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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Lazimpat March 8th 2012

Flight to Kathmandu is quick, we are rewarded with amazing views from our right hand side seats as we are coming in. Mountains to green... to teracotta coloured buildings... to runway. We board the little airport bus on the runway looking marginally elegant (we are not true trekkers yet). The bus goes about 50m (!!!!!!) and we all troop off to passport control. Smooth. Our new man with sign is waiting and we are whisked off to Tings Teahouse for our first 3 nights. Spirit of the Himalayas (thank you Alan for this invaluable recommendation) go-to guy, Sanam Singh, is waiting at Tings for us, as is our trekking guide, Dhan Raj. Time for the first of a thousand cups of tea, and Tings does it so very well. We chose to stay at Tings based ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 7th 2012

So the big day is here, we fly out with Thai Airways; Perth to Bangkok, transit night in Bangkok, Bangkok to Kathmandu on the 8/3. We are to be met by an agent for Sprit of the Himalayas and taken to Tings Tea lounge in Lazimpat. First of all the packing. I, like probably everyone else, have all of my stuff spread out (neatly) on the bed with the bag next to it. It is seemingly impossible that all of "that" will fit in "this". I perservere..... Off to Perth International Airport. Normally 15 minutes, today 40 mins- gotta love roadworks. Say goodbye to husband, meet Mary (friend, walking buddy, fellow bookclubber and now trekking partner extrordinaire). Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Cool birthday present! Get on Thai flight, arrive in Bangkok 6 hours later. Smooth ... read more
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