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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 19th 2017

Geo: 48.1391, 11.5802Up before 6am, I showered, repacked my bag and quietly left Matt's place for a 20 minute walk to the train station. There I bought and devoured a Nestle KitKat bar and boarded my train to Munich. The rural scenery was very beautiful and passed by quickly along with several cities. I slept most of the way to Munich arriving precisely on time at 11:28am.Jason and I went to his place to unload weight from my bag and then headed out for lunch at a falafel house. After consuming many calories, we headed over to the Deutsches Museum to hit the highlights, including a room full of 19th century steam engines, milling factories, sundials, a miniature bricklaying factory, among a multitude of other amazing technology exhibits.After the museum we walked in the direction of ... read more
German Museum Steam Engines
German Museum Steam Engines
Hydraulic mechanism to lookup later

Europe » Switzerland February 18th 2017

Geo: 47.369, 8.53803Landed in Zurich at sundown. Went through customs and immigration. The first of many immigration officials that began by recursively asking where I was going next only to fall back on "Just tell me when you will go back to the USA".The train kiosks weren't the easiest to read but I still managed a ticket and even managed to get on the correct train. Once in downtown I proceeded to buy a $3.50 small bottle of water (welcome to Switzerland, helping out my Nestle dividend) and trying to find the exit from the lower level of the train station. Once above ground, I walked around the downtown for a couple hours burning time before Matt returned from a visit to Munich.Matt and I went to dinner at what I will call a Bratwurst restaurant ... read more
Fountain in central Zurich
Matt and Ryan

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London February 18th 2017

Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236Landed in London right at 7am. Navigated my way to the arrivals lounge, then around and up the elevator toward the parking garage but actually to go to the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge (LHR Arrivals Lounge). Nothing special except many showers available which was of course the point. After freshening up I headed back down to the new Heathrow Express into the city (No more Piccadilly Line to Cockfosters). At Paddington station I changed to the Bakerloo line toward Charing Cross.At Charing Cross I went above ground into Trafalgar Square to the magnificent Nelson Column to wait for my friend Randa. After meeting up we walked 10 minutes northeast to have breakfast at a local eatery.Of note was that the healthcare system permits a flat rate for all pharmacy drugs, all schools (even religious ... read more
Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge
Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge
Paddington Station

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta February 17th 2017

Geo: 33.7481, -84.3909Woke up at 6:30, showered and packed my bag. We loaded the kids in the van by 7:00 and my wife had me to the airport by 7:15 for my 8:00am flight. Luckily this is KCI so boarding was a matter of walking through an empty security line and into the boarding area. The two guys checking ids at the head of the security line were joking about seeing the mayor or something. Upon asking, they told me that Chiefs rookie and ProBowler Tyreek Hill had just gone through. Scanning the crowds, I couldn't find him among the sea of white faces. Just as I was about to step forward to board with the other first class passengers, he appeared next to me and I waved him to go before me and followed him ... read more
Tyreek Hill in front of me on the jetway
Riverside and Parkville, MO
Flying over my neighborhood

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City February 17th 2017

Geo: 39.103, -94.583... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 15th 2015

Geo: 39.103, -94.583... read more

Asia » China » Beijing March 15th 2015

Geo: 39.9075, 116.397We arrived at the new (since 2008) PEK Terminal 3 at around 6:30am. The arrival immigration desks are on the very top floor and looking up at the ceiling I recognized the flowing pattern of the ceiling from photos I took in 2005 when the building was still under construction. We entered using the newish 72-hour transit visa policy. The airport was essentially dead at this early hour, nevertheless we got behind a local man depositing ends wads of cash into the only working ATM in the arrivals hall. After depositing our large bag at left luggage and finding where the shower was for when we return to the airport at lunch time, we grabbed a taxi. No queue this time of day. The taxi dropped us off at the Summer Palace, about the ... read more
Beijing Airport Terminal 3 Top Floor
Still Numerous Cranes around Beijing
Beijing Airport Highway (Sunday 7:30am)

Asia » Singapore March 14th 2015

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 14th 2015

Geo: 16.7837, 96.1568Today is a great example of intending to get up very early but rarely finding the justification or motivation to do so. I did end up on my way out the door by 7:30, or around an hour after sunrise. Essentially I walked for about an hour southward from my hotel to downtown Yangon. I don't want to misrepresent the city, but the areas I walked through were not bad. There were several very nice looking parks, a few nice temples, even a wide sidewalk for most of my walk. Closer to the grid-streets I came across a bridge over the local transit station and got a good video of an arriving train.Past the station was the main downtown. I spent about an hour walking up and down the streets westward from 29th to ... read more
View out the fire escape balcony of the hotel
View out the fire escape balcony of the hotel
Trash on a property along the street

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 13th 2015

Geo: 16.7837, 96.1568The hotel had a decent breakfast. I'm not a huge fan of the meal but they had some well cooked ham strips that substituted for bacon. And they had toast. The rest was very, well, who cares, it's breakfast.We were in the boat and on our way at 8:30. There is a rotating farmer's market on a 5-day schedule that we stopped to visit nearby. In the mornings there is a lot of produce but by late morning only the souvenir sellers are left. They had several replica coins supposedly from the British East India company dated in the 1860s. Sorry, I've seen coins that old and they don't just have a little grime on the side. We stopped by a monastery that was actually the hub of this large market (Touristy attractions often ... read more
Hotel from the Water Tower in the Morning
Hotel from the Water Tower in the Morning
Inle Lake Area

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