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Halabaloo is most commonly known for being tiny yet oh so loud! she's also infamous for her overt obsession with soccer, chocolate (especially ice cream) and talking (especially on mobile phones) ;p

Europe » Italy November 29th 2011

14 Countries in 4 Months!! Trip began 16th June 2011 and took me through Italy - Slovenia - Hungary - Slovakia - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Netherlands - Germany - Netherlands again - Belgium - Germany again - Switzerland - Spain - France On the 16th of June, with a heavy heart, I left my beloved Granada to start my tour of Europe. I had my ticket Malaga–Milano booked for around two months since I had promised Kavindi that I would meet her in Rome when she went there for Marco and Mary’s wedding; and what better place to begin my Euro trip other than Italia! I couldn’t believe that I was finally going there ... I had been dreaming of this day since high school. It was also gona be the ... read more

Europe » Portugal November 29th 2011

Roughin' it up with Hotel Ronda, a tent & beaches In late May Amber, Brittany and I decided to rent a car (AKA Hotel Ronda) in Granada and drive and around Portugal - a country we had all longed to explore. We agreed to spend our money on the car rental (and other associated costs) and therefore not spend any money on accom, since we were all travelling on tight budgets. That's where the tent and beaches come in ... and a bit of couchsurfing (first time for the three of us!). We also decided to open up our trip to others who may have wanted to share the car costs. The night before leaving Granada we had a special offer from a young (21yr old) Polish guy (hippy). This wonderful young soul, who had hitch-hiked ... read more
hotel ronda in peniche
fave beach

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada » Alfacar November 29th 2011

another new connection and another place I can call “home” =) GRANADA will forever be one of my fave cities in the world. When I first arrived I was feeling so overwhelmed by everything. For some reason I wasn’t feeling strong or that courageous. I kept wondering why I like to challenge myself so much! Trying to live in a new city, in a new country, where I knew no one, didn’t speak the language and had to teach English to get by. I had to find a place to live and some good connections to keep me sane. In some ways it started well, meeting Tommy and Kate through Rachel and Ananth and finding a place to live on the second day after my arrival! I also managed to make my own friends by going ... read more
valley view
bar at winery farm in Alpujarras
best run from the peak at 3,400m

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 22nd 2011

Paris On Tue 22nd Feb 2011 I flew to Paris leaving Granada at 6am to take a bus to Malaga and then a flight to Paris. It was 4degrees Celcius when I landed at Charles de Gaulle and found my way to Formule 1 to meet Anthony who had flown in from Lyon to hang out with me a few days before I met Tony, Leah and the girls from Canada. That night whilst going out to meet Anthony's friends and have dinner I was sneakily pickpocketed on the overcrowded Metro. A typical Parisian story, but one that I hoped wouldnt be mine =( I was sure I knew the guy who did it and approached him later to try and at least get my cards returned to me, but ofcourse to no avail :/ I ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech February 20th 2011

El Maghreb This trip was so cool for so many reasons! - It gave me the opportunity to land on the continent of Africa, thus covering all continents in my travels (apart from Antartica); - It was the first time I organise to meet up with someone that I had met while travelling - I planned this trip with Yau who I had met in 2010 while travelling in Turkey and whom I had stayed in touch with; - I finally got to see Morocco, a country I had always been intrigued about and a country which joined my list of 3 places that really exceeded my expectations in terms of natural beauty, kindness of the people, good food and general great place for travel :) I booked a flight with Qatar Airways from Beirut to ... read more
arched windows
breakfast area
the old port

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Tooting Bec February 20th 2011

PRAHA When I went to France in July of 2010 to meet up with friends from Melbourne who happened to be travelling & living in Europe, I made a rough plan with Kerry & Marty to visit them in Praha (where they would live for six months). As time went by and I ended up in Lebanon, thanks to the facilitated conversations via Hotmail, it was decided that Angela (living in London at the time) and I would meet the couple in Praha, stay with them for a few days and then head back to London together :) and there you have it! a bit of planning, booking of some flights and off I went from Beirut to Prague*via London* - a convenient flight offered by Czech Airlines and with some help from Easyjet for the ... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Bhamdoun February 20th 2011

WARNING: I SPENT 5MTHS IN LEBANON... SO THIS IS GOING TO BE A LOOOOOOONG ENTRY! reflections from the airplane ride - Istanbul to Beirut - 3 Sept '10 I'm on a flight to Beirut, 7mths after leaving Australia and for the first time in my life I don't feel at all "Lebanese" I've never really been sure about my identity - as most people know - but I'm definitely Australian enough and I've always felt somewhat certain about my 'Lebanese-ness'. Going to Lebanon has always felt like a return 'home' ... until now. Sitting on the plane, I realised that I dont look Lebanese, don't dress like one who lives in Lebanon, dont sound like one - in fact, most of the Lebanese citizens on my plane were annoying me with their fancy, extended accents - ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet February 20th 2011

Its kinda funny that straight from Greece I went to Turkey.. :p but what an experience!!!! Turkey has been one of my fave countries so far (along w Japan and now - in hindsight - Morocco, in terms of surprising me with how much I like them, how friendly the people are, how good the food is and how beautiful they are as countries). They are definitely all places I would go back to and strongly recommend to everyone!! Turkey is the hub of world history (or at least one of them) … Any Greek reading this may resent such a statement, since Greek history is so influential on the modern Western World... this Greek history, along with other histories (most fascinating of which is the Persian Empire) can be found in modern-day Turkey... or as ... read more
Agia Sophia
Photo 4
Blue Mosque

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa February 19th 2011

... so after taking the flight from Toulouse to Athens and arriving at some ungodly hour, I still had to take a bus to the Central Bus Station and then catch another bus to Thessaloniki!! uffaaa!!!! I arrived at the Central bus station in Athens at around 3am and the first bus to Thess wasnt until around 7am! it was hot, it was stinky & so was I and my mood! but nevertheless, I made it and was met around 2pm by Ange, her uncle and Ola on the side of a freeway where they picked me up =) 1 month in ellada!! It’s been 10yrs since I was in Greece… and boy has it and my experience of it changed! Actually, I don’t think Greece has changed much at all in the last 1000yrs apart ... read more
church bells
Photo 5

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse February 19th 2011

My bus ride from Barcelona to Toulouse was not bad considering it went from 1am til 7am! I met a really cool French chic on the bus who was from Bordeaux and had been visiting her Spanish boyfriend in Barcelona. We talked almost the whole way in French! Felt good to kinda speak a language again! After mumbling in Spanish & Serbian for so long! ..... I arrived in Toulouse at 7am on a Sunday morning. There was absolutely no one around, no shops were open except a couple of cafes & the only people in the streets or cafes were drunk men… mostly northern African sleezy men who insisted on shouting me a drink (among other things) :/ urgh! I started to hate Toulouse, feel disappointed about being there & wonder what on Earth I ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
carousel in a park

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