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21st December 2009

At least you're in a city...
Although Pittsburgh has a university with people your age, and at least a couple bars. You could be living in rural Montana, or South Dakota... even colder, flatter, and more redneck. But I can't wait to hear what happens next to you in Pittsburgh...haha.
8th November 2009

back on track...
at least you're back on track.. now hurry up and close out your summer mothafucka! love, C-benz
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29th September 2009

who is u? and what does ur comment even mean?
5th September 2009

the more important question:
why do your ex-gfs/significant others/lovers/one-night stands always want to confide in me? i'm YOUR friend...not theirs...
2nd September 2009

Other shared stereotypes include being really good and singing and liking spicy deep-fried chicken. Aren't you ignoring the much larger, much lower esteemed minority population of Chinese though?...then again, I s'pose by your logic they would figure as the Mexicans in your analogy. What is it with you and blacking out while drinking with my ex-girlfriends in Shinjuku?
26th July 2009

17th July 2009

I read most of this story for some strange reason. It's like a train wreck, you just cant stop staring at it. You're a goddamn pansy.
16th July 2009

You're forgetting one sound.
What sound does it make when you jerk it?
18th June 2009

You stirr got it my fliend...
But remember, she can still open up a can of whoop-ass. And like yakyu stated, you gotta lock that shit down all young'em style.
18th June 2009

Young guns or Tested vets
Not much choice...she's my friend's ex-wife
18th June 2009

Young guns
If there's anything we've learned from my adventure, it's stay away from single moms and stick with the young one with the big boobs. Basic managerial wisdom: If you're looking for that long-term, repeat-champion dynasty pitcher you gotta sign 'em young and build 'em up strong. If you're desperate for some W's in the short term, you can turn to the tested vets. Never hurts to line your bullpen with proven righties I guess though...Make the call.
14th June 2009

I think seattle wouldn't be able to handle the three headed juggernaut of us three
From Blog: Goodbye
6th June 2009

Thanks for the culminating memories. Fly out with Ted sometime to Seattle... we'll paint the emerald city red.
From Blog: Goodbye
28th May 2009

i just re-read this, im fucking retarded...and you guys are fucking hilarious
From Blog: A Soldier's Duty
25th May 2009

Fuck Yeah.
Oh man, America rules so hard. We totally own this planet. Too bad you're not a Vietnamese American though, might've helped you navigate those obstacles. Charlie loves climbing trees.
From Blog: A Soldier's Duty
14th May 2009

Amazing. it's even better if i read it when i'm tipsy! WOO HOO! Snake. out.
From Blog: A Soldier's Duty
12th May 2009

Thanks for the support
There's been an equally strong backlash, but obviously they haven't put their thoughts in a public forum. I'm still deciding what to do...
From Blog: A Message
5th May 2009

The double edge
All depends on how far you want to fall down the rabbit hole. I personally love your stuff, but then again, it doesn't involve me. I think if it had, I wouldn't say this: life is supposed to be about pursuing things that make you complete and happy. Even if its temporary. If you quit this blog, something that obviously makes you happy (personally, not because others enjoy it), because your being pressured indirectly to do so, then your going against yourself. Then again, my whole argument is void since I wouldn't be a supporter if it involved me on levels I'm not comfortable with. Tough choice, hope your criteria for deciding rests on what you think will make you a happier person.
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4th May 2009

hi there :d
dude, you have a reader from Brazil lol :) one day i was bored at work and was searching for blogs that talked about abroad experiences, cuz i was a foreign exchange student in MN in 06-07 and well it was really interesting....... so i found your blog on google and i think i read all of it in a few days of boring work...... and by the way I also study computer science :)
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30th April 2009

one vote for up
This blog probably helps you too. In times of loneliness you'll realize there are still those who care (the readers).
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30th April 2009

What to do indeed...
I must say, you in quite a conundrum (I don't even know if that's the right usage). I suggest keep up with the nicknames, and let your success come naturally. Don't use it for them hoes.
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29th April 2009

leave it up
simple. it is what it is. you've obfuscated people's identities enough. My .02 cents
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29th April 2009

What to do.
Accrete more layers. Problematize. Turn inward, face outward. Dig, do not bury. Once you've started, you can't go back. You couldn't stop now if you tried. If not here, then somewhere else. The story itself begs to be told. Just remember "the truth" ceases to be the minute you start telling the story. Teddy
From Blog: A Message
21st April 2009

we'll definitely get it popping in may
nice seeing you again. time to do it in epic fashion!
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