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Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar June 20th 2006

Today I took the most photos in one day of the trip. We went to many places, and at a pace conducive to photo taking, so it was a good day In the morning we did as we have done for the last few days and ate a breakfast of parathas, eggs, dal and Cha (tea) at the Sea Crown. While their dinners are awful, their breakfasts are decent. The plan for the day was for a trip to Moheshkhali, though none of us knew exactly what was there or how far away it was. It fact, it seems no Bangadeshis have any conception of time, as their estimates of time and distance have usually been in error by 3 or 4 times over. Zafar said that there were large fish-drying places, and that sounded interesting ... read more
Sign at Buddhist Temple
Nabil Buying cokes
Selection of Onions and roots

Asia » Bangladesh June 19th 2006

In the morning we awoke fairly early to get breakfast at the Sea Crown and head out to Inani beach, some distance away by car. If I ever doubted that Swapan is the best driver that I have ever driven with, those doubts were dispelled during the ride to Inani beach. A couple of times we came to what appeared to be impassable mud or broken road, only to have Swapan expertly maneuver the car through/over/around the obstacle. I swear he would be able to drive on water like a famous religious figure. As we arrived on Inani beach a cadre of kids ran up along side our car. They offered to carry our bags and protect us from the rocks while swimming. They set our belongings down next to the only outcropping of rock ... read more
Kid Pic 2
Kid Pic 3
Kid Pic 4

Asia » Bangladesh June 18th 2006

While we traveled to Cox’s Bazaar we traveled through 250 km of beautiful countryside. It didn’t seem that beautiful to Nabil and the Iqbals, but I found it to be a sensory overload. Between the big cities of Dhaka and Chittagong we passed through many small towns. Some of the most powerful images were fleeting, a frame in the movie of this trip. The look on a wizened face, the jutting rib of a cow, the enormity of a pile of jack-fruit. Everything is handmade here. Almost all the buildings are constructed of concrete, though not of the American pre-cast kind. Everything is cast on site, and almost all the labor is not mechanized. To keep the concrete from dripping when pouring floors, they use sheets of bamboo, and bamboo is also used to support ... read more
View from Hotel
Math lessons in the sand

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 16th 2006

***** Photo uploading having a problem, ill try to fix it this evening **** Hello All! I have safely arrived in Bangladesh from America and I have started wandering around the city with Nabil and Nabil's family. My trip to Bangladesh went very very smoothly. I had a nice seatmate for the trip to London and he and I talked for a while until I tried to eventually get to sleep. It turns out his kid is a member of an indie-rock group Annathallo that I have heard of. He is going to send me a CD when he gets home to America. He is a hospitality professor and we had a whole range of interesting discussions. My layover of 6 hours in London went fine and I dont think I will have any problems on ... read more
Tea Stand
Paying for Rickshaw Ride
Abject Poverty Sandwich

North America » United States » New York June 10th 2006

I am getting very excited about the trip to Bangladesh now. It seems hard to belive that a couple of days from now I will be on the other side of the world. Literally. I think I am all packed, though I am sure I will find things that I didnt bring once I am there. I think I have prepared quite well, though there is much more uncertainty in traveling to Bangladesh than there is traveling to Europe, which I have done several times. Here is my itinerary: June 13rd fly to London June 14th fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh June 15th arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh VERY early June 18th go to Cox's Bazaar (longest white sand beach in the world) June 23rd fly to Delhi, India In India we will be spending a couple of ... read more

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