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8th February 2015

Locating Mus (the divemaster)
hi Hala, I read your blog as I'm searching for a divemaster who taught me diving back in 2006. I found him on your blog! The pics showed the same Mus. I'm wondering if I can contact him as I'm heading to Sabah again next week. Would you have his contact? I'm only there a couple of days. I tried emailing to a Yahoo acc but no reply. Tel no seems to be changed as someone else picked up and said she doesn't know such a person. She was friendly but was not able to help me. Look fwd to hearing from you! Thanks, Farheen
8th August 2017

Locating Mus
Hi Farheen, I'm sorry I dont check these messages much .... did you ever find Mus? I would love to see him again!
12th November 2014

u have to travel to mainland as well ' cause there is a place called Perama Cave, I saw some pics at anesisrooms.gr and its so great to check it. therefore next tome u will be in Greece try to see the cave I told you.
From Blog: Ellada - Greece
8th August 2017

Cave recommendation
Yia sou Spiro! Thanks for the cave recommendation - I hope to check it out some day :)
From Blog: Ellada - Greece
16th March 2011

I had a wonderfull time with you guys !! As always, I should say :-)
From Blog: France
15th June 2010

one more thing from the author...
forgot to add that i fulfilled my lifelong dream #379 - driving a motorbike with 3people on it =) this was soon followed by the fulfilment of lifelong dream #381 - being a passenger on a motorbike with 4 people on it!! hehe... I've really done Asia now I think ;p
4th June 2010

Good Holiday
You have had a good holiday and your pic with the New Merlion at Sentosa is very nice. I have traveled to Singapore many times staying at different discount hotels Singapore and from my part…love the place for what it is!
From Blog: Singapore!!
26th April 2010

Vietnam continues to sound incredible
Halaaaaa! Awesome post about awesome times! Not that I'd expect any different, but you seem to be meeting some pretty fantastic local people on your journeys. That tour guide especially sounds like the sort of person I'd like to meet. Getting a few different perspectives on the war must have been fascinating - I never would have thought the South Vietnamese would still call it Saigon! You would have thought the authorities would have clamped down on that pretty fast... I am deeply envious of your Life Goal #112! I've always wanted to be picked up like that! So cool - I hope you made the most of it. Sounds like the convention went well also. I forgot you had that on as well. Must have been strange to have that moment of work/'real world' intrude on your freedom? I know the few times I had to do something work-like in Europe it was a very odd feeling to be all serious and paying attention again. How did you go? Things are rolling along pretty well here. Uni kicks arse and I just got my first assignment back - nearly the highest mark! Woo! The blog is a regular part of my week and I'm gradually starting to do some of mu own writings as well. Scary as hell, but it feels great to finally express some of the thought going on. I'm also running a couple of experiments here at the moment as well. I've gone off alcohol, sweet foods, entertainment and a couple of other things for three months. Only a week in and so far the results have been interesting. Will let you know how it goes! Keep up the posts! It's always great to hear from you! G
From Blog: Vietnam!
22nd March 2010

Viva la snow!
Rock on Hala! Sounds incredible mate - congrats on joining the snow club. You'll never look back! Love those photos too, though I can hardly see you under all that ski gear. Hope you're enjoying the warmer weather now and recovering that tan. Starting to cool down in Melbourne now but apart from that everythings rockin pretty hard at the mo. Might have an aparment in Collingwood soon! Looking forward to the next post and more adventures. G
15th March 2010

Why am I not surprised?
Hala making friends with a bunch of random dudes who happen to be awesome? No... Sound awesome mate! Keep it up - I'm living vicariously through everyone's travel stories at the moment

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