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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle August 31st 2008

Heading for Alaska August 27 I flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles. I was supposed to go on to Portland, but our plane was too full, so I spent a short night in a hotel in LA and flew on early the next morning. I took the MAX, the Portland light rail, to my friend’s condo. My friend, Mariana, called me with the idea of taking an Alaskan cruise, at the end of the summer. “Let’s get the discount for the last cruise.” Her aqua aerobics partner was a travel agent and recommended Holland America. I know nothing about cruises, so I was glad to take advice. Soon we were booked on the August 31 cruise on the Westerdam, a new ship in the Holland America stable. “It will be about 1,000 people,” I was told. ... read more
Another ship leaving Seattle
Mariana is happy
two tired and hungry  travelers

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence March 10th 2008

FLORENCE, ITALY Last February 27 2008, we arrived in Florence, Italy. (Yes, I'm writing this blog in July 2008, but maybe you really DO want to hear about Florence. This evening, my sister and I ate Little Azio pizza, at home in Atlanta, that reminded me of the wonderful pizza that Linell, Dai and I ate in Florence; so I'm finally finishing the blog. I hope you enjoy it.) After a week in Paris we took a night train to Florence. There was some mix up with that part of the trip. I advised Dai to reserve a sleeper for us, but somehow she got a couchette - or maybe it is the other way around. In any event, our sleeping quarters were not very comfortable. Six to a cabin. Our companions were 3 Korean girls ... read more
Boar with shiny nose
The sunset on Ponte Vecchio
Another sunset. Which do you prefer?

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris February 2nd 2008

PARIS, FRANCE After 6 days in London, we took the Eurostar train to Paris. It is really amazing to be able to travel from London to Paris in less than 3 hours, no stops, no transfers, no airports far from the city center. When we arrived at the Gare du Nord, we went to the tourist information booth, where a very pleasant man got us ready for Paris. We got a bus-metro pass and found out the exact location of our hotel. It was on the Left Bank, only a few blocks from Notre Dame. We checked in and then walked to the cathedral. The experience of visiting it was much better than I remember from previous visits. Someone had the brilliant idea of piping in Gregorian chants and lighting the place to simulate a medieval ... read more
Dai and the Eurostar
Susie and Linell on theEurostar
Quack having a French breakfast

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence February 1st 2008

The Little, Yellow Duck, Quack, and Her/His Travels We have been carrying a little, yellow, stuffed, toy duck with us on our travels. My daughter-in-law, is working as a nanny to pay for her artist studio. She cares for two children, a boy and a girl. The girl’s teacher gave each student a small, soft duck and asked them to have the duck travel around and come back home in April. As you have probably guessed, I am carrying the duck on my travels. I took it to the John Campbell Folk School in December to my week long class on fusing glass. Quack has now been to Wales, London, and Paris and with us in Florence, Italy. After taking photos of Quack in lots of interesting places, today I let Quack sleep in and take ... read more
Alec & Quack in Wales
Doug, Alec and Quack
Welsh Sarah and Quack

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater January 18th 2008

Some more London Photos-- London was wonderful, so I want to show you more of the pictures. ... read more
National Gallery
explanation of spider

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater January 17th 2008

I arrived in London by bus from Cardiff, Wales, with my friend, Dai. We took the tube (also known as the underground or subway) to our hotel in Bayswater, the Royal Court Apartments. Linell was flying in from Shanghai and was to meet us there on January 15. As often happens, her plane was delayed by bad weather so she was several hours late. Linell sent Dai and me her report on our trip. I have her permission to use it for the next 3 blogs--one on each city, London, Paris and Florence. Here it is sent to us from China where she lives. I am back from the Europe trip. Everything is very quiet here in Nanjing, except for the nightly firecrackers and the persistent drip, drip, drip of melting snow. Students are still at ... read more
The London Eye
Parliament on the Thames River
Big Ben clock tower

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff January 15th 2008

January Trip to Cardiff, Wales My short trip to Wales began January 13, 2008 after the Delta TransAtlantic flight, Atlanta-London. It was the start of a month in Europe with two friends from China, Dai Lejuan and Linell Davis. Dai is doing research for her Ph.D. at Cardiff University in Wales. Linell is on her long winter vacation (the Lunar New Year break) from her job as a professor in Nanjing. We have been planning this trip for about six months, when we learned that Dai would be in Europe. We are all meeting in London on January 15. Since I’m part Welsh, I decided to meet Dai in Cardiff and see a bit of Wales, even in the worst, winter weather. It rained every day, but not for long. I didn’t mind. Dai is living ... read more
I'm in Wales
Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Keep and Hill

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta August 21st 2007

I don't believe it! I have visited all these countries. Visited Countries Map ... read more

North America » United States » Delaware August 9th 2007

FAMILY REUNION IN LEWES DELAWARE. Not quite all of my family got together for not quite a week at the beach. I love family gatherings, formal and informal. (Also, apparently with all your help, all my blogs are back online and all is well in the technical world for the time being. I will make my own back up again. Thanks to everyone who helped.) I just got back last night from Philadelphia. I've been traveling with my sister around Phila. and then spent a week at Lewes, Delaware at a Teller family reunion. It was wonderful. I've avoided organizing any of these wonderful events, but I've been informed by my siblings that I can't avoid it any longer. It's my turn! We rent four cottages a block from the bay and a short distance from ... read more
the crow's nest
the captain's back
pirates and canon

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta July 6th 2007

Hello family and friends, I'm home finally. It was a long, tiring trip and now I have a cough, cold, etc. I'm sleeping hours and not calling anyone--except Comcast, to get internet in the house. I had fantastic help from everyone along the way--THANK YOU!! I'll write more later and add photos.... read more

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