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3rd June 2012

Muy buenooo!!!!
12th June 2011

Football Code in Melbourne
Just thought I'd let you know that the football code in Melbourne is NOT rugby. It is known as Australian Rules Football and people here would get very upset calling their game rugby.. Xeno
2nd February 2011
U.S. Marines tank

Yes it is, an M4 Sherman
23rd November 2010
Brazilian wildlife

That is a gr8 pic !!!!!!!!!!
25th October 2010
Japanese spider crab

spider crabs
Are spider crabs sometimes brown with spins on the shell? The ones I saw today on the Chesapeake Bay shore were kind of small about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. No legs or other body parts, just the main shell. Any guess what it is? I think it is a spider crab. Never saw one on our beach before. Thanks.
3rd October 2010
Traditional Indonesian food

selamat makan
the picture alone makes my mouth water.....enak !
10th September 2010

Love your photos of pastel houses
Your photos are so wonderful! In fact, I featured one today on my blog over at Pixiespace! Almost makes me feel like I traveled there myself....
8th September 2010
U.S. Marines tank

thats not a us tank
21st July 2010
Marie Laveau tomb

marie laveau
http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/voodoo/Marielaveau/xxxmarielaveau/ vandalism of any grave/tomb or headstone/marker is against the law, every where! This being Marie Laveau's "alleged" burial site, I sure would not want to make her angry in any way shape or form.
From Blog: N'awlins Flava'
22nd June 2010
Within the Four Seas All Men Are Brothers

significance of phrase?
This phrase was used by Pearl S, Buck as the tittle for her translation of the old story sometimes tittled The Water Margin or The Outlaws of the Marsh in other translations from Chinese. I would like to know more about the origins and significance of the phrase within hinese culture. Can anyone help me?
From Blog: One More Sunset
18th June 2010

My home town ...
I always enjoy reading what other think of my home town. I enjoyed reading your blog!
4th June 2010

not just in the south
I'm not sure why you think this only happens in the South. Civil War reenactments take place all over the United States. Even in California, there are month reenactments. Now, if there is something special about this reenactment, I guess I missed your point, but I'm confused as to why your title is "Only in the Deep South".
29th May 2010
Chinese Theater Mask

need info
gimme info about this pic pleeease i wanna use it for an assignment at school but i need to research its origins and shtuff so pleeease gimme info bout it :D
18th May 2010
Brazilian wildlife

what the hell
18th May 2010
Brazilian wildlife

what the hell
15th May 2010

i luv amsterdam
i luv amsterdam and i wud like to make a transit to amsterdam on my way to the u.s.
2nd May 2010

the vatican and st. peter's
although i am a confirmed atheist, i visited rome recently with my wife, son and daughter in law and was truly amazed by the spectacle of all i saw. it is absolutely wonderful and even for a godless one such as myself, i don't think you can fail to be awestruck. incidentally, i was baptized a catholic but have since made up my own mind, but even so, i was deeply moved by the experience.
20th March 2010

My money magically disappeared.
For spring break, my two friends and i decided to go to Amsterdam. By this time, I was always cautious and checked up on my wallet to see if i felt it in my purse or not. Sadly, this was the first time when i decided to take EVERYTHING i had with me. This included my 4 credit cards, 300 dollars (of euros, USD, and Hungarian Forints) just incase i wanted to exchange money. After having lunch we headed to the fashion streets near Centraal Station. It was packed, crowded and yes, alot of people were around but for some reason, i didnt think twice about my bag because i was so overwhelmed! I could still feel my wallet. Then, we went into a coffeeshop and by then, i opened my wallet to pay and all my cash was GONE! Magically, it was gone. Up to this day (this happened a week ago) i am still regretting the fact that i could have worn a money belt or something else rather than a side bag. What i thought would come in handy to carry my water, gloves and any other necessities had set me up to become a victim of a pickpocketer. However, people say that i should be thankful that the thief was generous enough to put my wallet back in place with my credit cards.... but i am still angry with the fact that 300 dollars went to some random person- most likely to buy weed and booze.
11th November 2009

Just so you know: the Pious-Pee-Pee reference is false--anti-Catholic but false. Thus, I offer you a suggestion: do not learn your history from works of fiction.
3rd November 2009

am looking for a place to stay in while on tour.. and also thinking of settling temporarily in italy.. anyone can give a helping hand... maraming salamat po ;-)
16th September 2009

Great Blog
Hi.. I found this Blog is really usefull and informative for traveler. keep Improving and allow me to have opportunity to get the up dates. Rgds Irawan Alwi
14th September 2009

I also swam across the Mississippi River, from Moline, IL to Bettendorf, Iowa, fifteen years ago, on my fiftieth birthday. My hands were cuffed behind my back and my legs were shackled. Instead of giving me the key to the city for my daring feat, the evil backwater burg of Moline gave me a damned ticket.
17th August 2009

To Anne
Hello, Anne~ I'm April, my name is April. I'm Korean. Do you know Korea? I like you. I was reading your diary. It is interesting. I envy you, because you are Jewish. Jewish is genius.I admire you. Bye, Anne~ I love your diary. -Your April-
22nd June 2009

quick question
hello - i will be on the argentine side - do i need a visa to go on the helipcopter ride on teh brasilian side? thanks!
26th April 2009

Further proof
I have a picture of a painting located in the Castel Nuovo in Naples that shows a clearly redone "diaper" on an infant. It seems this "Castration" was not limited to the Vatican.

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