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"Those who own much have much to fear." -Tagore

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City February 28th 2017

Geo: 39.103, -94.583Almost as soon as I was sitting in my seat I passed out and didn't wake up until more than halfway through the flight before passing out again until landing in Atlanta. I paced up and down the Atlanta terminal and ate some snacks before boarding the plane back to KC. Luckily I passed out most of that flight too, waking up about 15 minutes before landing.Back on the ground, my wife picked me up and I was able to give my youngest daughter a big hug. She was certainly excited to see me after the 11 day absence (although we did Facetime just about every night). It's good to be back home. The trip was fantastic, both logistically and the time spent with friends. My little ones are starting to grow up though, ... read more
Annoyingly diverted path to get home
Generic airplane picture
Flying over quarry

North America » United States » California » San Jose February 27th 2017

Geo: 37.3529, -121.905I arrived SFO at 7am and spent about 10 minutes going through customs and 20 minutes trying to find the arrivals lounge. They are always tucked away in the strangest places. At SFO you have to go upstairs, then back downstairs toward the domestic terminal. The signs aren't apparent until you're nearly on top of it. After a shower and a basic breakfast I found my friend again and we talked some more. It seems he's interested in more funding, which I expect is the state entrepreneurs are always in.I hopped over to the rental car facility and picked up a simple sedan and drove down to Mountain View to visit Eugene. I was early so I sat in the car reading a bit outside the Microsoft Research Lab where he works. At 11:30 ... read more
Walking the Seven Springs Loop Trail
Walking the Seven Springs Loop Trail
Walking the Seven Springs Loop Trail

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou February 27th 2017

Geo: 30.25, 120.17My flight arrived at midnight. I tried skype calling my hotel but didn't get an answer so I had to do a regular call (35 cents per minute, not awful for 2 minutes). After 5 minutes or so they picked me up at the very end of the domestic terminal (as predicted by the Internet) and took me the 1 km to the hotel. Check-in was quite easy (not predicted by the Internet) and I was upstairs and asleep soon after.I woke up early and was at the front desk by 5:15am to get a taxi downtown. We stopped at an ATM across the street and then off to Xihu, or "West Lake", one of the most famous sites in Chinese art culture. For over a thousand years it's been developed, with causeways, temples, ... read more
Xihu pre-dawn
Xihu pre-dawn
Jindai Bridge Marker

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu February 26th 2017

Geo: 30.67, 104.07I was up at a reasonable hour of the morning, but had to just keep busy for a couple hours until Kainan arrived. I realized this is the first time visiting a friend with kid duty. He came by around 11am and we packed up and walked over to a TexMex restaurant nearby for lunch. Kainan's daughter is very cute and she calls me WaiShuShu, or Foreign Uncle.After lunch we hopped in the car to head up to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, aka Panda Place. The zoo is very nice and the pandas appear to have good living conditions. They tend to sit around all day eating endless shoots of bamboo. The park also had a couple separate enclosures where some red panda specimens roamed among the tourists. Last stop ... read more
Kainan's spare apartment in Europe City
Kainan's spare apartment in Europe City
Kainan's spare apartment in Europe City

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu February 25th 2017

Geo: 30.67, 104.07Arriving in Chengdu at 11:30, I quickly went through immigration and found my old friend Kainan in the arrivals hall with his...new daughter? Ok she's about 2.5 years old but I didn't know about her. We drove back to his apartment and I quickly got showered and had some tea. His condo is larger than my former house back in Kansas City. He also has a second apartment that his dad sometimes lives in (that I'll be staying in) and is looking to upgrade to a larger primary residence as well.We drove downtown over to his spare apartment (in the complex Europe City) that his father recently vacated for the season and dropped off my bag and started some laundry. Then we drove to the "Wide and Narrow Alleys" entertainment district to meet Kainan's ... read more
Flight Path to Chengdu
Flying Over Chengdu
Flying Over Chengdu

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 24th 2017

Geo: 26.2149, 50.5879I woke up and prepared for the day, including breakfast around 9:30 on the 2nd floor of the Rotana. The buffet was quite large and included essentially any item you could want.I started the day's walk by going next door to the Bab Al Bahrain (old British gateway to the piers) and took a picture with my stand-in Geoff. Unfortunately our rendezvous was cancelled due to his work calling him away unexpectedly. From there I walked east along the main road gawking at the odd-shaped skyscrapers all around. Before I reached the bridge to Muharraq I turned south into some neighborhoods and walked until I reached a gate, which I quickly figured out was the country's palace. I inadvertently took the long way around the unexpectedly large palace grounds and walked past the Grand ... read more
View of Manama from the Rotana Downtown
View of Manama from the Rotana Downtown
Bab Al Bahrain

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 23rd 2017

Geo: 0.314269, 32.5729I woke before 5am to shower and finish packing my bag. After saying goodbye to Chris, I jumped into Eli's car at 5:15 to begin the hour-long journey to the airport. We had another good round of conversation before parting ways at the front door.I was flying out with an economy ticket but I used my Priority Pass to access the Karibuni lounge. It's not much but it has a good view of the airfield where I watched a couple scheduled UN flights depart for South Sudan. I snagged a bottle of water from the drink cart and made my way to the gate area for the short flight to Nairobi. The Nairobi airport was a touch confusing as I landed with Kenyan airways at their modern section of the terminal, but had to ... read more
Big Air India craft parked
Flying club's aircraft
Two UN charter for WFP

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 22nd 2017

Geo: 0.314269, 32.5729Chris and I got a late start to the day (relative to my usual schedule). I got some laundry started, borrowed a pair of pants from him, and we walked down to the Acacia mall for breakfast at the cafe.An uber picked us up to go to the Kasubi Tombs. The tombs ended up being closed for renovation, so we headed over the Qaddafi Mosque, built by the late Libyan leader in the early 21st century. The mosque was quite large. The pattern on the carpet roughly marks where each person will stand/kneel/bow during Friday prayers. A separate area for women to pray was located on the mezzanine. We climbed the mosque's tower and took some panorama and selfie photos. We took a pair of boda-bodas (motorcycle taxi) a short distance to the Mengo ... read more
Gaddafi Mosque
Gaddafi Mosque
Gaddafi Mosque

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 21st 2017

Geo: 0.314269, 32.5729I had a great seatmate in Alan Peaford on the ride from Istanbul to Kigali. He has a long career in middle east affairs in the way of journalism. The flight stopped in Kigali to refuel where he disembarked. We continued on for an hour to Entebbe (Kampala, Uganda).I breezed through immigration in just 5 minutes after handing over $50 to cover my pre-arranged tourist visa. My driver Eli was waiting for me outside the arrivals hall and thankfully led me away from the crowd of questionable taxi touts. Eli began driving the 2 hours to Jinja town where I wanted to spend the morning. We talked for over an hour about life in Uganda and our own personal background. After a time I feel asleep as he kept driving through the pre-dawn hours. ... read more
Jinja Town
Jinja Town
Jinja Town Dock Area

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul February 20th 2017

Geo: 41.0245, 28.9881Once again rising before 6am, I showered and snuck out of Jason's place (with freshly cleaned laundry) and walked 20 minutes to the underground station. I rode a 45 minute train out to the airport. As usual, no issues with security and my business class ticket let me skip all of the lines. I slept through most of the flight to Istanbul. Upon nearing the airport, the pilot told us we had to circle for a while because of some runway emergency issue. This was unwelcome news since this was my shortest stop and every minute mattered. Luckily on landing, my business class ticket let me breeze through all of the customs and immigration issues quickly. After a brief attempt at using the metro system, I reverted to my original plan of taking a ... read more
Drive from IST to downtown Istanbul
Beyazit Mosque

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