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2nd May 2012

Hi Kelly,
Loved the overview, opinions and descriptions. We look forward to meeting you soon. Happy travels.
25th April 2012

So true!
Without a doubt, the most insane and dangerous patch of earth to cross is a Vietnamese intersection! Even watching this, from the safety of my office, I can not understand how it is happening. There is literally traffic in all directions, at all times. How is everyone still upright and moving?! It just doesn't make sense. But there it is.
8th April 2012

I expected a whoop when you actually made it... yikes! loved the video...as I couldn't quite imagine it. good thing they are in control!
8th April 2012

Hi Kelly
You made us laugh today. We share your survival skills. One can feel truly accomplished once they have navigated those streets. I don't know if you have been to Kuala Lumpur yet or Amsterdam but you may have similar experiences. Amsterdam is crazy with bicycles and they are every where!
30th March 2012

I went to Singapore for work once and I enjoyed it thoroughly, except I got sick the first day, lost my phone in a nicely air conditioned taxi because i nearly passed out with dehydration from sweating so much in 100% humidity. Go to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay for the pub scene
20th March 2012

Prayer offerings to the Ganges
Poppi and Jerry's ashes were offered in prayer in the Ganges...
14th March 2012

Greetings Kelly
Enjoying following along with your trip. We hope to meet you soon.
11th March 2012

Cool Safari pictures. I thought something was wrong with my sound then I hear Bad Ass then silence
Penguines at the beach Really?? Who would have thought.
4th March 2012

Must Go to Ghana
Your love of Ghana comes through. I hope to get there one day!
4th March 2012

Must Go to Ghana
Your love of Ghana comes through. I hope to get there one day!
25th February 2012

Pretty Cool
I feel like I was there with you. However, I think I would've had a hard time with the crowd. My heart is racing just a bit after vicariously walking through such an enclosed spaced. Amazing all the same.
From Blog: Amerley
23rd February 2012

Living vicariously!
I love these blog entries! You transport us so vividly to these distant lands and cultures. The photos are amazing and I love the tidbits like "Amerley" and your gorgeous new mid-Atlantic hairdo! Who knew that would look so good?! Miss you!
From Blog: Amerley
20th February 2012

Out and About
Kelly These are great pictures and a wonderful blog. Sharing the adventure with you makes me feel closer to you while you are so far away.
From Blog: Amerley
20th February 2012

Always wanted to go to Ghana
You've taken some great shots of the market. Can't wait to meet you and hear more about your travels.
From Blog: Amerley
20th February 2012

Your community politely requests...
..a picture of American Amerley's Afro cut. Pretty please?
From Blog: Amerley
18th February 2012

Great video and pics!
You got into this water?!? WOW!
18th February 2012

You get used to it...
Greg went through, is going through, a similar withdrawal of not being having his iphone. Not to mention, we're sharing a computer. It's been easier for me, though when I'm out and I want to look something up on the internet I do feel a small bit of sadness. Greg plots how and when he'll get his new iphone. Yet, I think those tics--constantly checking your watch, email, etc.--are nice habits to get away from. Keep it up!
10th February 2012

We have not yet traveled to the Amazon
An interesting history
9th February 2012

We are enjoying your trip and can't wait to read more. We were in Dominica for two weeks in 1998. Our nephew just attended med school there. Love the history you are weaving in.
From Blog: Waiti-kubuli
31st January 2012

Checking Out Your Blog!
Hi Kelly! Just read your blog for the first time. I love your detailed descriptions, and I'm looking forward to more posts. Happy sailing! Meg
19th January 2012
Everything else I packed

Great photo!
I love the comparison. I'm sure I would have had as much other stuff, but I think I would have tried to squeeze on more clothes too!
19th January 2012

Sounds great!
Kelly-I'm sure you'll come back with added wisdom and more strength. I'm sure everyone you know is proud of you.
19th January 2012

This is an exciting adventure
We can't wait to read more ad we can't wait to meet you on your return. Enjoyed the photos of your cabin.

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