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Asia » East Timor » Dili August 26th 2008

aug25 Flight: Denpasar (DPS), Bali, Indonesia, to Dili (DIL), East Timor; Merpati Hotel: Hotel Esplanada, Dili, East Timor, $110 Today was our last morning in Bali, we were sad to be leaving so soon but we will definitely be back here someday! Our flight to Dili, East Timor was at 10AM so it meant an early start, getting up at 6:30, quick breakfast, then checkout at 7. I paid a chunk of the hotel bill with my remaining rupiah, leaving me with just 150,000IDR each for departure taxes and 20k for drinks. We had arranged a car to take us to the airport, $30 a bit pricey considering we had hired a driver for a full day yesterday for only $45. The driver kept turning this way and that as we passed by rice paddies and ... read more
UN helicopters at Dili airport
Fruit+vegetable market
Local bus, mikrolet

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar May 28th 2008

.May 28, 2008 Hotel: Hotel Svanen, 680SEK ($115) Today Dean and I planned to pick up our rental car and go out to Öland Island. Öland is a long island just offshore of Kalmar in southeast Sweden. The southern portion of the island has been denoted a UNESCO World Heritage site for its wildflower meadows and Stone Age sites. It's a very popular place with vacationing Swedes during the summer. There are also several hundred old style windmills scattered around the island, down from a peak of several thousand. Öland is connected to the mainland by a 6km long bridge; one of the longest in Europe. We had a yummy breakfast at the hotel then set off walking to find the car rental place. It didn't look so long on the map but ended up being ... read more
Neolithic site
Eketorp and Trebuchet

Europe » Finland » Åland Islands May 25th 2008

May 24, 2008 Ferry: Stockholm, Sweden to Mariehamn, Finland Hotel: Stradnas Hotel, 63EUR ($100) The breakfast spread at the Sign hotel this morning in Stockholm was very good! We left the hotel and caught a taxi to the Viking ferry terminal. We were planning on visiting the Aland islands, an autonomous Swedish-speaking province of Finland. The Alands had passed between Sweden, Russia and Finland over the years. They have their own flag different from Finland & Sweden. Finns and Swedes take day ferries to Mariehamn to stock up on duty-free booze. We arrived almost an hour early but there was already a huge crowd waiting at the terminal. It smelled like some of them had already gotten a head start on the drinking! We got our boarding card and soon boarded the ferry. We had gotten ... read more
Viking ferry
Finland, Aland, Sweden flags
license plate

Europe » Svalbard » Spitsbergen May 22nd 2008

"Come, watch the tones of changing light From starlit days to sun-filled nights. Refreshed from Polar Night's calm sleep, With gentle sunrays, time I keep!" So reads the 24-hour sundial in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, a land of extremes. Located at 79 degrees north, Longyearbyen is well past the Arctic circle and holds claim to several 'northernmost' records. The town of 2000 formerly was dedicated to coal mining and research but tourism is quickly grabbing hold, with several hotels and restaurants opening the past few years. Svalbard is a Norwegian territory and may also be known by the name of Spitsbergen, Svalbard being the name for the archipelago and Spitsbergen the main island. Located only 900 miles from the North Pole, it is used as a staging point for polar expeditions. Although owned by Norway, there is a ... read more
Polar Bear roadsign
World's northernmost church
24-hour sundial

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region March 18th 2008

March 18, 2008 Flight: Bahar Dar (BJR) to Addis Ababa (ADD), Ethiopian Airlines 121, F50, Economy Flight: Addis Ababa (ADD) to Washington DC (IAD), Ethiopian Airlines 500, 767, Economy, miles earned: 7195 (LH) Our last day in Ethiopia, we had an early flight out this morning back to Addis. We ran into the American family again in the hotel lobby, they were going to Gondar today. It's a 17 minute flight or 4 hours in a bus. Checkin at the airport went quickly and we headed upstairs to grab breakfast when I heard my name called on the loudspeaker. I went down to find out they wanted to examine D's bag, he had bought a souvenir cross in Lalibela and they were just making sure he wasn't trying to steal a real one! Early morning is ... read more
Haile Selassie throne
Yenakit 22 monument
St. George Cathedral

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Bahir Dar March 17th 2008

March 17, 2008 Hotel: Hotel Summerland, $45 Today we had arranged a tour to go out to the island monasteries in the morning, then in the afternoon we would go out to the Blue Nile falls. The Blue Nile starts its journey from Lake Tana, the largest in Ethiopia. There are a dozen or so monasteries scattered on islands throughout the lake. Breakfast at the hotel took forever, in general you can't be in a hurry to eat in Ethiopia. We had to ask for a bottle of water several times before finally going down to the bar and just buying one. And it turns out breakfast wasn't included for the $45. Our ride wasn't here yet so we spent a few minutes out on the street just watching people go by. They had tuk-tuks here, ... read more
Monastery painting
Illuminated book

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Lalibela March 16th 2008

March 17, 2008 Flight: Lalibela (LLI) to Bahar Dar (BJR), Ethiopian Airlines 127, F50, Economy Hotel: Hotel Summerland, $45 We woke up at 6 AM this morning. The shower did have hot water, but the water had a very strong iron/rust/sulphur smell, and the water pressure was negligible. I guess that explained the lack of a shower curtain. We had breakfast (included) at the hotel before meeting our guide around 7AM. He had his 'official' guide jacket on. We walked back up into town and to the ticket office. We noticed the two-story huts that were typical for the area. Several new hotels had been built in this style. Today was Sunday, so there were hundreds of worshipers around the churches, many come and sleep outside overnight. It was a mass of people, most in white ... read more
Lalibela priest
Bet Emmanuel church
St George church

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa March 15th 2008

I recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia, courtesy of the $0+tax companion fare mistake. I went with a travel buddy of mine during spring break, we had scheduled 4 days on the ground. Our trip would take us from Austin to IAD on United where we would spend the night, connecting to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines, all-in for $274 R/T each. I had wanted to visit Ethiopia for some time, so when this deal came up I jumped on it. We wanted to visit some other parts of the country, specifically the rock carved churches in Lalibela and monasteries of Lake Tana. I was able to book a circle trip on Ethiopian from Addis to Lalibela, Lalibela to Bahar Dar, and Bahar Dar back to Addis for $140 each. After booking the original mistake ... read more
Our plane
Amharic Stop
Medhane Alem cathedral

Asia » North Korea September 3rd 2007

Ah.. so our stay in the DPRK finally was coming to an end. Today we would be taking the train back to Beijing, nearly 23 hrs. On our way out, I noticed a DHL truck outside the hotel, the only Western company I had seen the whole time here. The train station was quite busy when we arrived. Some kids were playing volleyball (common sport here, most factories will have a volleyball court) without a net. We had a last group photo, then said our goodbyes to our local guides, they would not be joining us on the train. The train left on time at 10AM. Our group had the first three cabins in the car that would be going all the way to Beijing. The cabins were nice and clean. We set off through the ... read more
Pyongyang - Beijing train
Train decoration
Old man

Asia » North Korea » Pyongyang September 2nd 2007

September 2, 2007 Hotel: Yanggakdo Today was our last full day in the DPRK, but just as busy as the previous two had been. This morning we would be visiting Kim Il-Sung's mausoleum, for which we had to be presentable. Shirt+tie for men and dress for the women. The mausoleum itself is huge gray granite/marble building with no windows, just a large picture of the Great Leader. It is always busy with locals who usually visit two or three times a year. When we arrived there was a long line of workers and women in brightly colored traditional dresses, pink, blue, green, etc. The other KT tour arrived as well, this was the American group, so they had managed to get in as well despite the Mass Games being canceled. There is a large courtyard in ... read more
Revolutionary Martyr Cemetery
Arch of Triumph

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