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Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 14th 2014

"A white rhino butted head first into a land cruiser today," our on-site reporter told us. "The short-sighted male believed the vehicle was a rival blocking him from his two lady friends, so tried to tip it over by hooking his horn underneath the bonnet. The land cruiser remained upright, and the rhino moved around it and ambled peacefully away. Neither animal nor people were hurt." It was exciting, though. This was our first full day at Naledi Bushcamp in Balule Nature Reserve. For geography and logistics buffs, Balule is on the outer western edge of Greater Kruger National Park. The advantages of being in a nature reserve rather than in the national park proper are: fewer jeeps on the trails (5 at the most rather than 30 or more) fewer people: only those staying in ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 13th 2014

I had prepared carefully for my first ever safari. I had my camera with its large lens for wildlife photography; a broad-brimmed hat to protect against the last of the day's rays; and sensible shoes in case we were to get off the vehicle and walk. Getting excited about possible wildlife sightings - lions hunting, elephants marauding, hippos wallowing - I climbed into the land cruiser in my khaki shirt and beige trousers. The vehicle was full. There were five other guests as well as Matt, my husband, and I. As the last people to arrive, Matt and I were separated. He sat in the back with a Canadian couple, and I was in the middle seat with two young Ukranians. We all said "Hello". Our guide, Eric, and tracker, Prem, introduced themselves. Eric was a ... read more
balule with giraffe
baby black rhino
lioness on the prowl

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