The Fincke Family


The Fincke Family

The Fincke family enjoyed their first overseas jaunt in 2010 making the pilgrimage to Disneyland and California Adventure Park.
This time around our destination is Europe fulfilling a ten year wish to return with our family and celebrate our 40th birthdays. The participants in this journey include Dale, Linda, Jemima and Carter.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 19th 2013

Yesterday we travelled vis train from rainy Torino to Milano Centrale to Lausanne. Just a word of warning, buy snacks and food before yiu get in the train, it is very expensive and not many options for choice. We paid CHF 11 for an expresso with creama and a dreadful sandwich which we had to take out the salmi which was then bread and butter. anyway, as Dale said move on.... But when we got to Lausanne and the very clean station, our hitel was right across the road, just needed to get to the right side first, which we finally did. The Hotel Contintentsal was so welcoming with the informative and warm reception staff Pascal, he shiwed us in the map the bestplaces to go and great advice. so after settling into our rooms across ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Montone July 12th 2013

A great surprise whilst in Umbria was the film festival im Montone with Terry Gilliam, last night we wnt to the beautiful restuarant on the piazza. we enjoyed the meal while awaiting the film festival of kids shorte to begin. The first film was the Fox and the chicadee from the Canadian director, second was a delightful short from Holland Mina, about a girl who wanted to be different from her constrictive society where everyone wears green. She is obsessed with Minnie mouse and loves to dress as her. Before the films began we enjoyed watching the outdoor set up of the screen, van from where the projector sat and the seating. Thankfully the rain held off but the fog did come in bringing the temperatures down a little colder than we expected. just before the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Perugia July 7th 2013

After an early start we left Sorrento via ferry, where they tried yo charge us again for the baggaes, i was told it was for the return trip. you must be careful they do try to swingle tourists. And we certainly look like them.Not the Griswalds but not far off! From the train we caught a taxi from yhe station to the car rental office. the queue was so long so after over an hour wait we were hot and bothered. Finally we got the paperwork to go and oick up the car another hundred metres down the road. So now in the new car whose controls are like an airship we set off in our Ford Kuga which obviously isn't quite the euro car brand, but certainly spacious and safe. And it needs to be ... read more

Europe » Italy July 5th 2013

The Fincke Family - Jemima, Carter, Linda and Dale arriveved safely in Rome after 26 hours. A quick hour in Sinapore where we could only find the toilets not the famed coy pond and butterflies. Four hours in Dubai airprt which i spent a fortune on cold drinks should have converted to au dollars first! Oh Roma you weren't as welcoming as your sign! After an hour with 100s of people pushing to get through passport control Carter lost it and collasped and we had to push our way through the crowds. on the other side we were lucky to find our luggage, eventually the missing car seat and thankfully the welocoming smile of our pre arranged pick up Francesco,he so welcomingky grabbed the bags and got us safely to the Hotel Kennedy.... read more

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