I like to take photos and see different places.
In this blog i want to share my experience with you so that may be you can also have some idea about a place you have never been or you can remember your nice days there...
Zehra from Istanbul...

Europe » Belarus May 20th 2012

When i was told that i had to go to Belarus for a week in the end of April 2012, i was shocked. Becuase i do not like cold weather and all i heard about Belarus was the cold weather there. I was feeling lucky to have 19 C degrees in Istanbul so for me to go to Minsk was a total headache. But my feelings changed as we landed on Minsk Airport. What i saw from plane while landing amazed me. When we finally got out of passport control all i was thinking to see around.But i knew that i hasd to wait. For a few days i could not see much as there was a lot to at the office. But 3 days after we arrived Minsk, finally i had to chance to see ... read more
Photo 6
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Africa » Senegal » Cape Verde Peninsula » Dakar May 18th 2012

I was in Dakar for 10 days in March 2011 on a business trip. I did not have so much timeto see around but the office that i worked was in the centre of the capital city of Senegal. The weather was very fine, warm enough for us to wear sleeveless shirts. Dakar is an international city full of tourists around the world. But i guess the most difficult thing in the city is find an open restaurant during the working hours as people there prefer to rest till the evening because of the hot weather. we stayed in a hotel which was very near to the sea.We had the chance to walk by the see for 2 evenings. One night we went to a cafe just nearby the see where we had hot herbal tea ... read more
Dakar in the evening
beach in Dakar
The famous fishing boats

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