Travel log for the Andridges

Asia » Vietnam November 28th 2014

CA Chi Tunnels We toured these underground system of tunnels used by the Vietnam Cong during the war. They were amazing. They were very small and well concealed from the enemy. To be in the jungle where our young men engaged in combat 40 years ago and the perils they must have faced was awe inspiring. We also road scooters in downtown Saigon with a million others. To be in this traffic was scary. I held my breath many times as we weaved in and out of traffic. There doesn't seem to be much rules of the road yet there is a system of managed chaos. We also road rickshaws from Water Puppet Siw to restaurant. Used today only for tourist. That was slower than scooters but they compete for the same space And driven by ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap November 25th 2014

Siem Reap is a big tourist city due to ancient ruins. They say 400 hotels built by foreign companies. We rode ox carts and visited lady who makes baskets for Korens. She makes $10. On a basket that takes her 3 days to make. We visited Benteay Srie an ancient temple built in 967 ad. the carvings in the sand stone are marvelous. Breath taking to something so intricate, so old. Today we go to Angkor Wat a Unisco site. Built in 1113 to 1150 Hindu temple . It is surrounded by a Moat 550 wide. It is located just outside of Siem Reap.... read more
Benteay Srei
Local Weaver

Asia » Laos November 21st 2014

Another Temple - today we participation with their ceremony for blessings. Very rewarding process.... read more

Asia November 19th 2014

Up at 530 am to participate in ancient Buddist tradition of Alms Giving to about 100 local monks. We gave them small balls of sticky rice for their breakfast. They only eat two meals a day before noon. Tourists as well as locals feed them every morning. Feeding them we get prayers four familie. We then went to local market to purchase vegetables for our lunch. We were given a name to pronounce and money in which we had to purchase. Interesting markets with all kinds of vegetables, fish, meat, cooked food, clothing. As in other third world countries locals purchase food daily and go home and cook it to avoid spoilage. We then went to a local village of Hmong people. They were hill people who were chased out because they wanted to plant rice ... read more
Visitors provide alms to monks.
Local Market
Hmong Village

Asia » Laos November 18th 2014

Hi All We are enjoying Asia. Bangkok was great. Favorite was the Lotus Flower we lite candles on and made a wish and slowly lowered it in the river from our dinner boat. Our candles floated together and bobbed up and down with waves until we got to far to see. We took it to mean that we are forever together. Monday we flew to Laos. Beautiful country and the village of LaungPrabang. Lovely place with a French flare. Buddhism is practiced within 90 % of population. There are 30 active temples just in this village. Tomorrow we are going to participate in the ancient Buddhist tradition of almost-giving to the monks. There will be about 100 monks and I don't know how many participants. There are a lot of visitors here from all over the ... read more

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