Lisa McIntyre


Lisa McIntyre

Europe June 26th 2011

Hi guys. I am in florence Italy. it is extremely hot but it's better than winter. I have been to so many cool places and meet some interesting people. I have even tried frogs legs and snails. I will add some more photos when I get to Rome because there are computers available :) some of the new photos will be easy and some will be hard. Bye for now... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla June 24th 2011

Hi guys here are some photos... try and figure out what the photos are of and what country I took them in... Good luck!... read more
Chateau de Cruix

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Corbeil-Essonnes June 21st 2011

Hi guys... Sorry there aren't photos yet. It is really hard to find a free computer around here so I'm using my iPod. I have been to some amazing places and I'll put the photos up asap. Just a hint to help you figure out where the places are I've been to france, dubai, england and Brunei. Tata for now... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Massey June 17th 2011

Goodbye Room 13... Be good for Mrs Flowers and make sure you keep working hard :) I will write on this blog and upload photos whenever I can - Remember Team 3 can look at this so remember the hints I gave you when you try to find me. See you in Term 3 Miss McIntyre... read more

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