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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 12th 2015

Geo: 20.5672, 96.9159We left the hotel around 8:30 for the hourlong ride to the airport. After winding through traffic for half an hour, we finally get back on the main highway that leads back to Rangoon. The airport is about 25 minutes south. The road is marked with concrete tombstone markers, unfortunately measured in eighths of miles. Oops. The airport is not very busy, although you can tell it is prepared for at least some kind of official visits from time to time.During the brief flight we saw several temples at the top of high hills in the areas southeast of Mandalay. Most of the ground is all brown and dry and hot. For some reason guides are not allowed into this airport, so a designated other person holding the sign with our names ends up ... read more
Mandalay City
M3 Hotel Bench
Our fraternal twin bags

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 11th 2015

Geo: 21.9759, 96.0842The guide and driver picked us up in the morning and whisked us off to the airport down the road for our continuing flight to Mandalay. After the short 25 minute hop to Mandalay, we were on our way toward the city with a new driver and guide. We stopped at the U'Pein (U'Bein) bridge and looked around. There were several teenagers in the water fishing with a large net. They effectively scoop the fish into the net then when it gets closed off they scoop all the fish out of the water and into their long-ji (trousers garment). On the bridge I helped a local family trying to take a picture with an Android phone. They had it in video record mode.Some more driving and we are at Mahagandhayon Monastery, second largest in ... read more
Our room in Bagan
Our guide in Bagan
Waiting to depart Bagan

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 10th 2015

Geo: 21.3667, 95.4667Our driver picked us up at 4:30am and took us to the airport. We never actually approached the KBZ (airline) desk, they just had people hovering near it to take our paperwork and give us a KBZ sticker on our shirt and a boarding pass. When it was time to board, we observed that basically nobody lined up. In fact, there were only 8 passengers for a 64 passenger plane.The haze is so strong in the morning it's almost a fog. Not much of the ground can be seen from the air. On arriving we were the only two passengers deplaning, everyone else was continuing on to Mandalay (along with many others). This would be our continuing flight tomorrow.We were early, so we waited just a few minutes for our guide to show up. ... read more
Departing Yangon Airport
Yangon Domestic Waiting Area
Yangon Bus Gate

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 9th 2015

Geo: 16.7837, 96.1568Arrival in Yangon was relatively uneventful. The immigration wait was about 5 minutes, it would have been shorter if we had realized we didn't need to be in the Visa-on-arrival line. Samsung was advertising prominently in the area, even so much as to have a prominent Samsung sign on the immigration desk itself. We changed two USD$100 bills into the local Kyat currency (about 1000 kyat = $1USD). After exiting to through the usual magic arrival doors, we saw a sea of signs. I just stopped and looked around for many seconds before finding the one with our name on it being held by our guide, Zaw Lin. At that point, everything became even easier than I expected. We walked outside with the guide and waited a few minutes for the car to pull ... read more
Departing Thailand
Flying into Myanmar
Flying into Myanmar

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 9th 2015

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521We arrived in Bangkok around 1am local time. After some discussion, my companion was going to head to the transit area and sleep in the airport while I went into the city for a while. We split up and I spent some time finding the correct line and form for entry. While I was standing in line for immigration I looked for an empty page in my passport and realized that I had my companions passport. They got switched at the transfer desk in Seoul. Just then I got a text from him saying he had my passport. We eventually met up and he decided to join me in town upon hearing our hotel said they had a room reserved. We found a taxi and I was able to convey our destination using Google ... read more
Early morning around Nakorn Ping
Nakorn Ping Hotel
Nakorn Ping Hotel

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle March 7th 2015

Geo: 47.6353, -122.302... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon March 7th 2015

Geo: 37.4746, 126.635We arrived early at Park SFO and took the shuttle over to the domestic terminal. At the business check-in desk we had to show our Myanmar Visa (e-mail printout). At one point, the check-in agent reviewed everything starting with the phrase, "Ok, let me get this straight", which put a smile on my face. The flight to Seattle was uneventful. This flight had DirecTV satellite in the business class seatbacks, which was interesting. Whenever an announcement came on, it would mute but of course not pause. This let me keep reading the captions on the news through those announcements.In Seattle we hung out at the BA lounge (rented by Asiana during the afternoons), had a few snacks, some M&Ms, and read. I picked up a plastic-wrapped apple and put it in my bag for ... read more
Asiana Flight Business Class
Thai Airways Business class
Thai Airways Business class

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42I've been anxious to get this trip underway since the day it was booked one month ago. I left work an hour early and my wife and daughter dropped me off at the airport. Over the last 10 years I've gotten a lot more efficient at packing my bag. I didn't even stay up late last night, so I'm well rested for the journey. The flight was uneventful other than being painfully long at 4 hours. As soon as I deplaned in SFO I upgraded my return to first class for $159. Times have certainly changed. My friend picks me up and we head into the city for dinner at a familiar falafel shop. After, we drive back to his place in Cupertino and make some minor final packing changes. Wake-up call tomorrow is ... read more
Flying over the rockies

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 6th 2015

Geo: 39.2108, -94.6304... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 1st 2015

Geo: 36.0846, -115.172This morning we had the buffet breakfast in the Bellagio then took the bus down to near the Fabulous Las Vegas sign and took several pictures. We rode back north and checked out of the hotel, leaving our bags with the valet. We burned the remaining time walking around the nearby hotels. We checked out the remainder of the Caesar's, rode the tram out of the Bellagio, walked around the Mandarin Oriental, gambled on our favorite slot machine, etc. After lunch we went to see American Sniper then went back to the hotel in the late afternoon.Our taxi driver to the airport was from Cambodia and was last there in 2006. We had a good conversation about what life was like there back in mid-decade. I look forward to returning again (to Cambodia and ... read more
Our room at the Bellagio
Our room at the Bellagio

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