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10th July 2014

Wow, what a great trip you've had.
13th July 2014

Yes I've had a great time, which I hope has come across in the blog. Many thanks for your comments and best of luck when it comes to planning your trip. Mark
9th July 2014

Hi It's been fun enjoying your trip vicariously and looking at all your amazing pictures from my kitchen, shame you can't continue to supply some escapism for me! Will be good to see you soon though, have a good trip home xx
9th July 2014

Thanks Libs. Time for me to go back to living vicariously too. Hope to catch up soon x.
9th July 2014

Can't believe your time is up already! Looking forward to catching up on you return.
9th July 2014

Yes, alas, the time has nearly come to hang up my sandals. Look forward to catching up post jetlag.
3rd July 2014

A city we really want to explore and your lack of planning gave you all the time you needed! Really enjoyed the blog.
29th June 2014

World cup fever
It must be wonderful to be experiencing this event from South America and hearing the local stories and thoughts.
29th June 2014

Should be a good game anyway. Just settling down for Holland v Mexico with Jim. Hope the rest of your holiday goes well.
29th June 2014

Thanks Nige. Gotta feel for those Mexicans.
28th June 2014

I think Colombia can win the Cup. James Rodriguez is a star.
29th June 2014

I hope you're right Nige. Certainly yesterday was their best game yet but next up Brazil...
24th June 2014
Young photographer takes a shine to John's camera

How adorable
18th June 2014

A pleasing symmetry is always a great reason to add another town to the itinerary. We are really enjoying your trip. Since we are traveling right now we are living through you. Continue on.
10th June 2014

Thanks for doing the research
it sounds like you did your research and the trip was great. We look forward to doing the same trip. What an amazing experience.
8th June 2014

HI. We are leaving for Quito in a couple of weeks and BaƱos is one of the places we would like to go. Could you possibly tell me the name of the hostel that you stayed at, as well as the bike rental place. Any other tips - of things not to miss. We are not planning to go to the Galapagos , but will hopefully get to the coast for Isla de la Plata. Thanks!
From Blog: Banos and Beyond
8th June 2014

Hi Barbara, We stayed in the Hostel Princesa Maria. From memory it was the top pick on Tripadvisor. The guy who runs it doesn't speak much English but is very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it if you're looking for a cheap, pretty basic hostel. It's a 5 min walk from the square with the tourist information office in it. The bike place (also does very good, cheap rafting) was called Geotrips or Geotrekking. From the hostel walk down to the square, cross it diagonally, the agency is another 30 yards on the right. Hope you enjoy Banos - we thought it was a really good base in which to hang out for a few days.
From Blog: Banos and Beyond
6th June 2014

Galapagos on our short list
Looks fantastic. What an experience.
1st June 2014

Amazing animals.
25th May 2014

Survival is good. We've done a lot of whitewater rafting in West Virginia, U.S.A. The rush is amazing.
From Blog: Banos and Beyond
23rd May 2014

Quito Recommendation
Just went to Quito recently myself. I'd recommend taking the walking tour - more info here: Happy Travels!
From Blog: Quito
22nd May 2014

Excellent, looking forward to reading about The Galapagos and all before. Hi to all!
From Blog: Quito
19th May 2014

Life is about the journey and yours is terrific. Eager to read more.

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