent beeping ... read more
im sure it's easier that way...
mmm... food you eat sitting on kiddie chairs

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 27th 2009

Welcome to Bangkok- a strong dose of modernised thinking and noise after delving into the Thai countryside. Wow. This is an insane, traffic-congested city. The energy here almost throws you into epileptic fits- but in a good way. A lot of travellers we have met on the way say: ‘yep- one night in Bangkok is enough’- but I disagree! There is so much to see, although much of it is seedy and unclean and polluted- there is still the Thai flavour in every over-crowded street corner- with a temple only ever a stones throw away. Through the smog the culture still shines. We stayed in a lovely dorm- the only drawback was our room-mate who thought that showering at five am- repacking his bag at five thirty, dressing at six, playing with his safe until seven ... read more
mmmm smogilishious
aaron's tuk-tuk adventure
i know. funny!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 27th 2009

Well that's it. We've officially been in Thailand for 1 month, and we're flying to Vietnam at 7:50am tomorrow. Whose bright idea was it to book a flight that early........anyway we're in an internet cafe because the 'free wireless' at our hotel was not so free after all, so we'll post Bangkok photo's later. But just a note to say we're heading to Hanoi first up and who knows what internet access is like in Vietnam..... Thailand has been wonderful, amazing, hot, sweaty, tiresome, all of those things rolled up together. We're glad to be going to another country; though it has been good that I (Jian) can speak some pigeon Thai; whereas in Vietnam I can't even remember how to say hello........ See you in Vietnam. X... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen March 26th 2009

Sorry we have not been in much contact, we have been up the north-east of Thailand in a small town called Khon Kaen, population 100,000 so in Thai terms it's about the size of Ararat (sorry Mabel). The north-east is wonderful for a few reasons- there are no tourists, it is rich in Isaan culture, and to rent a 4-star boutique hotel room cost about $12/night each. We spent a few nights just winding down from the past few weeks of travelling around, and to re-charge for Bangkok. We were so lazy we didn't even go to only 2 tourist sites near Khon Kaen - a dinosaur park (which would have been awesome but the 40+ degree heat and the 4 hour round trip was a bit of a turn-off) and some ruins down south, but ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok March 21st 2009

lazy picture blog today. sukhothai is in central thailand - we had to stay in a small town called phitsanulok for two days with no hot water, no flushing toilets and a squatting toilet at that. the room was just enough for our hard 'bed' to fit in, which was more like a wooden plank with a seedy sheet thrown over it than something one would call a comfortable piece of furniture on which one sleeps. though one can hardly complain when the tariff is $6.50 pp per night. sukhothai was beautiful though, and best enjoyed by renting cheap bikes ($1.20 for a day).... read more

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