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North America » United States » Georgia February 10th 2015

Big questions: do I take an ipad or a computer? I have so many gadgets. (I do love them.) Now I have to see if I can upload a blog with photos using only an iPad. This blog is the experiment. My newest gadget is an LG pocket photo printer (popo) that prints the photos on my iPhone. There is no ink. It's Zink or zero ink. The paper is photosensitive in color. It's a pocket sized printer. The practice paper that came with it is sticky sided--peel off the back and stick it somewhere. So I printed a picture of each of my grandchildren and stuck the photos on my black journal notebook. From the photo you'll see that the popo photos are only 2" x 3", smaller than a business card. The clarity is ... read more
image failed the iPad test
Moleskine notebook

North America » United States » Georgia January 28th 2015

Sorry for all the html junk in the last blog. I copied some camper stats from a website, never thinking I would get all the web language. I had a request for some photos, so here are three. It is a cute camper.... read more
Here I am at High Falls Lake
Parked at the condo

North America » United States » Georgia » Decatur January 26th 2015

I finally found the camper I want to keep, a Forest River R-pod. I sold the others. The R-pod 171 has no slideouts. One end has a queen bed, the other has the dinette that can be made into a bed. In-between in the galley and a bathroom. Below are some stats. I still belong to the national women's camping group. As this winter settles in, some of the group are already getting cabin fever and are out camping. Some are doing true winter camping in freezing weather, others are down in Florida, e.g., Key West. Having just moved this year, I'm not ready to hit the road yet. I'm busy with new friends, a new book club, a new birthday group. etc. Happy travels to everyone who is out and about! ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta September 26th 2014

I'm posting photos of the 2002 Casita Liberty Deluxe that I have to sell. It's a great little camper. All functions work, except for a broken water pipe/pipes. I didn't drain the water last winter. Alas... It's 17 feet long, has 2 full propane tanks, folding entry step, rear mounted spare tire, fantastic fan roof vent with rain cover, plus will blow in or out. The interior is fully carpeted, has storage with wood cabinets, galley kitchen with sink, high faucet, 2 burner stove with exhaust fan and light, microwave compartment with microwave, 3 way refrigerator with freezer, silverware drawer, large storage cabinets above and below sink. The tables arrange for a double bed, queen or king. Large water tanks for fresh water, grey and black. Full bathroom with toilet, basin and shower. Bathroom window and ... read more
Choose a large table or bed
Micro cab on top, refer on bottom
3 way refrigerator/freezer

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta September 24th 2013

I've been camping around the eastern US in my 2012 Chalet XL 1937 trailer. I love it. It's beautiful. The classiest trailer I've ever owned. But now that I'm 71, and short, I have trouble putting up the sides. The roof goes up with a button. (I love watching people watch me raise the roof.) But the sides need a stronger push than I can do now. (I could raise them easily last year.) The camper is in Atlanta, GA and I'm asking $15,000. Here are photos of the Chalet.... read more
hitch 002
hitch 001
hitch 003

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta July 1st 2013

I've had this 2001 Aliner Classic camper for several years and have loved it. It's comfortable; it's lightweight so even I can move it around on concrete; it's not difficult to back into a campsite; it's taken me north and south with great pleasure. My towing vehicle is a 6 cylinder Chevy Equinox; I had a hitch put on, hooked up and took off. I want to give you a tour of this customized camper.... read more
spare tire ac
check out the roof
new bubble window

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara July 8th 2011

Rio Caliente Spa, Primavera, Mexico Jalisco Province I’m home from a week in Mexico. I heard that my favorite spa was closing July 18, so, of course, I immediately went online and reserved a week and made plane reservations. I tried to talk some friends and relatives into joining me, but no one was free or willing to travel then. “I’m sorry, Susie, my ankle still isn’t healed enough for me to walk to the dining room.” “I’m sorry, Susie, I just came back from India.” “I’m sorry, Susan, I was at Rio Caliente already this year.” “I’m sorry, Susie, I’m afraid to go to Mexico.” I finally realized I was on my own. I did face some opposition from my family about the dangers in Mexico; but Guadalajara isn’t a border town; besides I fly ... read more
View from the plane going to Guadalajara
The airport
Taxi stand in the airport

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta October 6th 2010

I ordered a book of my blogs. It's thick, and a bit expensive for anyone else (over $100). But I'm glad I got it. The book is well laid out--all done automatically--and the photos are crisp enough. I got to choose which blogs and photos would be included, but the layout was automatic. I now have a permanent copy of all the work that went into those blogs. A funny incident: I was telling someone that I was a blogger. Another person overheard and called to ask me to clog at an event for entertainment. CLOG!!! She thought I had said I was a clogger. So long for now. I may start blogging about my camping trips in my Aliner camper.... read more
tow vehicle
Open camper
My cute camper, Alice-Aliner

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta December 11th 2009

Hello friends and relatives, I haven't written in a while. Through unusual circumstance, I've had a mild, life changing event take place. You may know that I have four siblings. All of us took piano lessons. The piano sat in the front sunroom and we were required to practice regularly. The other four did great on the piano and then moved to other instruments, the saxophone, the flute, the clarinet, and Gailey even moved from the piano to the organ. I was a failure. I hated practice. I could never memorize the keys or the measures, or the beat, whatever. Finally, my parents gave up after five years of trying to teach me the piano, and they gave me voice lessons. After my parents passed away and we were selling the house, the furniture was divided ... read more
Strong young men!
Everyone together
Negotiating the sidewalk

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage September 4th 2008

Alaska -Sept 1-7, part 2 We were on the Holland America’s ship Westerdam from August 31 through Sept 7, 2008. The last day we received the ship’s log. We went a total of 2016 NM (nautical miles). Seattle to Glacier Bay National Park our average speed was 22.6 knots. From there to Juneau we went a piddling 11.7 knots. Looking at the weather reported in the log, “Overcast” for five days, “sunny” for one day, and “cloudy” for one day. Our trip was the last one of the season, and is cheaper because of the weather. During the summer you get a lot of sunny days. A few other facts: our diesel generators used 216 tons/day of fuel, the gas turbine used 90 tons/day. The ship does a lot of recycling, including cleaning gray water to ... read more
Our deck the the opening to the Bay
Lots of ice around ship
Approaching Glacier Bay

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