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Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 16th 2012

The plan is Jagat through Gsanje through Sattale then lunch at Tal Manang, ending up in Dharapani (about 15km). We almost pick up a friend- a little 16 month old kid called Aluk who decides he wants to follow us. We reluctantly hand Aluk back to his Dad, Aluk is not thrilled about this decision, particularly as he has grown attached to one of our walking poles. So, another late start - 0830. We try to beat the 2 large mule trains that are leaving at the same time as us. It's actually a pretty fruitless exercise as we encounter them pretty much all day and I think it is all a part of the experience. The manure, lots of manure, is a part of it too. They are very single minded beasts these 'kacar' and ... read more
Ready to leave Jagat
Aluk of Jagat
Leaving Jagat

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 15th 2012

Gonna be a great day. Up early, the skylight works well. Cup of tea. Breakfast is late - 8am, potatoes and millet pancakes. More tea. Repack pack into dry sack (Kathmandu Australia brand). Looking a bit cloudy, get waterproof jacket out for the first time. Dhana tells us today is going to be easy- all down hill or flat with a bit of a climb as we approach Jagat (1330m). We get a bit of village culture today- Dan Kumari and Amma show us how to do traditional nettle weaving and hemp weaving. They have a room set aside with looms and other equipment for village use. The temple fund collectors make their appearance- we make the voluntary contribution of 1000 NPR (AUD $12.50). We are then invited to cultural show. Several of the villagers assemble ... read more
Sirung Village
Sirung Village
Sirung Village

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 14th 2012

This morning I am better, the trek must go on. We are to have a long morning with only short breaks, it will be about 6 hours before a meal break. Porridge is the answer- low GI (glycaemic index) and curer of all ills! Dhana tells me to stop worrying about GI, and get on with it. Pre-medicated to the hilt (Gastrolyte, Lomotil, Stemetil and Panadol) we leave Khudi behind. Time to go uphill, uphill, uphill, flat, uphill, uphill, uphil... The terrain is similar to the last few days. We stop after a couple of hours at a home in a small village, the woman there has agreed to serve us tea (Dhana and Santos are given buffalo milk). It is an elevated home with a verandah, we sit and drink our tea soaking it all ... read more
The way to Sirung
The way to Sirung
The way to Sirung

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 13th 2012

After a breakfast of potatoes, omlette, chappati and tea, Kamala Ghale bids us farewell with a flower garland and tikka blessing. The garland is beautiful- each flower has been individually knotted on a red string. Reluctantly, Santos also accepts his garland. Dhana informs us that today we will be on a punishing down hill schedule (down sounds good to me) but we will only be walking for 4-5 hours or so. We set off down the first few steps, basically they are uneven stone and dirt steps- pretty much like the ones that we are used to on the Kokoda track in Kings Park in Perth. They are then not like the Kokoda ones-they get steeper and more uneven and steeper. But so far, so good. Ultimately it's not as difficult as I thought it might ... read more
On way down from Ghalegaun

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 12th 2012

Out of bed at 6am, we have Surya's donuts and dhal bhat minus the rice and tea. After breakfast Surya shows us her visitor book and photo albums of previous homestay guests and volunteers. We jettison more things out of our packs in the pursuit of lightening Santo's load, if any one stays with Surya I hope you enjoy my Lonely Planet Nepal phrasebook. We are then formally given the tikka blessing (rice paste with fermented milk) on our foreheads, a rhododendron and a Khata scarf for good luck ("tashi delek") and a safe crossing over the pass. Santos is a reluctant recipient, I think he is a very shy boy. Our trek today takes us to the village of Ghalegaun (2070m), the village has about 115 houses (I think) and is predominately Gurung. The village ... read more
Farewell from Puma Village
The way to Ghalegaun
The way to Ghalegaun

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit March 11th 2012

We are up early and have our trek bags ready to go. We are being picked up by Dhana Raj, our porter who we are yet to meet and a driver. I have read of a Nepali superstition that it is bad luck to start a journey on a Tuesday or return on a Saturday- it would appear that our trek is to be a good luck day departure - Sunday! Excellent news- let's move on full of optimism! Destination is Besisahar (Altitude 760m), about 5 1/2 - 6 hour drive from Tings. We bid a fond farewell to the crew at Tings and we are off. We meet Santos (23 years old) who is to be our porter, we instantly jettison a couple more items from our packs. We have a private vehicle for the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Lazimpat March 8th 2012

Flight to Kathmandu is quick, we are rewarded with amazing views from our right hand side seats as we are coming in. Mountains to green... to teracotta coloured buildings... to runway. We board the little airport bus on the runway looking marginally elegant (we are not true trekkers yet). The bus goes about 50m (!!!!!!) and we all troop off to passport control. Smooth. Our new man with sign is waiting and we are whisked off to Tings Teahouse for our first 3 nights. Spirit of the Himalayas (thank you Alan for this invaluable recommendation) go-to guy, Sanam Singh, is waiting at Tings for us, as is our trekking guide, Dhan Raj. Time for the first of a thousand cups of tea, and Tings does it so very well. We chose to stay at Tings based ... read more
Green views

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 7th 2012

So the big day is here, we fly out with Thai Airways; Perth to Bangkok, transit night in Bangkok, Bangkok to Kathmandu on the 8/3. We are to be met by an agent for Sprit of the Himalayas and taken to Tings Tea lounge in Lazimpat. First of all the packing. I, like probably everyone else, have all of my stuff spread out (neatly) on the bed with the bag next to it. It is seemingly impossible that all of "that" will fit in "this". I perservere..... Off to Perth International Airport. Normally 15 minutes, today 40 mins- gotta love roadworks. Say goodbye to husband, meet Mary (friend, walking buddy, fellow bookclubber and now trekking partner extrordinaire). Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Cool birthday present! Get on Thai flight, arrive in Bangkok 6 hours later. Smooth ... read more
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