Dusanee Weinheimer


Dusanee Weinheimer

i love traveling the globe, meeting new people, and creating experiences to remember.

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 22nd 2011

well we've made it to our final destination here in santiago. we've been on the go constantly since we left buenos aires, with little sleep, at times little food, and most of all scarce bathrooms! we spent two days in mendoza, arriving this past sunday. cute city with smaller streets, shops, and again friendly people. our hotel, on the other hand, was a different story. we walked into a great looking place, full of marble floors and leather chairs...then we walked into our hotel room, full of scuffed up walls, a shower curtain that barely covered half the shower, and floors that weren't even meant for feet. we'd sucked it up the best we could, and did what anyone else might have in the situation...drank vino. that day alone, we'd gone through multiple beers, and 4 ... read more
fourth bottle of vino

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 18th 2011

...sitting from my balcony in villa crespo, a more quiet residential neighborhood, and starting to round out our time here in buenos aires...it has been both exhausting and amazing. there's so much to see, and in only three days, we've tried to capture a lot of it. we arrived a few days ago to our hotel...querido...and again we were impressed. very charming bed and breakfast, with owners from the UK and Brazil. also a perk, they speak English! my brain is on overload from translating conversations, searching for the word, searching for the verb, and searching for the tense, but my spanish has already improved since we've been here. highlights of the our time in buenos aires: -recoleta cementery - it's where evita was once buried, amongst others -museo nacional de bellas artes - 10 steps ... read more
vino y mas vino
querido hotel y casa
hay mucho transito!

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este November 15th 2011

it's been a few days, but we are now well into our trip to south america. it was quite the long haul, starting in pittsburgh, and road tripping it down to d.c. to catch our flight. from here, we hit el salvador, peru, and finally arrived here in uruguay on sunday. uruguay was the place in our trip where we really had no plans, and no expectations. we hoped for nice weather and a little warmth, but really nothing else. thankfully for us, our expectations have been blown away! we arrived in montevideo at the carrasco airport, grabbed our bags after grabbing loads of duty free bebidas, and searched out europcar. keeping in mind we arrived around 5:30 in the morning, we had no idea how long we'd have to wait for them to open. luckily, ... read more
dinner at pura vida
great friends
awesome breakfast

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