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North America » United States » Florida » Deerfield Beach October 12th 2011

This morning we headed off early to the flea market. We found a great pickle store where the owners delighted in telling all about the history of their pickles. They gave us a free sample of a few of them. Met a New York customer of theirs who was very enthusiastic about these pickles and about two on sticks to eat now. We felt that after all that they had put into this, we should buy one of their pickles. We chose one and had it put in a bag for later. It cost us about 67 -cents – about 50 pence in the UK. We were in the flea market for about 3 hours this morning. Another well worth trip. When we were travelling back from the Everglades on Monday, George spotted a reptile shop. ... read more
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North America » United States » Florida » Deerfield Beach October 11th 2011

Whilst we have been in Tenerife, we have been doing a lot of walking. Most of this is being done wearing beach sandals, so we are always on the lookout for good quality reasonable priced ones. When we were in the shops on Sunday, Theresa bought a good pair that had been reduced from $19.99 to $9.99 (about £7 with tax). She has worn them since and they are very comfortable. This morning we went back to Kmart where Theresa bought another pair and George bought two different pairs. These should keep us in shoes for quite a while now. Whenever we visit the USA, we always try to visit our local Costco store. We have membership in the UK which entitles us to use the stores here. We found the nearest store was only about ... read more
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North America » United States » Florida » Deerfield Beach October 10th 2011

Woke this morning to workmen digging up the road outside. The temperature at 9am is about 30 degrees so no way of getting away from the heat today. We reckon it must have exceeded 95 degrees later in the today. Went into the Everglades today and did an airboat ride. Our driver ‘Dan’ was very good. Before going he went through the different birds and animals that we could possibly see whilst we were out on the water. We saw all that he said plus others. We saw a few alligators, herons, tortoise and much much more. A great day out. Stopped on the way home for a light lunch and little bit more shopping. Spotted a Wal-Mart on the way home. May try to get into there before we leave for the Bahamas on Saturday. ... read more
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North America » United States » Florida » Deerfield Beach October 9th 2011

We are both a bit tired this morning after the last couple of days travelling. We have decided on an easy day today to take in our surroundings. Major shopping for us today. Took a walk across to the sea first thing. The wind is still very strong and the waves are huge. There are two guys in the sea trying to surf, but they did not make it onto their boards whilst we can see them. The current took them right past us and down south towards Fort Lauderdale. Sea looks very violent. The wind calmed down at lunch time and the sun started to show its way through the clouds. Drove round to the back of the apartment and onto highway 1. This is the main tourist route down through Miami through to Florida ... read more
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North America » United States » Florida » Deerfield Beach October 8th 2011

We took the 8am courtesy bus back to the airport this morning. As we had already checked in through to Miami yesterday, we already had our boarding passes for today. They stopped us and asked lots of security questions as for all USA flights. This is what you need to do these days if you want to go to America. Proceeded through to the gate and had coffee and cakes for breakfast. When we went to board, we were taken to one side as they had no record of us having an ESTA for entry into USA. We informed them that this was correct as we did not need one as we each have USA entry Visa. The girl that asked all the questions first thing this morning took details of the Visas, but it would ... read more
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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid October 7th 2011

Having packed the two cats off to the local ‘pets @ home’ cattery earlier this week, today we had just ourselves to get off on holiday. There was a slight delay first thing this morning. The man who is looking after the transfer of registration of our car wanted to see us before we go away. We have arranged to meet him on the TF1 motorway bridge at 7.30am this morning. To our surprise and delight he informs us that the process is now complete and he presents us with our new number plates, car tax and a new car log book. Car tax is Tenerife is 50 Euros a year. it is worked out on the size of the place you live in and not on the car size. A little project for when we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife September 26th 2011

Harry here again today with one of his colleagues to do some of the smaller jobs. We had a discussion about the earlier discussed works and we agreed to completely refurbish the two bathrooms, remove the sink under the stairs and plumb in the washing machine, putting in a new tap in the kitchen. He is also going to remove the planters from the driveway and retile the exposed areas. This will be a great help when we need to park the car on the villa drive. He was trying to replace the water flow into the downstairs toilet, but it needed a new part, so we have asked him not to do it as the toilet will be replaced soon. Harry will be in early November to complete all the agreed works. We had another ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife September 24th 2011

After last nights events with the cats we are not sure if we are going to be able to get either of the cats to the cattery, so were contemplating asking the neighbour after all. At about 11am, Whisky calmly walked down the drive and started meowing constantly. It seems like we have a friend now. The two cats are never going to be the best of friends, but they are at least tolerating each other now. Looks like we will be able to get them to the cattery after all. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife September 23rd 2011

We have been slightly concerned about the two cats that we inherited with the villa. The white, black and tabby one, Chilli, is slowly making herself comfortable, but the black and white one, Whisky, does not appear to have been near home in the three days since we moved in. We have been leaving food by the gate to entice the black one in. We have seen her eating, but she has not been onto the property that we have seen. This evening we moved the food and water bowls from the gate down to the front door. During the evening, Theresa was sitting with Chilli when Whisky made an appearance by the door. George moved towards the door only for Chilli to bite Theresa’s hand and draw blood in several places. Not nice. Both cats ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife September 21st 2011

As part of the transfer of the car into Spanish registration, we are required to register with our local town hall in Arico that we are now living at the villa. We found the town hall fairly easily, but were dismayed to find that no one was able to help us with the language issue. Eventually one lady took pity on us and, with a lot of hand language, we managed to get the forms completed and the required documents copied. She then wrote on the form ‘Lunes’ which we knew from our lessons was Monday so assumed we were to go back then to collect the final paperwork. Heard today that the couple from the dog charity were unable to make it to us tomorrow as they are being evicted from their current field. They ... read more

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