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#2—Preparing for the trip The adventure started with this simple email from my sister, “Susie, I am going on this mission trip next summer. Thought you might be interested. Phoenixville 1st Pres. has had several connections with Guatemala.” She included a brochure. God’s People Cross the Boundary In 2006 C O N N E C T I O N R E N E W A L O P P O R T U N I T Y S E R V I C E S P I R I T Guatemalan Mission Trip-- Puppet Shows for Schools Paint Mission Areas Visit Neighborhoods for Cultural Exchange Fellowship with other Christians Those who wish to participate should complete an application form and return it by November 13, 2005 to the First Presbyterian Church Mission/Actions/Concerns Committee. After hearing that ... read more
soccer practice
2004 Hotel

Noblesse oblige = we're going on a mission trip to Guatemala. We're going on this mission trip, because we're good Presbyterians, and it's our obligation to be honorable and generous. Don't you love an obligation that gets you excited, and energized? We support the Utatlan Christian School and the Chulumal School in the Quiche Department near Santa Cruz in the Guatemalan highlands. We have a work project in a school in Guatemala City, Francisco Coll, located near a city dump. The desks in the school need to be sanded and painted. Apparently, many or most of the parents work at picking trash for recycling or selling. This trip will be rewarding and spiritually satisfying. Our work is really needed. We won't be superfluous. I'm attaching some of the pictures of the desks and students. I'm from ... read more
lots of children and desks
his desk is in bad shape

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