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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth August 13th 2010

G'day mateys! Australia - what a hilarious place, the land of roos, bathers, white pointers, dunnies, robbies, kockys, perenties, thongs, creeks, crocs, sheilas, joeys, humpies and bevvies... After a great few days in Nelspruit, SA with another visit to the Kruger as well as my first micro light flight at sunset which was fantastic - I got myself to Johannesburg and caught my flight to Perth. Pretty surprised at the lack of ones own entertainment system..was really looking forward to watching movies! Haven't been on a plane in 9,5 months - thats the longest I haven't been on a plane for the last 10 years! Anyhow I managed to get by as it was a night flight and it was only 8 hrs compared to the 24 from Europe.. I arrived in Perth and was not ... read more
Turquoise Bay
Yardie creek

Africa » Mozambique » Southern August 6th 2010

I said I would put up the link for the Portuguese TV program I was in - here it is! Its nice for the lovely Tofo but its in Portuguese.. My footage is all the underwater stuff that is not surfing. Am in OZ now so will send an update from here soon.. Ciao x... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane July 14th 2010

Hola! I have now been back in Tofo for over a month since the Sodwana/Durban trip and it has been wonderful. It has been rather cold and windy as well as rainy sometimes but the conditions under water have been amazing! The visibility has been great and the activity in the seas incredible. Whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, sailfish, mobula rays, small eyed stingray, squid, hammerhead sharks! Some days I have done 2 ocean safaris in a row so with four hours on the sea just looking for things you see quite a lot. We have been so lucky with the whales. For a whole week we had them really close to the boat every day, breaching and playing, i had goosebumps the whole time! Lately it has been heaven for manta rays, we have ... read more
from the beach
Small eyed stingray
try scuba

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 3rd 2010

So I decided to go down to SA to meet Jay (that did the divemaster with me in Tofo) for the Sodwana shootout. It took me 23 hours and 4 buses, 1 taxi , 1 normal car and 3 blown tires to make it almost all the way. The first tires blew so violently that the it slit a hole in the bus, injuring one of the passengers and making sure the rest of us were black with road dust by the time we got to Maputo! I took the road through Swaziland which is such a scenic route and I stayed at a lovely backpackers, the same one me, Jim and Suus stayed at in November. After 2 more buses and numerous hours at the border i made it to Hlue Hluwe (brilliant name). I ... read more
my 2nd entry
my 1st entry winning pic!
rubber lip

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane May 22nd 2010

Hola chicos and chicas! Certainly the time has come for another blog entry! I am still in Tofo and life is good! At the moment I am very sophisticated as I have found a cafe with wireless internet and vegetarian burgers, quite the treat! Since the last entry I have done plenty of diving and it still rocks. The temperature has dropped in the ocean and its starting to get well chilly but I have a hood and two wetsuits if needed so it will be bearable. Actually I have managed to see some sharks which was very big ones but still, a shark is a shark! I am working still as a divemaster and I feel more and more confident and comfortable with the responsibility and what to do. It really is so cool ... read more
Steven the hawksbill
Sam and Leah
Surface interval with Pierre and Alex

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane March 30th 2010

So I stayed for a bit longer... I rescheduled my flight from 25 January to 25 March. Then I realised I was not done with Tofo so I rescheduled to 5 June....and lets see if I go then! It is still ridiculously hot here, and if possible even more humid. Apparently it is meant to cool down now as we are moving towards winter. Sounds good to me but I'm worried about the water temperature dropping. Finally, 10 days ago, I finished my course and now I am a Divemaster!!!! Hurrah! It feels great and now I am working for the dive centre and actually making money!! Oh yes, you heard it - I am making the big bucks, perhaps as much as 3k per thats certainly a grand income! oh dear.. The diving is ... read more
Bambo, our local

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Nelspruit January 15th 2010

After 2 months I needed to do a visa run. Jim and Suus had left and i had met the lovely Anna and Gustav who were leaving to go to the Kruger for a couple of days. Good opportunity i thought so i went along and we had a great time!!! Gustav got sick but recovered and we saw lots of gorgeous stuff! They left for jo'burg and i went to Nelspruit to stay with Adiel's (we worked together in Moz) parents. They are fantastic and have pampered me and spoilt me for 3 days - loving it and i dont really want to leave.. But the bus goes back to Mozambique this evening and i will enter with my new 3 month visa! Yay! Now there will be no more entrys for a little while ... read more
Entering at Malelane

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane January 15th 2010

Tofo - we finally made it!!!! In the rain we made it..and the rain didnt stop for 5 days! I had to wear jeans and a hoody, thats how cold it was, and everything was soooo damp..not the best start. The rain cleared and we saw the place, its goooooorgeous!!!! The beaches are spectacular and the market is nice and bustling and the views and people are great. More than anything, its peaceful and quiet!!! No people on the beach!!!!! The diving is beautiful - the diversity stunning!!! Its now 29 degrees in the water and visibility varies, but sometimes as good as 25 m. Ive seen some amazing stuff, and i see it almost everyday!! I decided pretty early i was going to do my divemaster here so i picked a place called Liquid adventures ... read more
Tofo beach
Photo 4

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane January 15th 2010

Mozambique - wohoo! On the 15th November 2009 we entered through the Giriyondo border post into the Limpopo park. The boirder went fine and we got our visas, phew! The road was meant to be ok for a 2 wheel drive...hmmm. Bless Janis, she fought the whole way through and she managed the park ok. We drove crazy roads for a long time to make it to a camp by the Massingir dam. It was stunning. Complete peace. No one else there but one car. It was in the middle of the park, no fences so that wa sa bit creepy but considering since enbtering the Mozambiquan side of the partk we hadnt even seen as much as a bird..we figured it was safe! We had a lovely braai with burnt sweet potatoes and some good ... read more
Photo 3
Camping at the dam

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park January 15th 2010

Hello!!! Finally I have some internet and lets hope the connection is strong enough to upload some photos this time! After Swaziland we made it to Kruger!!! I bought a tent and a camper chair in Malelane before we went through the gate, very exciting! We stayed in Skukuza and Lower Sabie and Satara and Letaba and also Crocodile bridge. All were lovely camps however Crocodile bridge could do with a pool... The game viewing was so much fun!!! We saw pretty much everything possible apart from Cheetahs.. The hyenas spopilt us and we got some good lion action! The birds of prey were brilliant and it was all over a fabulous experience, especially for me as I was a safari virgin! Janis the van only made it for 24 hrs...then after several tows and dramas ... read more
Photo 3
Lookout point
Lookout point

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