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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing February 2nd 2007

After Xi'an, Sally and I spent two half days seeing parts of Nanjing. Wu was kind enough to go with us. Jan. 30 we went to the Nanjing Museum of Art. As always, it's traditional art, not modern art. It's a new museum with rooms for different types of art: painting, ceramics, brocades, sculptures, etc. We moved slowly, but we saw a lot. I liked the ceramics especially. I'll include some photos. One bright room had a sculpture display by a current artist. I'm adding a few of the sculptures here. Here is the preface to the room. People make history, and over the ages famous cultural figures are outstanding representatives of the people. The Nanjing Museum is by nature a museum of history and art--the art it houses reveals history to the visitors, who in ... read more
yellow bowl with birds
vase with I Ching symbols
vase and plate

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an February 1st 2007

Xi'an--World Famous Site of the Clay Warrior Army Four of us traveled to Xi'an for a week at the end of January. My sister, Sally, sent an email summary home to her family, so with a few edits I'll make that the Xi'an description. I have been reading about the terracotta army for many years and this trip was one of the few I put at the top of my China agenda. The museums, the digs, the warriors and the chariots lived up to my expectations. It's truly awe-inspiring. Here is Sally's description of our trip. We returned from Xian last night. It was about 11:00 pm by the time we hit the apartment, both with bad colds, Susie's about a day ahead of mine. So today I've stayed pretty close to my bed and am ... read more
The field of warriors
Here we are--the happy travelors
Ban Po sign

Asia » China » Shanghai January 22nd 2007

My computer has crashed and I have lost everything. I thought I was doing the 'right thing' by backing up to an external storage unit every 14 days. Well, the storage unit was empty. I have lost all my photos, my emails, my past journals, financial data, sentimental stuff, etc. My sister said I live in a minimalist way here; now I'm more minimalist than ever. All the problems were caused by a virus I brought home from the university computers on my flash drive. I usually scan it immediately, but this last time I worked for twenty minutes before I scanned it. I am rebuilding Windows, Office, Skype, Quicken, etc. I have taken new pictures, so you will get an update about Shanghai and then Xi'an where we saw the terracotta warriors. Incredible! I'll be ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai January 21st 2007

I went to Pudong to get Sally, my sister, on Jan. 20 and we went back for her to leave on Feb. 2nd. Three of the four trips were by train and one by bus. Shanghai is a huge city and is incredible. I'll show you some shots of the buildings. I have more relatives coming in the spring and I'm planning a weekend in Shanghai then. So, your detailed description will come later. The city is actually sinking because of the weight of the buildings. (I got that factoid from Sally, the historian.) Pudong was marshland across the river from Shanghai, and is now a city of several million. The international airport is in Pudong. As I waited for Sally's plane from Chicago, about 10 other international flights were announced from all over the world. ... read more
Modern Shanghai Buildings
Modern buildings in Shanghai
Normal Shanghai street scene

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing January 6th 2007

January, 6, 2007 Happy new year! As I walked home yesterday, I passed the erhu player and gave him his picture and one yuan (he is a beggar). Then I passed the popcorn man and gave him his picture. In a few minutes, two girls, probably early twenties, stopped me and in school English asked me to take their picture. I guess they want me to give them the print later. I took their picture and showed it to them on the camera. I wonder if I should print is and carry it around until I see them again. They were very happy and laughing a lot and trying to remember their English. So, of course, I was laughing, too and trying to remember my Chinese. Yesterday I went shopping at Carrefour. I wanted to go ... read more
table decoration at Christmas party
Silver tree in my lobby
Mary Kay pink car

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing December 30th 2006

SO FAR AWAY Oh, I feel so far away from all the people I love. Christmas brings all those memories and emotions. Many people have asked me if I’m going home for Christmas. I wonder if I should have planned to go home. But I’m here for only one school year. But you, dear family and friends, are bso far away. Since I’m missing my family, international visitors in the U.S. are probably just as lonely. If you know any international visitors staying near you, please reach out to them. They are probably feeling very lonely. Consider inviting someone to dinner, if not at your house, at a restaurant. Take them to church with you; to the movies; to a museum or cultural event. I’ve made resolutions to work with more international visitors when I get ... read more
Department banquet
Students and Susie
Candy seller in Christmas gear

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing December 27th 2006

Because of the earthquake in Taiwan, everyone in Asia is having problems with the internet. The fiber optic cables in the ocean broke. I have been trying to upload messages and everything is very slow. I did hear that the people in Taiwan are fine. I'll add a blog as soon as I can. Happy New Year, everyone!... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing December 13th 2006

Winter pictures and I’m well The big dose of penicillin seems to have cured my throat. I feel great. I think the bamboo jars were cupping. I didn’t smell anything unusual like mugwort used in moxibustion. Wang, my masseur, didn’t use the glass jars, but the principle was the same. Here are two web sites with some info,, After reading about this, maybe the cupping helped cure my sore throat. He did put on an even number of cups, first one on the left, then one on the right in a parallel place. Probably a ying and yang balance. It was 6 or 8 altogether. It was all done really fast. I was lying on a table face down with a face hole in the table. Since he speaks Chinese and a few words ... read more
popcorn vendor
corn on the cob vendor
ginger vendor

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing December 10th 2006

Culture, Health, and other musings: I’ve just discovered Elton John. Of course, you have been listening to him for years, but I haven’t. CDs here aren’t as expensive in the U.S., so I’ve been buying some. I put some on my MP3 player, and Elton John, in a quiet, warm room, and I wonder, “Where am I?” Am I really in CHINA!! It’s a cure for the blues. It’s a warm room, because I asked the University Foreign Affairs office if I could buy a heater, and they got me one. Oh, I love a warm room! I just had dinner with five great students after having a “chat” with them at my apartment. In the U.S. we would say, after a ‘visit,’ but here it’s always called a “chat.” Is that British? Recently, some of ... read more
Behind the live chickens is the KFC
Student breakfast in the classroom
card players at the night market

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing November 24th 2006

A Greener China I’ve spent this last week battling or coddling a cold. Finally, I stopped by the University Foreign Affairs office and coughed my way through the request, “I (hack, hack) need a (hack, hack) doctor.” They responded immediately and I was at the university clinic at my requested time with a translator. I have amoxicillin and three Chinese meds that seem to be a generic cold pill to dry me out, a cough depressant pill that tastes like licorice, and several miniature bottles of teeny-tiny pills, like seeds, that numb my mouth and throat. I’m a lot better today. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Today, 11/24/06 we will have a potluck meal at Gimling College with the American and Chinese teachers, maybe other westerners too. Now that I’m feeling better I have a lot to ... read more
close up of solar heater
open windows on buildings
students looking into the courtyard

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