Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 22nd 2011

This year I returned to Rome for three days of freedom. I have been to Rome before in 2008 during my 2 weeks Italy trip through Venice-Florence-Rome. Loved it so much that I promised I would return soon despite my long time promise to never come back to the same city twice :p. May is the perfect time to visit Rome. Summer months (and especially August) are very hot and winter...well when u are a bit cold nothing feels so special anymore :). In May the wheather is just as it should be, 24 degrees Celsius just enough to enjoy the sun on a nice small Italian terrace but not to much so you start sweating. Too much for an introduction so let's get down to business. If you are in Rome for three days here ... read more
Nastro Azzurro

Europe » Italy March 25th 2011

I am getting ready for a trip in Rome in May. Haven't been in Rome from 2008. Will come back with impressions and photos for fans of Italian cities and lifestyle. ... read more

Europe January 16th 2011

The end of 2010...decision needed to be taken on where to spend the New Year's Eve. So we decided to go to Istanbul - Turkey. Why Istanbul? I think it was a combination between the excitement to see a place which is somehow at the edge of Europe but in the same time different. To this add the need to spend the New Year's Eve in a quiet much warmer location (last year's choice was Prague, Czech Republic). And there we were, four young women, storming to new horizons. Otopeni Airport - Bucharest on 28 December 2010 after a miraculous taxi trip with a cab driver that for sure forgot to drink his coffee. Almost 2 hour trip latter and there we were...Istanbul. I am not going to annoy you with tales about touristic objectives and ... read more
Grand Bazar

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