the lonely shit off to neighborhood

a trip by Fakhri Moelhadi
From: March 18th 2009
Until: March 21st 2009

its a rudiculous trips...
i went to spore and malaysia.
first time i came spore just only for arraging my tuition fee n going back home. however, i didn't get ticket to back home so i had to decide either i stay in spore or go to everywhere. eventualy, i decided to go to malaysia. i hadn't been searching anything about malaysia before, it's very last minute decision. i came to to tanjong pagar railway station n got a ticket to KL Sentral, its only S$38. i'd been waiting a train for 1hours, i felt so stingy bcose i'd just arrived in the afternoon n had lunch with my friend, i didn't find a bathroom. finally, i found a bathroom in railway station. i took a shower for free, i didn't pay for that. The train came, i took a line in the middle , fill embarkation card, go through malaysia check point bfore i came in to the train. i came to Malaysia at 05.30, it's still dawn in Malaysia so i decided to sleep for a while in the station n charging my handphone battre. Suddenly, a security come over me to woke me up!haha... that was a sunny day in Kuala Lumpur, i went to chinatown for having breakfast n to Pasar Seni for buyig handicraft. i got many handicrafts in there. that was not really expensive. After that, i went to KLCC just for looking around n back to KL sentral. From KL sentral i took a LRT n Train to Pasar Rakyat. In Pasar Rakyat, i got ticket to Melaka. It took approximately 4hours from KL - Melaka, that was RM11.50. i arrived in Melaka, its already dark so i looked for information about hostel. i paid RM50 for 1nite, it was good room for standard hostel in the small city, i got Aircon, Towel, Wardrobe, TV. That hostel is beside Hari-Hari Store. Considerly, that was opposite Melaka Sentral which is Bus Terminal in Melaka. i took a bus to Historical Building and looking around that area. i think, it was good destination for travel. The bus brought me to Mahkota Parade, Portuguese village and many tourism places in Melaka. In Melaka was so sunny as well as in KL. I was in Melaka for a nite after that i was going to johor bahru, i took bus in Melaka Sentral as well. i could pay RM10 to the driver, if came to ticket office is about RM19. its best way to save your transportation cost. =p
In Johor bahru was rainny, there was a flood on the way to Johor bahru but not too deep, there was a little bit traffic conjungtion bcos of the rain. Moreover, i took SBS Transit bus from Larkin terminal in Johor Baru, it quite cheap, it could pay by EZ-Link Card. EZ-Link made by Singapore, it used to MRT and Bus. anyway, SBS Transit from Larkin Bus Terminal is about S$0.60. In a way, i decided to went back to indonesia from Singapore. therefor, i got a ticket to Indonesia only Rp669.000,00. finally, im in home rite now.hehe,,
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