We are the McDonald's, Jay and Judy, from Arkansas - land of the Razorbacks, Wal-Mart and great eyecare. We've wrapped up the work life and are learning to play more. For us, a part of play is travel, which we will write about here. Jay always has a camera in hand, I stay near a computer, so together we might be able to capture our memories and some stories.
Complicating matters is Monica, the RV. She arrived on the scene about 6 months ago and has taken over our travel world. Our first trip, outside of Arkansas State Parks, is to Alaska. Good Lord, what have we done? First question, how do you clean that windshield?

We spent the night at a beautiful place, Crooked Creek Resort and RV Park in Hill City, SD. Yes, Resort and RV park are in the same name. It is located beside a stream and a trail system that covers approximately 160 miles, following an old railroad bed in the area. Located on the backside of Mount Rushmore and near Crazy Horse and Custer National Park, it's a pretty little town. Drive 10 minutes south on 385/16 and you'll find Crazy Horse. The sculpture that is a never-ending project (they say it will be finished this century?). Surviving totally on donations, this project is massive and jaw-dropping. The information center is beautiful, as well. The sculpture subject and artist each have their own very interesting story, but the mountain, alone, is worth the visit. We oooed ... read more
Crazy Horse up close
CH Model

The Badlands are located west of where we were and east of where we were going - I am a great map reader! We diverted from hiway 90 and did the scenic route through these lands that were so bad to the indians and the westward travelers. Mid-day it was hot and bright, so the shots really don't give justice to the dramatic hills and carved stone created by water, wind and God within the last 5,000 years or by nature in the last several million years - you decide. On our way to Wall, S.D.... read more
Badlands National Park
Dinosaurs at night

Moving through Missouri, road construction/repair is a constant. It is annoying and makes the trip seem long and unnecessarily tight for us. Add to that the pertinent road signs asking "Are you a provider or a parasite?" Arrived in Sioux Falls, S.D. dragging our bicycle cover. Could have been worse! Sioux Falls, it turns out, has some stuff going on! They have completed a rejuvination of the downtown and have a beautiful park focusing on the "Falls". The falls are a huge outcroping of stone, lots of water, 100 ft. drop - we stayed for the night lighting of the falls, plus had an amazing dinner at Lucianio's. Enjoyed it! Thanks Sioux Falls and the hostess at the RV Park, who needs to work for the Chamber of Commerce.... read more
Open road

It's finally here! The planning is over. Also over is heavy-duty shock absorber research, detailed discussions of diesel engine performance, endless Amazon purchases of "Roadside Geology of Wyoming/Montana/Idaho/Alaska...", Amazon super light wine glasses, Amazon photography books - the list doesn't end there, but is too embarrasing to continue. I'll be expecting a gift from Jeff Bezos come Christmas-time. It's Sunday, departure day and it is raining. We go back to sleep. Rain stops, we're up and in full packing mode. Car packed, Thule packed, bikes on racks, it's go time - but wait, one last fuzzy hug from the gang-'o-fur-kids we are leaving behind for the summer. Expecting them to be looking out the door, I walk in to 4 sleeping dogs. We've worn them out with our constant trips in and out and in again. ... read more

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