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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu July 28th 2009

Man that was a terrible paper. So terrible. I stayed up until ~0700 writing it and then went down to the lounge to print it out. I COULDN'T! what the heck, right? So the way it works here is there's this 'username/password' you need to make in order to print with these computers. And then you have to deposit money into the account so that it can subtract from there. Anyhow, it was really lame and wouldnt let me print and i couldnt figure it out because the error messages that popped up were in korean and no one was up at 0700 to help me out. took a nap ~0730 and woke up at 0850 to rush and get ready for class. Before going to class, though, i had to run to the library in ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Sinchon July 27th 2009

Actually woke up for class today. David woke me up. Psych, bleh. Art History, Prof got pretty pissed when a girl put her head down during 'discussion' time. There's usually an awkward silence when nobody knows what to discuss of the art she puts up. and she yelled at us for wasting time, say that we're being graded for it. pretty serious. Had lunch w/ stella and then tried to read up on Romans so I could write my paper. didn't get much done. Korean class. First hour, a bunch of people were missing. maybe 4-5 people. doesnt sound like many, but our class consists of 14 students. then john came late. anyhow, i spilled my coffee when i got overexcited/upset about being #3 to go during our speaking final. that was kind of embarrassing. might ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Sinchon July 26th 2009

Okay, so as it turns out, Thursday night was not spent at M2. Turns out that we went to the club above M2, lul. Anyhow, Calvin and I spent the 'night' with our new friend Eric Koo from Purdue at a sauna. For some reason we were looking for somewhere to go at 0530 and they decided they wanted to go to a 짐지방jim ji bang(? pardon my spelling/pronunciation). Couldn't find one. So we got into a cab and asked the 아주시(?) to take us to the nearest one. He didn't know where to find one either, so he drove around and dropped us off at a sauna(cant remember the 한글 for sauna). my first experience in a sauna/'public bath'. boy oh boy-- it was indeed a public bath. woke up in the morning ~1030 to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Hongik July 24th 2009

Herro!! Bam here I'm is with another blog post. I know you've been anxiously waiting but your wait is over. This week has actually been pretty awesome. I slept through pychology again -__-. Monday night I couldn't sleep, so I ended up finishing The Office. I'm all caught up now. David went drinking and came back late(Yeah, monday night. people do that). I was trying to go to sleep but MAN that guy can snore. He usually snores, yes, but the alcohol brought out the beast in his nose. Because holy crap it was like I was sleeping in the same room as a rhinoceros. Anyhow, I saw Katie during one of the Korean class breaks and she said that she was going to a baseball game with some people and asked if I wanted to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Sinchon July 20th 2009

So today is/was monday. It was another struggle waking up. I do it to myself. Psych was boring, but Professor Zaidel is actually giving justification to some of her nazi 'rules.' They actually make sense. Damnit. Well I still dont like her...but now for fewer reasons. Before it was because she had crazy rules without explanation, but we're learning about 'learning' and 'conditioning' now and so she gave psychological support for some crazy things. Example: 'feedback session' after an exam is mandatory. (i actually didnt have a problem with this one because i like to find out how i did after a test) some other people may not care to know how they do. It's because people learn better when they immediate feedback(positive or negative). Another example: no rescheduling of exams or make-ups for any reason; ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Busan July 19th 2009

I apologize to you all, my devoted readers. I have a tendency to do this: tell myself to blog and and up not blogging. Here I am though, and I'll try to keep this better updated. It's been a long time since the last post but I don't feel like spending forever here right now, so I'll fill in the blank some other time. Just came back from Busan a few hours ago. It was an EAP-organized trip. Bus was set to leave at 800. Jessica gave me a wakeup call at 730. She called me again at 750--I had fallen back sleep. Brushed my teeth quickstatus and ran to the bus. I got there and looked at the bus driver, expecting him to ask for my name and cross me off a list or something. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 30th 2009

I had neng-myun for lunch yesterday w/ Calvin and Jessica. Turns out: I really like it! Afterward, we got Stella and headed over to their friend Kelly's place HOLY CRAP it's so nice. It's basically a hotel room for them. gah, hellofalot nicer than our place for only another hundred thousand won after hanging out 'n watching tv there for hours, calvin left for his halmoni's apartment and the rest of us went to Gangnam to shop. Some other people came and we got dinner--Something chicken and noodles. Loved the chewy noodles mm... afterward we headed back to Sinchon and went to look for somewhere to get shaved ice. Couldnt find a place so we settled for this other dessert place. It was interesting. Chilled there for 2 hours, I had tiramisu cake, and we played ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Sinchon June 29th 2009

Saturday night, I called John to see what people were up to and they had just gotten out from watching Transformers2 and were gonna grab food. GREAT! That's exactly what I was hoping for. Went out to try and meet them. J and I looked for 2 hours. Nothing. Neither John nor I could navigate without knowing street names. 'Straight' is very difficult and relative when you have streets that bend. But man can J talk. He just keeps going and going. Sunday morning woke up early to nothing. Then headed to Omokgyo saw Jenny and Eric at the station. Jasmine and her mom picked us up and we headed to another Aunty's house--the home of Sangmin and Kyungmin. Met everyone there. There was a Sareum(?) there too, but I'm not sure how she relates. But ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 27th 2009

Met up with Jenny, Eric, and Jasmine for dinner. Went to eat 'traditional cold noodles' and they had picture menus. So I pointed at a picture that looked soupy and out came bulgogi. Uhh, whta the heck? I thought we were eating cold noodles. I was wrong--there werent any noodles underneath the meat in that picture. I've had bulgogi too much--not that there can ever really be too much, but I want to give the other foods their turn! We met Jasmine's boyfriend. His name is Ryan--very tall. Jenny asked her parents about what time they needed to be home and let it slip that we were going to a 'club' and her halmoni flipped out and wouldnt let them come with. And then there were 3. We went to Jay's place to hang out with ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 26th 2009

I'm going to write shorter blogs now, because I spent so much time writing yesterday. After yesterday's post, the three of us wanted to find somewhere to hang out, so we headed up to Jenny's room. Fail. As soon as Eric and I stepped onto the stairs the security guard started yelling out to us. Guys are not allowed in the girls' rooms and vice versa. They are like psychotic about this rule. So we decided to hang out in the 'Men's Rounge' (I have a picture of the sign that says 'Men's Rounge.' Terra would lul.) So we went in there to sit and IN HE COMES!! Starts telling Jenny she's not allowed in there. Lul. We were in the girls' dormitory and she wasnt allowed in the rounge. BOYS ONLY! So we went outside ... read more

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