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Europe » Germany » Hesse » Hanau November 8th 2008

My trip to Deutschland (Germany) in March 2008 started very much like my trip to Great Britain the year before, on a mad urge to escape! I had been lending my car to my son who was using it to take his little family around. Being isolated in the village they needed it badly. But so did I. One day I said I was leaving, going to visit some friends in Germany, driving there with... my car. I left my place in France on 20 March at 6am to be precise and arrived at my friend's door in Germany in Hanau near Frankfurt at 6pm, i.e. twelve hours on the road in straight line, diagonally from the middle of France heading north-east into Germany. On a map it goes from my village near Argenton-sur-Creuse to Bourges, ... read more
Driving to Germany
Driving to Germany
Driving to Germany

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 25th 2008

This time last year, July 2007, I wrote my post about Stoke-on-Trent on this Travel Blog and left the whole story of my trip from France to Scotland hanging there. One whole year later now, July 2008, I've decided to finally finish off that story... never despair! From Stoke, after visiting the Pottery Museum, the Wedgwood factory shop and after taking a photo of the last old kiln standing, I headed south with a plan to overnight in Barnstaple on the Atlantic coast of Devon. Why Barnstaple? While in Carlisle for a week waiting for a bank transfer, I had surfed the net for potters to visit on my way south back home to France. Barnstaple had appeared as an interesting spot with an interesting potter or two. Driving south on the M6 with my faithful ... read more
On the motorway

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire March 31st 2007

Here's the follow up of my trip to Great Britain in March and April 2007... I got stuck in Carlisle on the north west coast of England for a week. My idea was to visit potters driving along the way throughout Britain. I left Carlisle on Friday around 4pm with cash pounds and pens in my pocket heading south to a place known for its ceramic industry. John, the expat friend with a house in the village where I live in France, had explained to me that Stoke-on-Trent was actually a conglomerate of several towns. He had scribbled in my michelin edition 2007 map of Great Britain and Ireland that I should visit Hanley, Fenton, Burslem and Longton. The electric kiln in my pottery studio ( is tagged Potterycrafts Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I was keen to ... read more
Stoke-on-Trent (2)
Stoke-on-Trent (3)
Stoke-on-Trent (4)

Europe » United Kingdom March 30th 2007

In March when I decided to take a trip to Great Britain I asked my (British) bank in Paris to take out cash in sterling currency. They couldn't do that. I took European currency (euros) trusting to be able to change it into pounds and pence without problem. In Rugby I changed some of my euros but the exchange rate was not in my favour and I felt ripped off. When I realised I would need more money than I had first planned to spend, I thought it wouldn't be a problem to withdraw cash from any agency of my bank in Great Britain. Without a card, however, I was told it was impossible. I phoned my bank from a public phone in Carlisle asking them what to do. I was told it was quite ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria March 26th 2007

After visiting Scotland for a week and driving down through the Cheviot Hills and along the Roman wall, I eventually ended up in Carlisle to overnight. The plan was to spend time driving slowly down south visiting potters in the area. The main idea was to make my own pottery studio known to some British potters and entice them to come and visit me. As usual... the plan didn't work. First of all I needed more money sent to me from my bank in France. As I had arrived on a Friday night in Carlisle it meant waiting for the Monday morning before doing anything anyway. Luckily I saw a Ibis hotel as I drove into Carlisle. The main street was in shambles with a long ditch dug on one side and big blue pipes ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 24th 2007

As I was saying, it was frustrating not to be able to stop anywhere by the side of the road. I managed to pull up once or twice to take a photo of the stunning scenery. No matter where you are on the planet the sight of nature is always special. In Europe nature has been kept like a garden for thousands of years. The landscape isn't 'wild'. I enjoyed seeing the stone walls dividing the paddocks on rolling green hills. Each of these stones has been looked for and placed neatly one after the other for miles. I wondered for a while why people didn't use hedges for dividers and then realised that hedges don't survive the harsh winds and weather of the Scottish winters. Granite stones do. I tacked a number of times ... read more
2. county Fife
3. county Fife
4. county Fife

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 24th 2007

UntitledFrankie PERUSSAULT It took 1 day from St Civran (sain seevran) in the centre of France to Amiens (ahmien) in the north, 1 day from Amiens to Rugby in the centre of England and 1 day from Rugby to Edinburgh in Scotland. On the 4th morning at 8.30 on the carpark of the Dakota hotel at the south end of the Forth Bridge, in the crisp and fresh air of Scotland, John boarded his car to drive back to Rugby and said: "you'll be allright"... as I was boarding mine and heading my own way into Scotland. I was nervous up until the middle of the bridge. To pay the toll fee at the bridge from my driving seat on the left handside I had to stretch my arm way out half getting out of my ... read more
2. Dunfermline, Scotland
3. Dunfermline, Scotland
4. Dunfermline, Scotland

Europe » United Kingdom » England March 23rd 2007

After spending 2 nights and one whole day in Burntisland, county Fife, Scotland, I drove south to Edinburgh on the Friday morning 23 March. My plan was to drive down to Newcastle via the Cheviot Hills through Northumberland by the highway A68. South of the Firth bridge which is free of toll charge when travelling from north to south, I followed signs for Edinburgh. Getting on the ring road I expected to see signs for Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I didn't see any and even turned off the ring road into the city without realising it. After a lot of driving in circles to get back out on the ring road, I eventually realised that I had to keep looking for signs for Jedburgh. It's about 40 miles down to Jedburgh and another 25 miles to the border ... read more
In the Cheviot Hills
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 22nd 2007

As I'm writing this in May from memory about a trip in March, I have to get my dates right. I left my place by car in the centre of France on Monday 19 June to overnight in Amiens, France. Then Rugby, England, on Tuesday night, Edinburgh, Scotland, on Wednesday night. It means I arrived in Burntisland, Scotland, on Thursday night 22 March. The Bed and Breakfast I pulled in front of was indeed very nice. See: Tired but happy I put my feet up sipping a nice cup of tea with biscuits in my confortable bedroom. I opened the hard cover single line exercise book I had bought 2 days before and started a 'diary'... I wrote 10 pages of it! This trip was to connect back with myself, with the basic adventurous ... read more
1. Burntisland, Scotland
2. Burntisland, Scotland
3. Burntisland, Scotland

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 20th 2007

1. I'm back from a trip driving my car from my place in France to Edinburgh in Scotland, and back. It took 2 weeks and 5 tank fill ups. My car is an old Ford mondeo running on diesel and I love driving it. The steering wheel is on the left handside as driving on all countries of the European continent is on the right side of the road. Although I drove on the lefthand side of the road for many years in Australia and New Zealand years ago, I was apprehensive of the change over between Calais in France and Dover in England... 2.I had been wanting to travel to Scotland to see if I could actually live there for some time. But for the whole of 2006 I was stuck at home without ... read more
2. Driving to Scotland
3. Driving to Scotland
4. Driving to Scotland

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