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Paul Holland

2010- I'm visiting Cuernavaca, Mexico, for six weeks with the "Partners in Education 2010 Fulbright-Hays Groups Abroad" program. Thanks to Dr. Colleen Ebacher and Dr. Ronn Pineo from Towson University, Towson, MD, USA, 16 teachers will be experiencing and learning about Mexican social, economic, and cultural issues. We have a very busy schedule, listening to many lectures, often going until 8 at night. And over the six-week period we will be visiting dozens of historical sites throughout the area. Cuernavaca is called "The City of Eternal Spring."

2008 Trip: I'm traveling to Antigua, Guatemala, to learn a little Spanish. Antigua is touted as being a beautiful, historic city near the captial, Guatemala City. Although I've read things on the internet that make me a bit wary (carjackings, busjackings, tourists being robbed/killed, etc.), I'm hoping the claims are exaggerated. One quote about a tour up one of the volcanos reads as follows: "it is still recommended that visitors travel with a tour group that is accompanied by armed guards." Yes, armed guards. How comforting. The negatives aside, Antigua is called the City of Eternal Spring because of its pleasant weather. I've arranged to live in a Homestay, which means I'll be living in the home of a Spanish-speaking family. More to come...

2007 Trip: I'm an ESOL teacher in Baltimore City, USA (a shout out to Highlandtown ES, 215, and the BCPSS ESOL staff!) visiting friends and family around the world. This is a web log/journal of my circling-the-globe adventures or possibly misadventures. I hope you enjoy following my trek to Taiwan (Taichung), Australia (Sydney/Perth), Malaysia (Kaula Lumpur), Greece (Athens/Mykonos/Santorini), The Netherlands (Amsterdam/Zwolle), and then back home. The journey will take 42 days. "To Life and Living It"

Asia » China July 19th 2014

This is where Joan and I departed from the group. We headed south to the iconic scenery of southern China. Our trip began in Guilin. We hopped a cruise boat to take the 5-hour trip down the Li River to Yangshou. The weather was very warm but there was a nice breeze. Later, when we arrived in Yangshou, we took bamboo boats down one of the serene waterways nearby. At night we walked down the heart of the town. It was a carnival. It was so packed with people in the street and shops, it was hard to move. As we were walking the main street, it started to rain. Just a few drops at first, but people immediately began to move for cover. In a few seconds it poured down and we had the whole ... read more
the Nine Horses Mountain
bamboo crusing
bamboo crusing traffic

Asia » China July 19th 2014

These are photos of Suzhou. It is called the Venice of China. Lots of canals and beautiful gardens.... read more
stonework walkways
cleaning supplies
street vendor

Asia » China July 19th 2014

This is where our teaching begins. These are a few photos of my students, co-Chinese teacher and the school.... read more
Grade 1, class 2
Suzhou International Foreign Language School
ceremony field where we were introduced to our students

Asia » China » Hangzhou July 19th 2014

Next on our itinerary-Hangzhou. This city competes with Suzhou for "Heaven on Earth" status. Hangzhou is best known for West Lake, a beautiful, serene garden lake.... read more
West Lake lotus and boat
West Lake
West Lake pagoda

Asia » China » Shanghai July 19th 2014

Beginning our sight-seeing in Shanghai. It definitely represents modern China.... read more
Night river cruise
Pearl Tower
Street vendor

I'm off again to teach first graders in China. I did it two years ago in 2012 in Nanjing. This year I'll be in Sozhou. I'll be joining 14 other teachers from all over the country. We'll be doing a little sight-seeing before and after the school program. Before heading over the Pacific, I'll be spending a few days in Palm Springs, CA, to bask in the 105 degree sun... but it's a dry heat. After4 days I'll meet up with the group to fly to Shanghai, China, via Hong Kong. We'll spend a few days in Shanghai, then travel to Huangzhou, eventually arriving in Suzhou to teach at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School. After the 2 weeks of teaching is over, I'll be leaving the group, which will be traveling north to Xian and ... read more
Mt San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness.
Homestay thru

Asia » China » Beijing August 4th 2012

Hello all! This is a summary of my trip to China this summer. I joined a group of 30 teachers to tour China and teach English at the Nanjing Foreign Language School. Our trip lasted almost 4 weeks. It was quite an adventure. The weather was oppressively hot and humid. And the smog was intense on most days. But the people were welcoming, the culture fascinating, and there was lots to do in these modern cities. What made the experience exceptional though was the group of teachers that I traveled and worked with. They were an eclectic bunch that laughed a lot and that supported each other during the more challenging aspects of our journey. It wouldn't have been the same without them. Our itinerary, once we departed the U.S. and landed in China, included Shanghai, ... read more
Shanghai Skyline
loading  the bus

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 16th 2012

When we drove into Xian, the first thing that I noticed was the smog. Fortunately, we only stayed a couple nights. In Shanghai and Nanjing, I thought the haze was caused mostly by the thick humidity. But when I arrived in Xian, where it is dry, it's clear that a good part of that haze was pollution. This is the dirtiest air I've ever experienced. It is so thick it's impossible to see more than a few blocks. And unfortuantely I'm not joking. All the people in America that think fossils fuels are just fine should live in Xian for a year. Maybe then they would have a different outlook. Smog aside, the visit to the Terra Cotta Warrior site and nearby hot springs was amazing.... read more
Muslim Market
Pit 1
Pit 1 wide angle

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing July 10th 2012

My experience teaching: I taught the 1st grade, ages 7-8. They were reallly cute, but very chatty in class and always touching my stuff. They have no worries going into my backpack or grabbing something of mine on the table. What I found fascinating was that the teachers leave the students on their own during the breaks. For real! When the chime goes off to begin the break, the teacher in my class picked up her laptop and took off for the teachers' room. The most difficult thing to deal with was the heat. It was 85+ degrees and that was with the AC. For some strange reason they had no problem leaving the 2 doors or the windows to the classroom open while the AC was running. I can't explain and didn't bother to ask. ... read more
The first day with my first 1st grade classes
My other 1st grade class- last day
Where's the teacher?

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